Día del Niño. 40 years have passed since the birth of Timbiriche

The Mexican band Timbiriche, which comments as one infant group and advancing to adulthood, with a wealth of talent, polemics, and commercial excitement that marked the Mexican entertainment industry during the 1980s and 1990s, 40 years after which their formation was short-lived after celebrations. se ve nublado por problemas de scándalos sexuales.

In Mexico, el Día del Niño celebrates April 30 and in the course of 1982 rrumpió in the national scene a group of those who do not solo on the next promo of the spectacle, but the direct competence of the Spanish infantile agropion Parchis.

Paulina Rubio, Mariana Garza, Alix Bauer y Diego Schoening habían sidos the most sympathetic and destacados of 600 people that the actress and producer Martha Zavaleta saw in the analysis platform to form the work “The craving maravilla”.

The project that the most influential producers of the moment are playing in pairs between 10 and 12 years old, and they create the musical concept that escapes with the craziness of miles of Mexican people that connects the band to the television program. “Siempre en domingo” (1969-1998).

For entons, Sasha Sokol y Benny Ibarra ya habían sido integgrados la la agrupación e como patrinos de debut tuvieron al español Miguel Bosé.

“Llegamos (al studio) y nos dijeron vamos a grabar ‘Hoy tengo que decirte papá’. a digital portal in 2021 on the premise that as the band pissed off the grab studio.

During the interview, Ibarra was greeted as one of the big names in the project, the producer of bands like Garibaldi and Kabah, Luis de Llano, abused in an abuse scandal, and by composer Memo Méndez Guiú.

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Así eran de niños

Paulina Rubio in Timbiriche and her mother Susana Dosamantes. Archive / Instagram Paulina Rubio.

Mariana Garza.

Diego Schoening and Alix with the rest of the band.

Benny Ibarra de niño / Part of the Timbiriche are despised. Instagram Diego Schoening.


Yxito y platform

With an initial production of two albums per year, which were mutually sent to each of them within a few months, the cluster grabbed 12 discs from the studio 11 tubs with large reception area as part of the public.

Themes such as “Soy un desastre”, “Corro, vuelo, me hastero”, “Si no es ahora” y “Besos de ceniza”, between other tantos, mark the youth of the Mexican miles that create the junta of the artists.

With the years and the stage of maturity of the integrators, the public is accustomed to the exchange of integrators, while Ibarra and Sokol are the first in part by their personal projects, followed by Mariana Garza.

It seems that Timbiriche is a platform for young Mexican artists, who name names like Thalía, Edith Márquez, Biby Gaitán, Eduardo Capetillo y Erik Rubín.

Controversy, resentment and present

Ring the lanyard number 12 of the cluster – which only holds the exit of a song -, the band is disassembled in a silent manner and without a formal announcement.

Before 1998 there was a re-enactment of one of the original integratives that was promoted in the public eye and that was repeated in a variety of actions with integrative individuals debuting in caricatures soloists like Paulina Rubio.

To entonces, ya había creado the title of algunas of their rivals more sonnets of the farindula mexicana as the last odio between Rubio and Thalia that includes devine in a natural physics mantra daban in a concert, as well as music Paulina with rocker Alejandra Guzmán by the love of Rubín.

With the embargo, the polemic gran in the group is being leaked more than one month ago Sasha Sokol has been silenced on March 8 and accused by social media of Luis de Llano de abuso to describe the relationship that he mentions when he is only 14 years old and 39 years old, keeping pace with what he is doing.

“Hace dos dias, Luis volvió a hacer false declarations about our relationship.

Although they are amazed by the relationship that the Habitat mantenido, the topic volvió and record fuerza despujes that De Llano affirms a digital interviewer with the mantenido a relation with Sokol when he is only 17 years old.

This is achieved by the fact that the assurance that the time being spent in relation to each other and including the family creates a scandal with which the relationship is sentimentally with its proprietary representative and producer.

Consequently, the 40th anniversary of aggression is such that reflections on power and infancy in the world of spectacle and the theme of abuse hajia las mujeres.



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