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Disney World does not have the most beautiful site in the Tierra del Fuego.

For Natalie, now the great solitaire of the shadows, the Disney Kingdom can tell you a little bit of your magic play to find out where the establishment is engaged with one of the pairs of your gracy family and a recurring photo, New York Post.

From this point on, the niñera “p …” has a restraining order against its ex-apparatus. Not to be outdone, Natalie’s ex-husband’s sideways “scurrying and scurrying” from the rupture, mansion.

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“Fuimos at Disneyland [sic] in Orlando and we flew to the nigger with our nostrils to climb with the nuns… No al esposo ”, describes Natalie, 33 years old, as part of the photo of her trend test in Tik Tok. “It simply came to our notice then and again and again.”

In the incriminating clip, which received more than 1.4 million views, the traction bomb carried a photograph of his ex-wife and his niece unidentified in the legendary Splash Mountain acoustic passage of the theme park, which is one hundred and fifty fila m ads adelante de ellos.

Natalie, who wanted to appeal to the social networks, closed the rim of the trams with large beige circles to protect their identity.

She did not respond immediately to comments from The Post.

Desperate afterwards, who eventually divorced the adulterous dog, shared a video of the sequel, declaring that the niñera “bowel” is still in the case of the family, presenting a police information on their own or against it and luz your ex marido bebé.

“Exposo in reality has always been a constant scapegoat, and at the same time considering the situation”, confessed Natalie in a publication that shared the scenes, which explicitly because its viral virulence is centered in the nigeria. “Mientras que ella, la niñera, había sido todo lo contrario”.

Natalie assures that the woman regularly sends messages to her and prohibits her from antigua casa to recover any shadows or qualifications of personal competence.

“From there, present a police information against me to this company, but when I enter [sobre su aventura] me volví loco. Perdí por completo ”, said Natalie.

“Recipients a phone call from the police that says: ‘Apartment, la establishment lame lamenting and insulting'”, dijo. “Y yo estaba como, ‘¡Sí! Yo lo hice. No lo voy a negar, porque ella es una puta ‘”.

Unsurprisingly, Natalie affirms that she can finally adapt to the newly converted institute in order to return the cargo.

In fact, it’s all right to be honest about your affinities, in order to be successful in your adventure.

“In the end, how are you really safe, are you going to have a baby juntos, entons, ¿who are you or to avoid being juntas?”. dijo Natalia. “The form in which the maneuver is performed is incorrect, and its action is not correct”.

“How is it possible that the sea is horribly congested?”

“Solo query explain why some videos are more oriented hacia ella and no hacia el”.

And more than 13,000 cybernetic followers of Natalie Colmaron consulting and consulting in the comments section.

“Your ‘remodeling’ is not more than just keeping up appearances. Experiment that you can think one by one and experiment with the trajectory of the peer way. You can not wait for it really breaks ”, describe an alloy online.

“# 1 is the victim. # 2-The ex-arpentine probably proves that the hierba is not too green. # 3: suena como basura ”, other descriptions. Ambos te traicionaron y tienes derecho a arrastrarla si quieres. “Ella is not inconsistent, my assumption is that you tighten the screw style that Ella quería e hiciste todo lo posible para conseguirlo”.

In a separate video, Natalie mentions that now she lives forever, the game of baby bottles of bottles of wine all the way to the front door to the doors of your divorce, and recently assumes a new job.

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