Discussion medicine student who only has cancer in the middle of a class in Brazil

The case of the medical student Gabriella Barboza is that she is famous for her grace and curiosity in that she enters having an extra type of cancer.

The 22-year-old, who lives in S Paulo Paulo, Brazil, it can be found as if it were recording one of its classes, that is, about the correct form of recording physical examinations in the head area and the patient.

When you turn and turn to the front for your professor, Daniel Lichtenthaler, you incorporate the correct form of examining the skin with the model, the young man wearing the uniform and following the technique that the master chews on the thyroid.

In the embargo, in the practice of Barboza, the note that the reaction of the ombre does not burn even with its demes comprised in the anterior ejaculations, but that the left forearm is surprised by the extra note that leads to the acab class.

Al interrogated by the young man, the Lichtenthailer solo atini to find out that he had pain in his arm, in his thyroid, and that he had to recover.

Being a medical student and surprisingly advertised in this form by your professor, In October 2020, young people decided to undergo extraction and perform medical examinations in order to diagnose thyroid cancer.

It is curious to be in the same class of granules as Barbeza, who has been running the course for three semesters, although it is the type of cancer that can be diagnosed as soon as it is found in a much more advanced stage, in which the mayor is the mayor, and the mayor joven a presentn has no present symptoms or visible alterations in its skin anatomy.

Además’s primary diagnostician and sometimes doctor and other consultants for a more detailed review, Gabriella probebas arrojaron el resultado que la derrumbó: papillary carcinoma of the thyroid.

Accompanied by the Mayo Clinic, it is possible that cancer of the thyroid gland does not cause any symptoms in principle. Pero a medida que crece, puede provocar dolor e hinchazón en el cuello.

“There are different types of thyroid cancer. Algunos creak lentamente and otrots pueden ser muy aggressive. In case all cases are possible with treatment ”, affirms the web portal of the institution.

Asymmetry, the information unit that the thyroid gland cancer indexes are growing, and some medical experts are trying to find the right technology to find the exact types of cancer in the lower extremity. .

Individual tampering that does not occur with exact accuracy is the cause of this type of cancer, but which can be prevented very differently.

In the case of Barboza, when the papillary carcinoma is detected, which is the most common type of thyroid cancer, it is surprisingly advanced to other areas of the skin or part of the esophagus. Do not obstruct the doctors who treat the optimistic positions in order to treat them.

The positive activity of experts can be ascertained from being registered with medical registrars, 95% of which is the type of bullets that appear on the skin with benign cancer, and if a patient like Gabriella is diagnosed with cancer, then 97% have high curability.

Doctors do not agree with the certification that provokes the majority of thyroid cancer cases, but there is no way to prevent those who have a risk of developing cancer. – Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto

Taken aback by the factors that can cause thyroid cancer to occur, following the Mayo Clinic, including:

  • Feminine sex. Cancer of the thyroid gland is more common in women than in men.
  • Exposure to high levels of radiation. Radiotherapy treatments in the head and skin that help prevent cancer of the thyroid gland.
  • Determinados genetic hereditary syndromes. Genetic syndromes that increase the risk of thyroid cancer include medullary cancer of the thyroid gland, multiple endocrine neoplasia, Cowden syndrome, and familial adenomatous polyposis.

Fortunately, the young medical student initiated his essay in November, in the midst of a pandemic caused by covid-19, being treated in a hospital in his hometown, where he had some surgery to expel his thyroid.

Barboza exudes the extent to which it extends over the skin, treating hiccups with iodine therapy, which consists of injecting a drug with iodine to eliminate cancerous lesions in the body, and in february 2021 pudo salir from the medical center al ser diagnosticada as free from the nurse.

Patients who develop cancer, such as Gabriella, have to follow a periodic examination before examining and evaluating their health. These exams can be recommended manually or semester, depending on the cancer that is present and you are pregnant.

“Thyroid cancer can be repaired, including the need for reciprocating treatment or sometimes surgery for thyroid extraction. “It can be detected by microscopic cancer cells that propagate more than all the thyroid glands,” said Mayo Clinic.

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