Dosfarma Woman Awards Awards for Women’s Health ոլորտում

The first edition of the Dosfarma Woman Awards honors the scientific dissemination of women in Spain.

In recent years, social networks have become an excellent speaker for scientific dissemination. With this success, the variety of profiles is also growing, more and more female communicators who succeed in networks տեղեկատվ offering information ագիտական ​​expert advice. Recognize his work in the fields health և health The Dosfarma Woman Awards have recently been established.

A few at the Casa Encendida in Madrid on March 28 The most prominent voices of popularity in our country collect their prizes տալ give visibility to the work of scientific communication. At the time the epidemic and other events overwhelmed us, the quality of these women was still there.

We were able to see familiar faces such as Boticaria Garcia, Lucia Mi Pediatra or journalist Naomi Casque, some of the winners. They, like many other distributors, have succeeded
Build trust in your social networks so that thousands of people can improve their physical or mental well-being through the knowledge of the greatest professionals in the field.

In general, they are distributed twelve awards in nine categories, including sexology, pediatrics, nutrition or dermatology. The awards, which were initiated by Dosfarma Online Pharmacy, also featured various healthcare reference brands, such as Dodot, Avène or Durex, whose representatives were responsible for awarding the prizes.

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The first prize in the category of pharmacy was won by Marian Garcia, who is better known on social networks as @ Boticariagarcía. Doctor of Pharmacology և nutritionist, gets this Recognition as an excellent distributor for long-term work. The recipe for his success – almost half a million followers on Instagram – is the simplicity when it comes to taking care of us. “The goal is the same in the village pharmacy or on social networks,” he said during his speech.

Science with a conscience can be the motto of the second prize winners of the Dosfarma Woman Awards. Maria Hernandez և Elena Perez, @ Futurlife21 on social media, mother and daughter in real life they bring us closer to science “through something we do every day, which is to eat.”“, Explained Yelena while collecting her award in the category of Nutrition. Both are biochemists and have been able to create the perfect team to help us create healthier habits through simple, fun recipes.

When we talk about health, we can not forget the basic part like sports. And for the love and passion she professes, Carmen Fernandez Estefano (@Carmenestefano) won the Dosfarma Women Award in the category Sports և Healthy Habits. While collecting the prize, Carmen revealed the simple reason that made her spread the benefits of the exercises.
“Why do not I share something that makes me feel so good?»

And joining the food և sport, there are profiles like Paloma Quintana, @Nutricionconq, who has worked around the world for years Sports Nutritionwanted to focus its efforts on food education, which focuses specifically on women, as it is a society that until a few years ago went unnoticed by the industry.

“The best dermatologist in Spain”, according to the Doctoralia Awards 2017, Christina Eguren (@Dracristinaeguren_derma) announced at the awards ceremony that “My life mission is to help women improve their quality of life»: That’s why it has found a unique tool in the networks, thanks to which dissemination has finally become an “expensive life project,” said the doctor. In the category of Dermatology, Dr. Ana Molina (@ Dr.anamolina) received the award for her “Narrative medicine” in social networks.

In the “Nursing” category, the award went to Esther Gomez, @ Mienfermerafavorita, who at the age of 28 combined a professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid with her work on social media and in the media.Make us the main heroes of our own healthAs mentioned at this award ceremony.

Simplicity and naturalness is what Naomi Kaske, @mamacasquet, a journalist specializing in sexuality, expresses her award in the “Sexuality” category. She has helped us to understand the different stages that women go through in their lives ել to learn them enjoy relationships “without filters”.

And to find out about health from a gender perspective, we have Laura Kamara (@ Lauracamara.ginesex), a sexologist, nurse and obstetrician who has been honored at the Woman Awards.
sexual health promotion work. He assures that “the networks offered me something incredible, which should have approached the general population.”

In the category of gynecology, gynecologist Miriam Al Adib (@Miriam_al_adib) was awarded for her expert and altruistic information. Miriam made women’s health her calling; she believed in “medicine, which is the perfect combination of science, art, and humanism, as it puts every patient at the center of the equation.” Medicine is about people, as evidenced by its discovery.

This work by Xusa Sanz (@Soyxusasanz) is in line with this more humane approach to women’s health. Nurse, nutritionist, hormonal health expert. Their nets are a space free of stereotypes, which also give them a special sensitivity
Reproductive health. A view that goes beyond the strictly reproductive realm և occupies aspects that have hitherto been set aside, such as menstrual changes.

One of the last prizes went to Lucia Galan, @ Luciamipediatra, who unfortunately could not attend the awards ceremony, but was convinced to send a thank-you video. The pediatrician has about twenty years of experience in pediatrics and in recent years has become A. Reference for the disclosure of his / her teachings on child care.

Work at the Dosfarma Woman Awards 2022 gala և:
the potential for scientific dissemination in our country և
image of a woman in different areas. In addition, these awards are of special importance to the company for two reasons. The first is that 70% of its users are women, and the second. The awards are part of the #TeAuxilio Solidarity Campaignwhich was launched in March to promote women’s empowerment and the fight against inequality.

As part of this campaign, the Solidarity Kit, a first aid kit, will be put up for sale, all proceeds of which will go to the Ana Bella Foundation and the Aid Project in collaboration with the Women in Health Association. Proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated offer assistance to women victims of violence
sex so they can repair their wounds.

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