Dehydration: who’s who and why provoked Violeta Isfel’s hospitalization?

Violeta Isfel dehydration
Violeta Isfel was hospitalized due to dehydration, what are her diseases? | Photo: Getty Images

The actress Violeta Isfelbooked for cheap flights to Maevis at Hotel Transylvania 4, great for hotels in dehydration that the degree to which the medicines hail rests in their skin is so great. En One TV we are in contact with you, which are what you are short stories y sus risk factors.

“I have a diarrhea, as a rash and vomiting, entonces me atendieron, dieron an antibiotic and todo and los siguientes días estuve as bien, hydratándome y así. During the last week, in the finals, I felt a little tired, as if I did not recover from the normal bath, I felt like having diarrhea, literal agua, and I know this is not going to happen, I want to dehydrate. Bajé de peso muchísimo, me empecé a asustar

Violeta Isfel

É What is dehydration?

De acuerdo con la Mayo Clinicla dehydration ocurre when a person usa or skin more liquid than that inside, and the skin does not have enough water and other fluids to flow through their normal functions. “Si no repones los fluids que perdiste, te dehydrator“, Precisa el portal.

Affirman specialists who are affectionate are particularly fond of nieces and nephews, as well as major adults. With dehydration you can turn the grave into a quality one, as in the case of Mexican actress Violeta Isfel.

What are the causes of this affect?

The most frequent causes dehydration and some of them diarrhea and severe vomiting. Major adults naturally have a small volume of water in their skin, which can be treated or stored with medication riesgo dehydration. Pulmonary and vein impediments can be caused by frequent causes.

People of any age can suffice dehydration if you do not have enough water in hot calorie doses, especially if you do intense physical activity. Only then can it be reversed as it leverages or moderately absorbs the liquid, but the dehydration of the graves requires a medically treated medicine.

“It simply came to our notice then. It does not occur because the result is that my veins become empty, I do not wonder how to channel it even if it is burning. And if you do not go through the hydration syndrome because the most worrying thing about it is the dehydration as much as it does ”

Violeta Isfel

Dehydration symptoms

The stadonidense clinic results that the signs and dehydration symptoms también pueden variar segad edad and that, invariable, do not follow with tempran signs to prevent. The signs are the following

Lactants or small children

  • Boca y lengua secas
  • Llanto sin lágrimas
  • No mojar los pañales durante tres horas
  • Ojos y mejillas hundidos
  • Zona blanda in the upper part of the head fountain
  • Irritability


  • But executive
  • Frequent mixing
  • Orina de oscuro color
  • Fatiga
  • Mareos
  • Confusion

Se considera un case of emergence when the patient has diarrhea lasting 24 hours or more, it is irritating or disorienting and much more somnolient or active men than consummate, can not retener ningún liqido y presenta sangre en las heces o heces oscuras.

What are the risk factors for dehydration?

La dehydration where ocurrirle and four persons in different edades; without embargo, babies, adult adults, people with chronic diseases and free athletes are more vulnerable to dehydration complications.

  • Babies and children. Debid that the group with the highest probability of suffering diarrhea and vomiting, babies and children are especially vulnerable to dehydration. As the corporeal superficiality of a person in relation to its weight is greater than that of an adult, their children have a higher proportion of liquid in the case of high or low fiber.
  • Adult adults. As long as the person cracks, the reservoir of body fluids is reduced, the storage capacity will be reduced and the sensation will be fine. These problems are aggravated by chronic diseases such as diabetes and dementia, and by the use of certain medications. Adult major children may have mobility problems that limit their capacity to gain weight.
  • People with chronic diseases. Have diabetes not controlled or treated without the risk of dehydration. Renal enzymes are administered directly to the ventricle, as provided by drugs that increase the needle. Including a gargoyle extract or garment to make you more vulnerable to dehydration because you have little to no skin or baby being a nurse.
  • People who seek or practice hajj are free. When burning heat and humidity, the risk of dehydration increases and the causes caused by heat. This should be done when the air is humid, the air is not evaporating and the air is flowing rapidly, which can provoke a high corporate temperature and the need for more liquid baby.

Complic What complications can occur?

The first complication by dehydration is one lesions on the calorie, which is present but does not record sufficient liquid when it is physically active and transpires much. The length of this lesion can vary from muscular muscles to agatamiently per calorie or calorific value.

Los renal and urinary problems I have been diagnosed with prolonged episodes of dehydration which can cause urinary tract infections, renal failure and, inclusive, renal failure.

The Mayo Clinic was alerted about them convulsiones, where electrolytes are added to the electrical cells of a cell. If you are unbalanced, normal electricity can flow, which can produce involuntary muscle contractions only after a period of conjugation.

Finally, the ultimate complication is one choque per volumen sanguíneo bajo (choque ipovolémico). This is one of the most serious complications of dehydration and can be caused by the patient screw. Detecting a volume of blood clots provokes a dissipation in arterial pressure and oxygen diphtheria in your body.

Measures to prevent dehydration

I agree with the portal Medline Pluspara prevent dehydration The following recommendations are issued, as it is always possible to contact a doctor:

  • Save a lot of all the liquid, including when it is healthy. Beber but when the climate is cold or it is hiccuping.
  • If your family’s algae are infested, cut the attenuation to the liquid state they can give. Distinguish children or major adults.
  • Any person with fiber or diarrhea should store a lot of liquid. Do not wait for the dehydration signs to appear.

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