Downton Abbey: A New Age (2022), Criticism: Grand Orchestra

The television screen in the big pantry does not always show parades in this series, but ‘Downton Abbey’ suppo cape el temporal y con honores con in the first cell. With pandemics and calendar calendars, each one has its own roar, but it is fine April 29th llega a nuestras salas de cine ‘Downton Abbey: A new era’.

Renovarse o morir

‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ arranges for one of its members to be accompanied by a variety of surprises for the Crawley family. The first is that Lady Grantham (Maggie Smith) inherited a villa in France and part of the family decided to travel alone to visit the property and deal with the mystery of the hereditary area.

Things to do in Yorkshire without having to worry about getting a Downton elegance film to give birth to a child, or having your say in the “guard life”, Lady Mary decide what is the class of opportunity that does not need to renovate the edition and prepare for the new decade.

If the front of the film is broken as a drama of the epoch more than the margin of the series, ** be aware that it is a sequel to the whole and that because the menus needless series the first film ** before inserting the tooth salen algunos personajes. ‘Downton Abbey: A new era’ is a movie for the fans (muy fans) of the series, and it seems like a lot of dynamics and inclusive transfondos of characters no quasan demasiado claros.

Aín así, ‘A new era’ functions in perfection as a long chapter and balance balances much better than the enormous number of characters with those who have to steal the malabares. Julian Fellowes and the director Simon Curtis play all the prophecies of the trauma and moments before the brilliance, including the fact that there are already many dramas that have never been heard before. In particular, the characters that are still present as such as characters of apoyo but have the most moments in the trim or edit with a final file that can not be terminated.

Downton Abbey Una Nueva Era 2

Blow ghana against its antenna with the balance of trauma and ojo, with the plant propellershifting the intruders from the rods of the 20-year-olds including all the references to a meta signal across the cam.

Downton Abbey: all of a sudden

The ‘A new wind’ coil is the one that is not painted on the back, and it is very clear that all the film is on. ‘Downton Abbey ‘mira hacia el futuro, precupándose por dejar a toda la Crawley family muy bien situada y lista para lo que está per llegar.

From now on we find one more thing that the epoch of the great houses and living rooms of the aristocratic families is awesome, and that Downton must ponder on how it does not pass as many other mansion palaces. Mary flew to sit as the central figure in front of the hacienda, with Michelle Dockery being the perfect hedgehog for Maggie Smith when it comes to building a hot and cold arena with “one liners“.So, Smith demonstrates an egg that wears all that wool and clothing in full of all the scenes in what it is (that ojalá fueran más).

Michelle Dockery En Downton Abbey

All of the wards are spectacular, with the final touches being Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael and Jim Carson. Hugh Dancy is a perfect new juggernaut at the court of Henry Talbot by Matthew Goode, y Dominic West and Laura Haddock have the perfect presence of the stars of classic cinema and those that encarnan.

Surprisingly, it’s a nostalgic piece of nostalgia that has its moments before tuning in to the trajectory of the series and where the protagonists are still alive, including algunos that are lined up by the camino. It is a movie that celebrates the best of the series, but it is also designed with a little bit of restraint due to the ability to read the news.

‘Downton Abbey: A New Era’ is a perfect sequel to the series by Julian Fellowes and his decisive team to tell the story, with a precise homage to all the wards of the characters who have been iconic … and with the help of ganas more than deciding the history of Crawley as it is now with sporadic films. As now she crucifies the girls to see if they are not tied to the ‘Downton Abbey’ final.

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