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More than 20 potentially mortal enfermedades -including COVID-19- can prevent actualization of immunization. Of course, the World Health Organization (WWO) is considered vacunas indispensable and which forms part of the substance of world sanitary security.

The cause and import of the vacancies have been historically and consistently recorded. De hecho, la Alliance for Vaccination GAVI, see that between 1990 and 2017 the immunization contributed to reduce the number of cases of minor cases of zinc zebrafish, which in parts of ingrown toenails survived zinc vines per minute, predicted up to three million degrees worldwide.

Por esto y en el marco de la World Seminar on Immunization From April 23 to 30, Pfizer Latin America organizes a virtual forum to spread the word about vaccines and to prevent and protect all persons from mortal, infertile, viral or chronic diseases.

In his opening message, Carlos Murillo, regional president of Latin American Pfizer, celebrated that “we are the testers of one of the greatest immunization campaigns in historyand, as an embargo, all of them may be vaccinated in such a way that there are so many types of vaccines that we can prevent millions of lives from being lost. “

Durante the session to reconcile that la PANDEMIC left a retrograde in the number of people immunized for other nurses. If, as far as the last few years are concerned, the vacancy rate in the region decreases from 86% (2019) to 50% (2021). Ploeba de ello is the retrospect of the case three decades of progression in poliomyelitis and sarampion. Vaccination coverage for other infantile nurses is retrograde, and diphtheria and fibrous amenorrhea are amenorrhea to resuscitate menus that are urgently needed.

Up to 20 potentially deadly infestations -including COVID-19- can be prevented from actualizing immunization & # xf3; n.

More than 20 potentially deadly envelopes – including COVID-19 – can prevent actual illness and immunization.

More than 20 potentially deadly diseases – including COVID-19 – can prevent immunization

Vacancies against COVID-19

Door de foro se destacó comos los latimos dos agos han evidenciado elcance de la innovaci yn i advances de ciencia en el mundo. On the one hand, a historic vacancy campaign is being implemented which is currently authorized by the 11.4 million million dose against Covid-19 at 184 countries, representing 58.8% of the population with a complete score.

For other purposes, due to manufacturing and distribution announcement, Pfizer and BioNTech has included 3,300 million vacancies in 179 countries and territories in all regions of the world. Report that the Pfizer & BioNTech vaccine is available within a range of 5 years in accordance with the most important regulatory bodies in the world, such as the FDA and the EMA, which allow it to be immobilized on foot various countries.

It seems that, in order to be this meta, the Latin American paper is fundamentally different in different stages. An example of this is the role of the investigation as part of the clinical study of the vaccine against COVID-19in donde Argentina fue el sitio con m ens enrolamiento de patientes en el mundo. Click to start in Mexico which is one of the first nations in the world to approve and apply the Pfizer and BioNTech vacancy (December 24, 2019).

Assimilation, it is important to start that by 2021 the company will announce an intention card with the Eurofarma laboratory, a Brazilian biopharmaceutical company, for the production of the COVID-19 vaccine and its distribution in Latin America. At maximum capacity, Eurofarma produces 100 million doses annually for its exclusive distribution in the region. While presenting his presentation, Carlos Murillo stated that “it represents a great impetus for immunization in the Latin American population and for securing a more efficient camouflage for the distribution of vacancies in the lower parts”.

  Pfizer and BioNTech added 3,300 million vacancies in 179 countries and territories in all regions of the world

Pfizer and BioNTech include 3,300 million vacancies in 179 countries and territories in all regions of the world

Pfizer and BioNTech include 3,300 million vacancies in 179 countries and territories in all regions of the world

Pero á ¿How is the future of vacancies?

Durante el foro en el marco de la World Seminar on Immunization contact with the presence of Leading Scientific and Medical Leaders for North America from the Pfizer Vaccines Division, Dr. Alejandro Cané y la Líder Mécico Vacunas para Mercados Emerentes de Pfizer, Dra. Graciela Morales, who profonizaron sobre el futuro de la vacunas, particularly de RNA mensajero y dieron a conocer de manera general los advances en el desarrollo de nuevas vacunas.

El Dr. Alejandro Cane’s talents over Pfizer’s work with RNA technology sent a message emphasizing that “we are rapidly advancing in other areas of investigation RNA vaccines y tenemos los ojos puestos en otras enfermedades infecciosas, especially las viral, as flu and herpes zóster. Our objective is to guide the mRNA in RNA with potential infocations that change the direction of a vaccine “.

The importation and impact of vaccination on children

Other cordless vertices running the virtual fork due to the relevance of the stabilization of Vacation calendars and basic esquemas to protect millions of children in edades and adjuvant moments, avoiding lectures, discapacidades and including death.

El Dr. Carlos Torres, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist, member of the Committee of Infectious Diseases Vaccines of the Colombian Society of Pediatrics and the Latin American Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, assured that of society and of each of its members “.

The specialist agrees that, “preventable environments have the potential to generate potential in the community, epidemics or pandemics. particularly in systems such as the nest, where the sound is a solid, solid state.It is because of this, the vaccination going on with antibiotics and potentially agonizing them all the other means allowing duplication of life expectancy in them Last 150 years “.

Destan the import of calendars and schemes without & # xf1; s vaccination tips & # xf3; n to protect millions of ni & # xf1; os in edades and appropriate moments

Destan the importation of calendars and basic vaccination schemes to protect millions of children in editions and adjacent moments

Start importing calendar calendars and basic vaccination schemes to protect millions of people

Myths and realities

One of the most relevant topics for current and future virtual space is the preoccupation with the propaganda of erroneous information that can be used by most of the companies that provide information. Por ello, la Dra. Julia SpinardiPediatric Infectious Diseases and Adult Leaders for Pfizer Emerging Markets Accelerate Vaccination Myths and Realities When one of these priority laboratories provides information and conclusions about what to do next immunization as a herringbone valve to duplicate screw uptime, and combat fake newswhich has the power to decipher immunization and consequence, health and life of persons.

“The misinformation of the vacancies is unequivocal that only a handful of informed and informed persons make decisions to protect their health, at a time when it is difficult to salud pública specifying the resource adjustment that is controlled, erratic, or serot point “by Dr. Spinardi.

Record that you are alone in a year, las vacunas and mass immunization controls a pandemic with between 80% and 95% efficacy to prevent infections, and up to 70% of prevention in virus transmission.

Last but not least, the experts conclude that the latest samples are imported privilege la salud about all things and to follow by immunization and science.

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