Dr. Mario Martinez talks about homeopathy

As every year, April 10 is International Human Rights Day HomeopathyAn alternative medicine system with more and more supporters, including traditional doctors, such as Dr. Mario Martinez, who as an integral part of the body does not give up on the best of each medicine, which is ultimately just one.

What is homeopathy իրական what is its real scope?
It: homeopathy Created by Samuel Federico Hahnemann in 1785, it is a medicine whose practice is based on the law of similarity. It requires in-depth knowledge of the disease ճշ careful monitoring of the patient to suggest prescribing the drug in infinitesimal doses. It is characterized by the patient’s personality և wholeness, the drugs are diluted և energized, previously tried by healthy people. Its real scope is very wide, as it can cover the whole spectrum of age and health conditions, from newborns, pregnant women to the elderly.

How does it work? What are its advantages over traditional medicine?
It: homeopathy It seeks to activate the body’s internal capacity և adaptive systems ել to heal it. Traditional medicine (Alopathic) directs all its efforts to get rid of the manifestations (symptoms) of the disease.

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When is it advisable to consult a homeopath?
According to the famous homeopath Ան Angel Minotti. homeopathy can cure up to 90% of those who come for counseling. Generally, people go to a homeopath when all the possibilities of traditional therapy are exhausted, և the disease does not regress or improve, therefore, in case of any health condition, it is recommended to consult a homeopath.

What treats homeopathy? What are its limits?
It: homeopathy It cures a wide range of diseases, but it should be borne in mind that the body’s response to homeopathic medicine during this therapy is really responsible for the treatment. So the limit homeopathy it is given in the individual’s ability to respond. It may also depend on the disease to be treated, the patient (age, viability, etc.) and / or the homeopath, as their treatment may be inappropriate, which is very important for successful treatment. So we can summarize that homeopathy It is restricted to patients who do not respond to medication because of their energy or vitality, for mechanical illnesses that require surgical treatment, and sometimes when allopathic treatment is maintained at the same time, such as the use of corticosteroids.

Under what conditions is it most effective?
In case of allergies, recurrent infections (rhinitis, otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, cystitis, conjunctivitis, etc.), pain (migraine, menstrual pain, sciatica, trauma, etc.), mental disorders և. Emotional (anxiety, depression թ stress), treatment of obesity, hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism և menopause, disorders of the digestive system (heartburn, ulcers, slow digestion, constipation և diarrhea), skin problems (diarrhea) abscess, psoriasis, eczema, etc.), helps regulate high blood pressure և improves blood circulation.

What can not be treated with homeopathy? In which diseases should it not be the main choice?
It: homeopathy not everything heals, you can not heal with them homeopathy mechanical diseases that require surgical treatment, such as intestinal obstruction, choking hernia, or disc herniation. It: homeopathy It should not be the main choice for patients who are addicted to drugs, coffee or alcohol, or have a genetic disorder (Down Syndrome, etc.). It: homeopathy provides little help in the later stages of diseases such as cancer, liver cirrhosis, juvenile diabetes, long-term insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, advanced Parkinson’s, neuromuscular diseases, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, neoplasia, spinal myocardial infarction Prolonged epilepsy, pulmonary emphysema, severe cardiovascular disorders, or mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Homeopathy is usually very effective in children, why?
As homeopathic remedies do not cause allergies or side effects, they are ideal for the treatment of children, especially for children with reduced immunity, who often have colds, coughs, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, colic, tonsillitis, otitis media. , sinusitis, measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, mumps, bronchitis, asthma, dental problems, etc. It: homeopathy It’s great for children’s behavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (DDA), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Jill de la Tourette Syndrome .
It: homeopathy In childhood, it is achieved through truly transcendental constitutional means of altering cell nutrition, balancing energies in the very early stages of life, promoting harmony, and positively altering the inherited isymatic load.

How can a substance have a healing effect in infinitesimal doses?
Homeopathic medicine increases the efficiency and speed of the healing reaction. This healing reaction belongs to the organism, it is this action that is actually responsible for all the treatments. The reaction is not against the drug, but against the drug. Homeopathic treatment can be summarized as follows: “Homeopathic dynamization is a vibration or resonance that neutralizes the disease by interacting with its own resonance. Due to this phenomenon of the interference of two vibrations of such wavelength, treatment is obtained.” .

