Doctor who says’ giant lombric ‘of lemonade:’ This is only in legal medicine books; the morbid patient ‘

When it comes to the most difficult thing to treat, the gastroenterologist Alexánder Cordero Jiménez is very clear: with the help of his team from Tony Facio Hospital, in Lim ,n, to obtain an inuspicious candida of intestinal lymphatics from a picture that’s your nunca habían seen in all the car and service cars in the hospital: up to 25 cm.

The parasite that appears to be a conocid era, but not in its original dimensions, but in its original language and in its essence.

“One and the same, smallpox in a habitual colonoscopy, but it is a parasite, it is a city of parasites that produce this type of obstruction which is only in the books, in the books of forensic medicine, but the patient is largely forgiven. All of these adult or adult migrants migrate to the lungs and become obstructed, migrating to other organs and causing strains, ”said the 45-year-old specialist.

The embargo, however, made the story different. The recovery of the 44-year-old patient was instantly treated with dieron “caza” on the lombric.

“Antier (the martes) is here, hablé con él. It seems to me that the news of the haberdashery is the first lombriz, but at the moment it becomes desperate, but we are not seduced. “I know that I pass the photos for the enserselasla in the space, but I know that it does not matter”, commented.

The enema

The team is exposed to a type of intestinal lubrication Ascaris lumbricoides. It is the most common type of intestinal lubrication, peritoneal lobe and candida llevaban and is patient at other level of risk.

Al How do you get infected and become infected?

“It is a parasite that appears in the form of vehicles with traces of contamination,” he said.

Some of these infections are related to the manipulation of the needles, provided that the organism has the ability to recycle part of its life cycle in order to infect it. Entonces, explicitly Cordero, is the stage of infertility of living in another human being.

¿How is it? The first infected person dies in infertility and with contamination of the water or soil. There are families who use hacks as a subscriber in their cultivation and place to contaminate them. If the person consuming these huevecillos is donde la Ascaris toma fuerza para crecer y “viajar” por casi todo el cuerpo humo.

A vez consumedos, los huevos eclosionan y liberan larva dentro del intestine delgado. As one of the two larvae migrated through the torrent of blood flowing to the lungs. Place under the large respiratory tract of the lungs and insert new nodules into the esophagus and small intestine.

“In rural areas there is a lack of hygiene in the consumption of food or babies,” he said. Además, not all the people who work in cultivations belong to the means of security, as well as the use of guantas. For people who are looking for this type of lab, it is recommended to use detachables.

“In adults, it is generally not recommended, it is not necessary, but in some cases it is the type of labs that work on the ground, or recommend it every six months,” he said.

The history of an inusual proceeding

The water can be used to compress emergency services from pedestrian service, revisiting a lemonade except in a rural area that has only unusable estuary valleys. También tenía náuseas y vómitos. At that moment, the medical staff or the doctor had no examination of the blood, urine and ultrasound and did not destroy it. It is also possible to exploit the function of its own energy and resources. The only way to get rid of acute pancreatitis is to find inflammation of the pancreas.

“There is inflammation that can occur during deaths or compromises the patient’s veins at a slower pace,” the specialist said.

The patient’s patient with part of the interventions, but the pain does not go away and is not accepted. Tuvieron that preserves the drugs tan fuertes as morphine and does not condense oil. “The patient is in pain,” resumed the doctor.

The results of the examinations of the hajj are suspended in Cordero which has a blockage of the bile duct. This is a very important conduct, allowing drainage into the esophagus, bladder and small intestine. El pancreas también drena esa vía.

The specialist solicits into a TAC, and not only does he obstruct, but he does not read the verse as it were. Entons indicated a gastroscopy.

“With the ‘gastro’ lying next to the portion of the small intestine and concentrating an enormous volume, between 15 and 25 centimeters, the woman is moving and moving,” recalls.

Fue entones that, junta with the emergency team, record the decision to seduce the patient, change position and hackle open procedure to position in front of the bile duct. All perform otro llamado duodenoscopy examination, having a lateral vision. All the lombrices are enormous and soaring that they only have sacs.

The duodenoscope allows the incisors to be inserted with minimally invasive instruments and “lazarlas”, as they are cut into a rode and cut into lubrication.

Primer sacaron las dos estaban obstruyendo vía, y aíí todos losqidos liquenzaron e drarenar si si un repress se abriera. It fills containers, such as quedaban mousse, and is not available at any time of the day to prevent obstruction of conduct.

“La segunda se partió en dos, lo hice con mucha fuerza. Ahí dije ‘calma’, vamos trabajando. Ya después fue más fácil ”, señaló.

At the moment you are committing a crime for one. In total, count 12.

“Before the maturity and maturity of these parasites this infertility debió haberse dado hace meses. Nunca tuvo synomatomas, hasta que ya era une emergencia ”, assured the doctor.

Cordero rescues the value of a regional hospital, such as limonense, contact with every person who permits the procedure. If you want to get a ride to Hospital Calderón Guardia, in San Jose, do not hesitate to try your hand at a trip that will complicate things.

“We see the case of a 44-year-old man who, at the time of the proceedings, established that he was more and more normal. “This is a demonstration that can be done,” he concluded.

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