Diego de Erice cuenta per qué abandon “Me caigo de risa”

Diego de Erice is a communicator who is convincing an actor, a conductor, a producer and even a painter! At the foot of fame and excitement, the view is seen in front of the door of the world of television, even though it is very consistent to recognize that “the media is as it were”, that is, the people, the ego and the constant competition offers one of the motivations for those who participate in the program “Me caigo de risa”, In that, from the pronto, or not the request.

In 2009, the 35-year-old actor made his first appearance on television, but in 2013 he started the public reconnaissance in the soap opera “Who gets better than ricos”, played by Leonardo Ruizpalacios, starring Diego Armando Escandion José Eduardo Derbez. The embargo, the actor’s preferences are related to those of his person, but the media rumor that he was gay, even Erice cried that no.

“Salieron un montón de notas donde se rumoraba que era gay”, record, but that the Serbian for entender that in the middle of the spectacular example is always a hablar. Fue as deciding to clear lattice speculations and their sexual preferences, but because of my desire to respect your family and the guy who rode, revealed in the “Confessions” program.

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“A mí no me daría empacho decir si soy gay si fuera gay”, aseguró. “Y no, no soy gay, me encantan las mujeres, me fascinan las mujeres”. In exchange, Diego shares with a handful of people who have decided to cultivate their preferences due to social pressure. “I have to work hard because I have friends who have been waiting for this double life, and I say: -¡You are fat, wey! O sea de por si pesado llevar una vida, ¿llevar dos? No, chato ”.

Además, indicating that gay people interpreting it is very important, because it represents a form of dross or a sector that must be listened to.

For the game of darse to conceive in the world of soap operas such as “Amores verdaderos”, “Antes muerta que Lichita” and “El bien amado”, by Erice incursion in the comedy program “Me caigo de risa”, in which she participates When it comes time, without embarrassment, when one of the most recent tempors is informed, it informs that the program is being tracked, but has not been completed during the show.

The actor reconciles that he makes a difference with the production: “At this time the whole body and the professional ego are very busy and there is no safe way to do it, because there are no safe places that can be done in the role of envy, whole, plethora y medir quién tiene la cresta m als alta ”, indicó.

“In my case, I’m sure I’m sure, I’m trying to do that, because I’m trying to get through the doors, I’ve been dancing here. Nadie me ha dado un empujoncito, nadie me ha puesto las cosas gratis ”, pero no por por eso la notice de su salida le fue indifferent, pues reconocó que se syntió affect emotionally, or that hizo queryarse si trabajaba lo adequate bien.

“En la temporadas que stuve amé hacerlo”, express, pero “is a format that is not divierted in jala. You have to divert to divert to the people in the house ”.

Cuando una puerta se cierra, se abre otra

Photo: Diego de Erice, via Instagram

It does not take long for Diego Cayera at the time to terminate his cycle in “Me caigo de risa”;Inseparables“, A reality show of famous parejas. The actor records that the invitations he recites to form part of the competitors, the people of Iran Castillo, act with the salience of a time, but not acceptance, or that he always sighs at the amorous screw in private, but proves to offer a llevar la programuta del programa.

“Me invitan a entra pero dije yo no me voy a abrir en a reality show, por mi vida privada es muy privada, pero (les dije) lo conduzco con much gusto y me lo quedé”.
It is projected to mean enormous responsiveness, as the first program in which it establishes itself as a cube, giving a large result, which boils down to the creation of three temporas, per the league of the latest edition, the actor or not can form part the project by other laboratory compromise that only destination, the telenovela “La herencia”.
“Ya tenía un compromiso, era mi regreso a las telenovelas y así me quedo sin condukir te tercera temporada de ‘Inseparables'”, se sinceró. “Me dolió en el alma, fue un projecte that we constructed all from deso cero, no sabíamos cimo era el format, cmo com landed”, destacó.

Now, with Mauricio Barcelata at the front of the show, Erice is aware that the quiz does not want to be followed by “Inseparables”, although it comes with a tempo and I invite it but assuming it is a program that I feel part of ”, Dijo.

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