Does the EU oppose dictators? ¡Sí! Excepto cuando los apoya

The dictators are small, except, well, when they are not at all tan: welcome to the moral acrobatics of the United States, from which Joe Biden is the only ultimate president to be abused in a complicated world. The administration Biden present the exclusive decision of the governors of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela de la Cumbre de las Americans of this week in Los Angeles as an advocacy defense of democracy.

“Complementing the creams that should be invaded by the dictators and … and we do not try”, dijo la secretaria de prinsa de la Casa Blanca, Karine Jean-Pierre. “El presidente se mantendrá fiel a su principio”.

Excepto cuando no lo hace.

Biden’s determination to quote the regional citation from a group of revolutionary Latin American socialist self-proclaimed autocrats produces an expansion of a rupture with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a social activist who has been urging protesters to resign. the exclusion ”.

Pero hay mucha más flexibilidad de Washington when it comes to the other side of the world, donde Biden to prepare to visit Saudi Arabia y reunirse con el líder de facto, el principe heredero Mohamed bin Salman.

The principle, conocido by its initials MBS, preside a country without choices, with small streams for women and with many other considerable basic rates in the western countries.

In 2018, the state intelligence services, MBS orchestrated the assassination and dismemberment of a dissident, Jamal Khashoggi, resident in United States and columnist of The Washington Post.

As a presidential candidate, Biden claims that he is a criminal convict of Saudi Arabia in a “party”. Now, without embargo, it is listed for return with the present intellectual author of the asset.

¿For whom? Porque eso seria bueno para Estados Unidos, dijo Jean-Pierre. “It is determined that in United States the interest is related to an external leader and that if it can be valued as a result, it will be good,” he said.

Saudi Arabia “has a socio-strategic state of the United States lasting about 80 years,” said Biden.

“Our beautiful shadow”

This contradictory message is revisited, especially in the context of Biden’s passionate and frequent argument that his presidency marks a “point of influence” in a titanic loophole among the democracies of the world and the creative group of autocracies.

Pero actually hay nada nuevo.

In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt subsequently commented that Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza “could be a shadow of a god, but a shadow of a god”.

Other relatives attribute the phrase to other presidents of the United States and refer to different dictators.

The embargo, the argument is clear: Casa Blanca always has every way to cover the nariz with a hand, miserable with the other abrasion of degasable socios.

The United States and Latin America’s leading leaders in Latin America are influential.

In Asia, the United States was running much faster against the communist regimes, with all the flexibility shown along the way.

During a meeting with the Association of Asian (Asian) Nations, Biden traveled to Burma to visit Cambodia and Vietnam.

And the game is about Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, who criticizes China for being a Russian mandator, Vladimir Putin.

The former Republican president has been ousted by the entire range of governors in the Middle East electro, all over Saudi Arabia, only to qualify for his first foreign trip as president.

“Where else is my favorite dictator?”, Said one of us Trump jovially in a 2019 mentee show that applauded the Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

Robert Guttman, professor of international relations at Johns Hopkins University, considers that the inconsistency of the United States is reduced to a “cynical” interest.

Biden, introducing the risk of devastating curtains for democrats in the November election mandate choices, is desperadoed by hacer bajar the prices of fuel, since you visit the Saudis.

While Latin American communities in the United States do not seem to mind communism, Biden has little room to maneuver when it comes to countries like Cuba.

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