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The portal SupChina publicize an article describing an investigation carried out by a professor of sociology about the constant annihilation of nationalities in China, and at the same time proposing a relation between passages and the motive for which young people are interested in forming. Upload your studio, “those who play competitive video games tend to spy on the matrimonial, so that those who love anime tend to have only one“.


«China is busy, not having enough babies to guarantee continuous economic growth, young people not wanting to form a family other than a baby because it is demarcated, and the majority of those who create it all want to do so. In the face of this demographic crisis, Beijing has made it clear that its neighbors are in the dark. Pero that which is haciendo, is not functioning. The data published by the National Statistics Office show that the birth rate of the country will be disqualified because it is consecutively achieving a new historical moment in 2021, and its contents are revealed regularly that are very professional, especially urban descartan el matrimonio».

«¿Why can’t Beijing follow the gent for more than ten babies? Lǐ Tíng 李婷, professor of sociology at Renmin University in China, who runs the Center for Family and Gender Studies at the school, has some theories. In a new (Chinese) studio published is, I suggest that the use of Chinese social networking sites, such as Weibo and Douban, has a negative effect on the form that university students take in graduation and in the dark. It is intended, as an embargo, to retaliate against interns who criticize the studio for using social media as an expatriate, at a time when the general panorama of what the goblin has become has collapsed and many Chinese have been killed. haciéndolas cada vez most antagonists on the pro-natalist impulse of Beijing».

«The study, entitled “Information on the Opinion of University Students About Matrimonial and Tener Shadows”, was debated at an academic seminar on April 14 in Beijing, in which academics of various institutions shared their views. universities abide by quotes and familiar family “in the age of the Internet”. For your research, there are about 10,000 students in more than 30 universities across the country. In general, it does not disclose that the level of disposition in the barracks is higher than that of the waiter. More than 61% of those surveyed express “an exploding descent to find a cone”, with only 7% of them being completely against the idea. When asked why the quran is so solid and so beautiful, the various students pay attention to the financial insecurity, so that their female counterparts cite the priority of their professional objectives as their main reason.».

«One of the aspects of Li’s study is how the participation of the participants in the Internet affects all the activities of the matrimonial and the shadows, and where the controversy arises. After analyzing all the answers of the present, Write that the intense use of the Internet among the university students dismantle your case of caesarean section and tenor shadows. In the affirmation that the different social networking sites have distinct effects. Weibo’s habitual use, which is more than just the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, conducts more negative opinions about matrimonial and family formation. Douban, a red social network on Reddit that comments like a forum for discussing literature, music and movies, has a similar effect. In exchange for not having much time in Xiaohongshu, an e-commerce platform in the fashion and style of screw coyo numbered “pejoño libro rojo”, tend to see the matrimonio and the shadows of favorable shape».

«There are no theories about the compromise of users with “subcultures”. Affirmations that those who like gustaban the competition video games, also known as eSports, are more likely to see the positive form matrimonial, that those who only anime or read a lot of web novels tend to think against it. There is no polemical conclusion to be drawn from the results, nor is there a policy that restores the pace at which university students are frowned upon. Notice of your investigation has provoked many reactions on Weibo. The critics say that it is unfair to present social networks and passive passages without a negative light in a study that investigates the birthplaces of China, in order to ignore the real factors that directly affect the decisions of the living people. la paternidad».

«This information is an authentic base. On Weibo and Douban there are many negative news about the subject of the woman, such as gender-based violence and systematic discrimination, all of which. These platforms resist being hacked and have no shadow on their platforms, but at the frequency with which they are exposed to negative content at these sites‘S description of a Weibo user (in Chinese). Other descriptions for Li: “There are a number of problems that can be solved. High precision of living, elevated cost of living, 996 (working from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m., 6 days old), the divorce period, the marriage rate, by number silo algunos. Tal Who’s trying to gain the attention of studios that have a real impact?».

«Algunos detectors tampered with the premise of Li’s studio, saying that identifying the baby bust from China as a problem that does not arise “arreglado”, their investigation is united by a body of more academic work that can be given priority to have a massive population by encapsulating individual freedom of women to record decisions about their bodies and their lives. “Given that Chinese women need more education and economic status than ever before, it is only natural that they want more than enough for their lives. It is totally reasonable that you know that motherhood is not a necessity. ¿Why are these investigators identified as a problem and what solutions are found?“, We use a Weibo user (in Chinese)».

«Previously, similar results were found in a study by Zēng Díyáng 洋 迪 洋, a public policy investigator at the University of Finance and Economics in Nanjing. The work of Zeng explores how the work at extra hours affects the disposition of the individual to reproduce. “All situations are increasingly depressing. I feel like a vacant lot of crusaders who talk like Mozart or Chopin to get me some more sea“, Sign up for a Weibo app using Zeng’s studio».

«It is due to actuations that are produced by passing it, when Wú Xiūmíng 吴修明, principal investigator of a group of financial experts at the goblin, found the authority to increase the matrimonial cups of the country by facilitating the migration of several months from cities to the camp, with millions of young men. At the moment, the suggestion is criticized by the interns, who see that they establish themselves perfectly with the solitaire and that they now compromise their standards in the pockets of the barracks.».

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