“The use of the two drugs is fully compatible, which, as I said, is ultimately one drug that causes the least harm to the patient.”Dr. Mario MartinezSpecialist in integrative rehabilitation medicine«

What mistakes does the patient make most often when using homeopathy?
The most common mistakes when using homeopathy it is touching the balls with the fingers ոմ homeopathic remedies. Do not chew or swallow the medicine directly, it is preferable to dissolve it in the mouth sublingually. Always take the product out of food, at least one hour before or after eating or drinking, except for water. There are foods, substances that interfere with homeopathic remedies, such as menthol, eucalyptol, which are found in candies, chewing gum, toothpaste, massage oils, perfumes, etc. It is not advisable to brush your teeth with toothpaste three hours before or after taking the product. Avoid creams, perfumes or colognes, especially those containing camphor. Coffee, tea, cocoa, cola drinks ած derivatives also interfere, reduce ունենում have a zeroing effect on some homeopathic remedies. It is preferable to avoid them.

Homeopathy is often criticized because there are not enough studies to do so.
The reality shows that this is not the case, the fact that the number of patients was not right homeopathy He acted on the offer. This may work for an adult, but how do we explain it? homeopathy it works just like a baby and an animal. It is clear that the greatest proof of its effectiveness is its widespread use – how it has withstood the test of time. We know that after activating the remedy, diluting certain substances in water or alcohol, or a mixture of both, water becomes biologically active, giving amazing results that we have been able to test every day around the world.

Do you think there is an interest in discrediting the effectiveness of homeopathy?
not only homeopathyIn general, there is a strong campaign aimed at discrediting additional therapies, such as ozone therapy, acupuncture, etc., I say complementary, because as an integral part of the doctor, I do not give up on the best use of each drug, which is only one end. A country in the United States that is highly critical homeopathyThe North American Society of Homeopathic Medicine was founded primarily before alopecia (American Medical Association), which was created when allopathic physicians saw that homeopaths were “competing.”

What validation methods does homeopathy use to evaluate its effectiveness?
One of the most criticized things about this homeopathy It is the lack of scientific research that confirms this therapy, which in fact is not the case, the problem is that they want to show its effectiveness with the same double-blind trials that traditional medicine uses to show the effectiveness of its drugs. But: homeopathy does not use the same remedy for all patients with certain disorders. You can use 50 to 100 medicines for a hundred patients suffering from the same disease. This is because we treat the person, not the disease, as traditional medicine does.

Is homeopathy a medicine that should be used by doctors?
In my opinion, i homeopathy It should be done by a doctor, I say a doctor, but let us remember that it also has its application in dentistry and veterinary medicine, each in his own field, but with the knowledge of clinical diagnosis. It is convenient not to forget that homeopathy It is used not to treat diseases, but to treat patients; և may have sufficient knowledge of medicine to know how to distinguish which disease each patient presents, which we may or may not treat. homeopathy և thus succeed in treatment. In: Homeopathy it is better to know what kind of disease the patient has than what disease the patient has.

Is it possible to cure the disease by combining homeopathy with traditional medicine?
The use of the two drugs is fully compatible, which, as I said, is ultimately one drug that causes the least harm to the patient. It: homeopathy It is a branch of medical science, a concrete, well-defined form of treatment. As a therapeutic tool, it enriches the options that the doctor can offer to his patients.

What got you interested in this form of treatment?
My training as a doctor was related to the knowledge of traditional or allopathic medicine. In my medical practice, I have found that there are gaps where conventional therapy can not solve certain health problems, and sometimes this same therapy does more harm than good to the patient. It was then that I devoted myself to research homeopathy In different institutions in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. with: homeopathy Both acute and chronic diseases are treatable. Its effectiveness is verifiable, it has a wide range of emotional and mental activities, drugs are not toxic or addictive, they are easy to use, there is no risk of toxicity, as they have no chemical composition, only energy essence. relevant material. The homeopath has a wide range of therapeutic options, but he will not ignore his natural limits.

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