Don Lama posted on Twitter the video between “Peters” and an IPN album

The professor knew how to “Peters” chord agarrarse a golpes con alumno luego of offensive comments between ambos in a blog that calibrates the desperation of the ESIME-Zacatenco professors

On May 12, a video of a social network went viral play between a professor and an alumnus of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). The fact that the cause is sufficient to involve persons related to the box as Eduardo Lamazón, to which various users used the solicitor to express their opinion of the conflict. Without embargo, deportivo commentator de Azteca Deportes express your molestation by the number of messages you receive.

By means of your Twitter account, the experienced person searching for the box will revive their professionalism in the box with a message to the child who is holding the tarpaulin inside the box. Peters and an alumni of the IPN that bouted in social networks as Balloons.

“Basta ya. Dos se pelearon en la calle. Alguien grabó a video and lo subió. Tengo an infinite bombardment of pidies gripping the target. ¿Se divierten con eso? Dejen la stupideces y piesen de quen manner el mundo es morgo’s ancho para ustedes cuando hacen lo que hacen ”, described in his Twitter account @lamazon_oficial.

Eduardo Lamazón received the petition of the users in social networks about the fight between Peters and Puños de Oro (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Eduardo Lamazón received the petition of the users in social networks about the fight between Peters and Puños de Oro (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Eduardo Lamazón wanted an icon in the box functions that the team de Azteca Deportes transmit each end of the week. Do you know how to handle the sport, as well as your personality and the timbre of the train, it turns into a figure authorized to emit its veredicto ante to the public each of which the participants’s dates to participate in a round lasting the function.

What to do by night, Eduardo Lamazón participates in the comments panel of Box Azteca y share the message with the main chronist Rodolfo Vargas, as well as Julio César Chávez and carscar Valdez, which hacks the experts in the field. From where to find the most memorable games and championships for Mexican foresters in recent decades.

“New points for Saúl Canelo Álvarez and these points for Dmitry Bivol”, is only an example of the phrase that is characterized by it. In this sense, the sound of the excesses connected to the exterior of the Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (ESIME) Zacatenco, various users intend to integrate conversion with their iconic dialoguepero Don Lama se rotó rotundamente al considerarlo una burla.

Eduardo Lamazón's message (Photo: Twitter / @ lamazon_oficial)
Eduardo Lamazón’s message (Photo: Twitter / @ lamazon_oficial)

Alleys of ESIME and other schools located on the plant Zacatenco of IPN are quoted in one of the sections for tagging combined between a professor from the same institution as Luis Alfredo Lira Peters against an alum that, antenna anonymous, recycle the surname of Puños de Oro in the social red.

Substantially, the conflict between your personalities originates in a blog affiliated with the institution, as long as references are drawn around the docent plant. Follow up with comments on the post, Peters treaty of negative comments against the matter drawn from an anonymous account and reta a golpes a otro usuario identified as Puños de Oro.

Box Azteca team joined by Carlos Aguilar (Photo: Instagram / @ elzaraguilar)
Box Azteca team joined by Carlos Aguilar (Photo: Instagram / @ elzaraguilar)

The two involved with the amenazas y present themselves in the tuned place. On the other hand the hubo scene is more alumni, as a police officer who shoots hard to impregnate the goal and goal. In a nutshell, the institution pronounces and condenses the successes of the late 11th of May.

“Assumes the conduct of the values ​​and principles that are promoted in the IPN. ESIME Zacatenco has started consequential actions to investigate the allegations and inform the opportunity that the results are applicable in conformity with the current institutional norm ”señalaron en un communicado.


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