Doctors of the XXI type should be treated for pandemics

Mar Crista Cristina Gutiérrez Lora.

The XXVIII National Congress of General Medicine and Family has been incorporated here, through its scientific program, a title update event What should we do with Virulaa Símica ?, which has been imparted by María Cristina Gutiérrez Lora, a member of the Infectious Diseases Trauma Group of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG).

Según has been translated by the congressmen, “as doctors of the XXI brand, vamos a tener que acostumbrarnos a sanitaryas alerts as in Covid-19 or the chemical virus. We live in a globalized world, with constant intercams of people and animals, with the consequent translating virus from one country to another. Además, when available from epidemiological systems and public health detection at the most potent global level, with quality the notification of sanitary alerts that are most frequent ”, asegura la Gutiérrez.

This is a new alert for mono virus, we have to basically sabotage it, diagnose it and act on it once and for all. “Person-to-person transmission, because we know that at the moment, the precision of a contact is much more stretched than the coronavirus, but we must not be devastated by the fact that our paper is fundamental, as Atención Primaria, es la accurate and asymptomatic detection of cases to cut the transmission line ”, says the member of the Trabajo Group of Infectious Diseases of SEMG.

How and when the medical records were translated into the national congress of SEMG, which is celebrated from June 7 to 11 in Bilbao, the virus only presents itself as a frame of fibers with myalgias, arthralgias and asthenia that además course with lymphadenopathy, “important data because we do not differentiate between other types”.

Posteriorly, the apparatus of the fiber, between 1 or 6 days apart, is accompanied by a centrifugal exanthema, which “does not grow on palms, plants, mucous membranes, maculopapular on the principle that it evolves vertically and posteriorly, presenting a central (amplified) depression for having passages that despair, which spread between 2 and 4 weeks ”.

Además, se debe realizar un differential diagnostics with other exanthematically enfermedades as, for example, vesiculopustulosas. The incubation period of the nursery is between 5 and 21 days, and is observed as the care of the removal of the stalks, a situation that only lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. The methods of transmission are direct contact with mammals that cause the patient, (basically rheumatoid and single), large respiratory cups and corporal fluids or direct contact with cut lesions.

¿Cuándo sospecharlo?

The doctors deben sospechar infection by single virus in a patient with this frame as it should be endemic areas of the nursery (Occidental and Central Africa), it is said, the contact stretched from an anterior case, “the situation, even though atypical is present, is more frequent at the moment and there are clinical manifestations that can not be justified by other nurses”, said Guti.

In quantum a how to proceedan egg that has a sophisticated case, indicates to the patient that it is being insulated, if it is a general condition, andn domicilio durante al menos 21 días. Make a study of stretched contacts, in which mascots are included, and supported by your studio and aislamiento. Record a sample of the exudates of the lesions, if available to the protection teams indicated before and after the preservation. At the moment, following the protocol of each autonomous community, it is repeated in the laboratory that they are not indicated.

If the treatment is symptomatic, follow the evolution and clinic of the patient. There is the possibility of vaccination, as a curative treatment or to amenorrhea of ​​manifestations, “only when it is available, against the evacuation of vaccines, for cases that are considered high risk of complications, especially for all immunocompromised people”. The ideal is to vacate in all 4 primershaving performed until the 14th day of the exhibition.

También existen antiviral treatments, probably in animal origin, with limited restrictions on its efficiency in cases of human chemical virus. Tecovirimat is indicated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the treatment of serious cases and complications.

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