decide on the future of Mbappé, replace Pochettino and renovate a decelerating planter

The detailed information from the ESPN scene details the delicacy situation that the club faces before the close transfer window in Europe

The sea is the type of summer that Paris Saint-Germain actually needed. Desperate for a tempting tempo in which to retrieve the title of the Ligue 1before being defeated by Real Madrid in the Champions League Final Octavos and eliminated from the Copa de France by Nizathe Parisian conjugation has been joined by an uncoded encryption.

Algunas cosas tienen que cambiar.

Qatar Sport Investment The club’s 11 years old and has a lot to lose because they carry a lot of trophies (the last 10 league titles, the Copa de France, the League Cup), and a lot of great seniors (Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Dingel Di María, Lionel Messi), the increasing quality of the PSG brand and much more. Pero hay, in a sentimental manner, many deceitful steps: the excitation flap in the Champions (solo apparatus in semifinals in 10 temporads), the constant rotation of the interns (Laurent Blanc, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel) and the different relation between moments between the club and their ultras, but to make fun of.

It seems that now is a good time for those responsible for decisive and pongan club activities in a more consistent and positive environment. To switch to an automatic transmission if Mbappé decide irse and unirse al Real Madrid. The PSG is always optimistic that it can be mounted on its own, even if it is shot slightly. Your contract for the June finals expires, even though you have had positive conversations with the club’s directives, but it has not been possible since this is in Madrid with all your computers (and all your ex Real Madrid) Achraf Hakimi, Keylor Navas and Sergio Ramos.

If the term quedándose, genial: series the central part on the lathe and the quality construct. The embargo, as it were, is the need for other detachable plugs and switches that lead to the next phase of the project, just as neither Lionel Messi nor Neymar can actually steal from the medium that hits the finals of their cars. Erling Haaland has no choice but to book Manchester City on July 1, and earns points ESPN que Robert Lewandowski (as soon as Bayern Munich) and Mohamed Salah (negotiations for a new contract in Liverpool are not really progressing) are on the radar of PSG and Mbappé in LaLiga.

It’s clear, but suppose, that Lionel Messi and Neymar se quedarán. The Argentine star needs to adapt to a new life, a new club, a new football and a different role – like a lot of crawlers, scoring men – but some expectation in the club that the second time should be better than the first.

For Brazil, it’s another story. It is time to drop the tempo, with goals being scored in the ultimate scoring (all competitions), even though the declining distance lasts most of the time. al PSG you can probably bid on it, but it is likely that you will find interesting offers.

Ramos también seguirá on the seedling the approximate temporal, measures that the purchase option of Nuno Mendes (60 million euros) has been activated and completed its definitive. The mediocampista Marco Verratti tampoco irá a ningún lado, mientras que fuentes dijeron a ESPN that the lateral right Hakimi is happy in Paris and does not look like that. Georginio Wijnaldum debería tener otra opportunidad en campaña 2022-23 a pesar de algunas frustrasenes per su secundario a principi de temporada.

With all the new shoots to refill this plant and plant competently in Europe, PSG has some objective objectives in mind.

Aurelien Tchouameni series the perfect candidate to renovate the center of the field, by any means of Monaco, which costs around 60 million euros, is not the first option. Without embargo, Paul Pogbawho is the free agent of an egg that intends to contract with el Manchester United a fines de junio, es m prob probable, y fuentes indicaron a ESPN that conversions are progressing well. The French star is definitely up for grabs in Paris, where it’s crucifixion. PSG has yet to make conversations with Ousmane Dembélé’s agent about the possible end-to-end league BarcelonaWhich is the term of your contract in the summer.

Arnaut Danjuma is another name of interest. The Dutch delantero is impressed with the Villarreal and have the appropriate age (25 years) and adequate profile to refill the team, all but Mbappé’s marker y / o Mauro Icardi. PSG también necesita profundidad en el lateral derecho y Nordi Mukielewhich contract term en Leipzig near summer, it’s one of its objectives, según revelaron fuentes a ESPN. Nació y se crió en París, y siempre ha aspirado a jugar algún día para el club.

Not to be outdone, the most important negotiation is to watch the juggling balances. Leonardothe deportivo director of PSG, is not only ready for the south as well as for the firms, and the circular mimetic circles on the solid front ante that open the vent, since it is vital that the club can recover something from reducing the team.

The extremo Dingel Di María I see an egg that you expect to contract in June, so that you can use it as well Julian Draxler and Keylor Navas (club vinculados until June 2024) probably go to ten more times from time to time 2022 World Cup. The situation on the Senegalese defense Abdou Diallo is also discussed, as the club is desperate to find new clubs on the side Layvin Kurzawa and Colin Dagba. Los jóvenes Edouard Michut y Junior Dina Ebimbe también se irán debido a la falta de opportunidades en el primer equipo.

The mediocampista Leandro Paredes has no contract in 2023 and is exploring the interests of teams in Italy. The defender Thilo Kehrer is in the position position, with a regression to Germany (here in Schalke from 2016 to 2018). There is also a sign of interrogation about the future of the mediocampist Idrissa Gueye, which only one year in the actual contract. Among the files of the attackers, it is not clear what I had with Icardi. The Argentine has a little bit of it: only 13 goals as a starter, as many goals and some assists as all competitors are currently on, even though each of them is in the club. El club escuchará bids, pero las fuentes dijeron a ESPN which did not anticipate much interest in the 29-year-old jug.

Finally, you must save some information about the trainer and the sports director.

before Mauricio Pochettino, be sure to follow the promising banner for not wanting to be the team of fame in Europe. Without embargo, PSG could not find an adequate replay – or could not Zinedine Zidane– for which the relevance, and not the part with the cone, is tome Antonio Conte, Diego Simeone or Joachim Low– entonces Pochettino podría quedarse, casi “por defecto”. Do you want to have a contract, but do not go personal because you have no control over the club, including the construction of the first team, and can not impose more than your ideas, including the relationship with the discipline del jugador.

All left to the deportivo director, Leonardo, and their future in the club. Brazil is a communicator and is doing everything it can right now, privately and publicly, to make it work. If it is fired, it is likely that a pair of semaphores will pass through it. Champions Leagueel PSG is a great admirer of Andrea Bertathe director deportivo del Atletico de Madridy Michael Edwardsanteriorly en Liverpooltambién is of interest, says points a ESPN.

Without embargo, the major problem of Leonardo is that Pochettino is not available to follow with’s and, if informed, Zidane tampoco. As soon as the wind blows it will finalize the tempo.


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