Do not despise the road, considering that the ground screw is an initiation

Inspired by the figure of Nicodemus, the Pope offered his 13th catechesis about the vegan ante with various miles of filaments and peregrinos that are quoted as saying in the Plaza de San Pedro. Francisco says that we live in an epoch in which “the myth of the eternal youth is an obsession”, a sign that makes the road depressing. The embargo, the procedure, the ground screw is an “initiation” and not a “conclusion”, because “we walk away from the eternity”

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It is also the second largest city in the Plaza de San Pedro since June, when it was designed by the Audience General of Santo Padre to assist with various miles of fires and perennials from the five continents. In the 13th century, Pope Francis centered on reflecting on an episode in which the evangelist San Juan referred to Nicodemus al-Señor’s approach to the impossibility of major regressing his mother: “How can you not viejo? “.

In effect, the mode of introduction is to say that idioms are passages from the Gospel, in which Jesus answers “that no one who loves the water and the Spirit can enter the realm of God. “Because what the carne’s carne is, and what the Espíritu es Espíritu”.

“To see the Kingdom of Dios hay that renacer of the high”

The Obispo of Rome explicitly states the value of the most important figure of the New Testament, Nicodemus, which Jesus said to “see the Kingdom of Dios” and that “renazer de lo alto”. “Nicodemus – said the Pope – does not object to words, and the plant does not have the impossibility of fleeing when it comes to life”, without embargo:

“Jesus refers to a new birth in Espiritu, for which the anchorage is not obstructive, that which we do not show by the turning of the love of the goddess of God”

The myth of the eternal youth

Además, Francisco says that we live in an epoch in which “the myth of the eternal youth is an obsession”. In effect, despair of the road, considering that the ground screw is an “initiation” and not a “conclusion” and that we walk away from the eternity. In this room, we can only “see” the Kingdom of God.

“Caminamos hacia la eternidad”

“It is a sentiment, which attracts the stage of encyclopedia to explore, and the gospel of the Gospel, a new mission: to be the signs and instruments of the love of Dios that seals the definitive meta of that which is glorified.”

La vejez tiene una belleza única

The Pontiffs oppose assimilation that, in the perspective of the late Hacia el Eterno, “la vejez tiene una belleza única”. “Nadie can fly inside the center of the mother, not just in her technological and consumer system. Sería sad, incluso si fuera posible ”.

“The old window hacia adelante, hacia el destino, hacia el cielo de Dios. The vehicle for this is a special time to deliver the futuristic illusion of a biological and robotic superimposition, but all but after the turning of the windshield wiper and generator of Dios ”

“That the Spirit – the Pope concludes – does not condone the repertoire of this spiritual and cultural mission of the vegan, which reconciles us with the birth of the high.”

Greetings from the Pope

Al saludar a los peregrinos de lengua española Francisco los invitó a “relere’s dialogue úesús Jes cons’s preguntarnos cómo estamos viviendo la llamada a nacer de nuevo”. Do not despair with an invitation:

“Pidamos al Señor que el Espíritu Santo nos haga transmisores de amor u esperanza para quienes nos rodean”

The pilgrims of the Portuguese language, among whom are found the members of the National Center of Culture of Portugal and of the Evangelical Association are the necessities of Curitiba, Brazil, the Pope say:

“Hermanos and hermanas, that the Espíritu Santo did not enter the vejez as a time in which – surprisingly abandoned the myth of the eternal eternity – we mean that the meaning of the alto and we reconciled with our eternal destiny”

The English language speakers present in this audience, especially in England, the Philippines and the United States of America, among the many different groups of young students, the Obispo of Rome invites and embraces all joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ ”.

Among the French language characters, the Pope saluted in a special way the current regimes of France and La Reunion, the Costa de Marfil and Gabon, which recorded:

“The example of Nicodemus, that the Espíritu Santo’s haga redescubrir is the spiritual mission of the vehicle that reconciles us with the birth of the high”

Although it is moderately common to greet German-speaking pilgrims, the Pontiffs are directed in particular to the students of the Wilhelmsstift de Tubinga and the Felixianum de Treveris, as well as to the ministers of the Eichstätt divisions, before deciding:

“In Jesus Christ we are all ready for God. That the Espíritu Santo does not belong to the messengers of joy and testament of caridad ”

Directly guided by the Poles, Santo Padre extended the presence of the sacerdotes of the Włocławek diocese as he arrived in Rome on the 25th anniversary of his ordination.

Hoy se recuerda a la reina Santa Eduviges, apostol de Lithuania y fundadora de Universidad Jagellónica. Durante su canonización, San Juan Pablo II recordó que, gracias u su labor, Poland se unóó to Lithuania ya Rusia. Confede in your intercession, as if by Cruz’s foot through the paz in Europe ”

As it is costly, Francisco también saludó to the Arabic language’s words: sabiduría el mundo de hoy, que se enfrenta a muchas dificultades, convirtiéndose así en un faro las nuevas generationacije “.

By the way, in welcome to the pilgrims proceeding from Italy, Santo Padre salutes in particular the Hermanas Capitulars of the Congregation of Nuestra Señora del Monte Carmelo, moving and walking with joy through the walkways of Señor. Assimilation, the Pope saluting the fiends of the parish of Jesus Christ of Salvador, in Praia a Mare, which manifested its expectation that the 25th anniversary of the parody of the parish would be a parable about the ecclesiastical testicles.

At this time, Francisco’s health benefits are being met by members of the Federation of Nursing Professionals or the Association of Volunteers of the Sacred Heart, who expressly increase their solidarity through labor. They guide the athletes of the pilgrimage to the foot of Macerata a Loreto, with the antorch of the paw “which calls for a sign and at the same time an invocation of the fraternity between the persons and among the people”.

Last but not least, I thought it would be a good idea to take note of the people, nurses, young people and people in the area, who record that “the close domingo celebrates the solemnity of Santísima Trinidad”. For this reason, you can exhibit all of Trinidad’s presence in your lives. And “thanks to Bautism, the apocalypse to supplement the will of Señor in all the constancies”.

Padrenuestro’s Latin accent the audience concluded with Santo Padre’s bend.

The Audience General of Pope Francis from June 8, 2022


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