Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!

Eduardo Verástegui, of 47 years, is characterized by its religious affiliation and receives donations to realize altruistic laboratories; without embargo, The periodical Javier Ceriani, 48, has no contact where to conduct an investigation with the quality demonstrated that the actor and his family are present be stuck with these resources to live with people. Chisme’s conductor does not like to show all the documents that he has tried and that we do not know that all of them are supposed to be part of a series of Lebanese malletes, amen, which is being leaked to Netflix:

-Platícanos, Javier, what is the matter with Eduardo Verástegui?
“Nosotros carried out all the investigations with a route that left us to Eduardo Verástegui or his foundation, Manto de Guadalupe, and found that he had the mode of operation operating from one stage.”

-Explícanos, ¿a qué te refieres?
“After Ricky Martin was born (1999-2001) and on his cell phone, Eduardo embarked on a diner pedal to the gent, supposedly inverting into his cell phones. It is said that in the Catholic Church’s habia dinero and se metió en eso “.

-¿De qué manera?
Creating a Guadalupe Mantle Foundation (2007) to help the needy, and the Guadalupe Clinic Medical Center (2010) in Los Angeles, to raise money for abortions, and to donate to women. Además owns an app, Tatatu, for that inversionist search (is Netflix type, and virtual diner by green) ”.

-Continue …
“It’s all about your family. Her sister Mariana and her husband, Jaime Hernández, live in Texas and play for Los Angeles to work on the foundation. Ellos no tenían dinero, pero se fueron enriqueciendo; the cuñado, being the president of the fundation, has a cash flow of 60 million dollars (one million, 224 million pesos); they have a million-dollar house and average dollars ”.

-¿De verdad?
“Sí, pero eso no es todo: tienen otra hermana, Alejandra, y Eduardo le pidió a Immigracón que ella pudiera ir a trabajar a Estados Unidos en la klínica (2013), pero también fue a action of a fraudulent tant”.

-¿Por qué lo dices?
“Because the wind blows for it to work as a system engineer; without embargo, in the SEP apparatus that is licensed in Tourism, or the sea, is haciendo fraude and your family members are in the EU sin hacer nada ”.

Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!

-¿Por qué “sin hacer nada”?
“We find out that the foundation does not exist and that it has nothing to do with the clinic; it’s certainly working, but now a doctor who says he wants to get a lot out of it or has no contact with others ”.

-¿Y ayudaban a las mujeres?
“Además, since the ayuda era is free, it costs $ 200 per ultrasonic treatment process.”

-Where are you with the donations?
“You can use it to pay for special mobile phones, because you only need a 60-year-old to buy or pay for a mobile phone with donations from an association that does not work; he is incurred in many leathers and delicacies, which is not what he preaches, he is a lobby with an egg ”.

Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!

-¿Y with which of the inversions?
“All the victims are $ 500 million dollars, but they did not show any signs of retaliation. All have been documented, however, that most of them have documented the transaction documents that the hiccuper is doing.”

-¿Are you ready?
“In a mountain of gent, famous people like Emmanuel and his son Alexander Acha, and the imitator Gilberto Gless. We are looking for testimonials. It is necessary to seduce gays for investing in their projects ”.

-¿A dónde va ese dinero?
“It simply came to our notice then. No matter what, Eduardo has several departments, one after the other, one in Miami that does not have a seo as inversion; You have a house in Mexico and you realize that it also costs 30 million dollars (612 million pesos) ”.

Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!

Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!

-¿No did the interrogation denounce it against you?
“Hasta el momento, no, pero le encontramos multas sin pagar; hemos corroborado si son su propiedades y e effectiveivante estin a su nombre ”.

-¿Han tenido contacto él?
“Nos han amenazado; según él, as a campaign of deprivation policy, pero mens bien eso lo hace él, aunque diga que no; is added first to the fact that the sea governors of Tamaulipas and the United States are friendly to Casa Blanca ”.

-¿Which bus are you looking for?
“Show incoherence detracts from a man who incurs the name of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, and all the amorous and sexual screws that are found. We present in the Lebanese series Mal mal, amen, that solder is also on Netflix. “It is not just that the cost of engaging the gentile”, finalized.

Documentary destapará que Eduardo Verástegui ¡Es un stafador!


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