Dra. Cabbages treated with a superimposition of 72% in patients with anaplastic cancer

The specialist determines the range of diagnostic and treatment results.

Dra. Mar Caba Cabanillas, oncologist endocrinologist at the Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

An exclusive interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, by Dra. Mar Caba Cabanillas, endocrinologist oncologist at the Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas, reveals the impact of the investigations that have been done so far. anaplásico cancer.

In principle, endocrinologist oncology, information that is a type of cancer is the result of a thyroid cancer that has a lot of time, , giving the final result, the cancer anaplásico ”.

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The specialist indicates that between the last 5 and 10 years, more than one person has been detected with this type of cancer, and that he or she has been diagnosed with the detective test because the body is being researched aggressively.

This type of cancer mainly affects a adult patients major, pero, seg lon lo indicó Cabanillas, también han encontrado patients patients between 40 and 45 years with these tumors.

Initiation of investigations

One of the sucks that brand Dra. Mar Caba Cabanillas, fue conocer a a patient traveling from Italy searching ayuda porque su cancer anaplásico que ya había hecho metastasis, “in reality we do not want to offer treatment at the moment -2012, only pudimos tratarlo with chemotherapy that is authorized for the head and skin”.

Explain that at the moment the team of Anderson Cancer Center from the University of Texas, work and search the way of treatment and treatment of more patients with the condition with the objective of obtaining information that serves as a point to get the best results in the diagnostic and treatment.

Record that in 2013 you solicited your colleagues who sent a los patient con anaplásico cancer to your consultant, “I know from now on that no podcast hacerlo sola, entons in el el multidisciplinary group not only to see los patient with an attenuation between 5 and 7 days of one contact us ”.

“Ofrecerles una cita rápida, ayudó a aumentar y mejorar la atención. “Since the anaplica is not a single one, it has different types of cancer that affect the thyroid gland and are transformed into this type of cancer,” he said.

One of the aspects that we found out is that all are not treated properly, with different types of cancer, “because we try to see the mutations of the cancers in each of the canals. We say, we see a patient con anaplásico cancer with a paper on it. We try to find that it is not a type of cancer, but can not be treated as such los patient igual ”.

Aporte de las investigaciones

The specialist explicitly states that the clinical phase that accompanies patients around the world, takes into account the effects of the first few medications taken for the cancer anaplásico, “pero pasados ​​14 meses la mitad de los patient dejaron de responder al tratamiento y fallecieron ”.

If not retrospective, investigators will consider including immunotherapy, medications, and outcomes favored by los patient.

“When I take immunotherapy with other medications, a Braf inhibitor, a Med inhibitor, and the other that is immunotherapy, and with this combination we have that in 24 months a 72 per cent los patient are alive. “We are trying to change the treatment of only drugs and other drugs,” he said.

From the other studios you are conducting, stay informed by Dra. Cabanillas, having seen the tumor on their own, “how can we not eat sugar, but when a patient If the tumor is anaplastic, it is very large, and it is difficult for the patient to treat the patient before surgery and to continue the treatment of the surgery or radiation. Entonces estamos estudiando si esta cirugía beneficia a los patient”.

Aggregates when a point enters the tumor wall, the patient can not breathe, although there is a point in the treatment that detects the progression of the formations and the tumor accumulates new mutations.

“The drug does not function in new mutations, and it does not have any options for the patient, it does not anticipate that it will cure the tumor in the patient,” he said.

In terms of the metas and retos, Dra. Cabanas, indicating that only 40 per cent of los patient con anaplásico cancer Braf mutations have been reported to benefit patients being treated, but patients have mutations that are more complicated to treat.

“All the combined treatment dams and not all answered, as we are treating the mirror as there is a difference between los patient who respond well to immunotherapy and others no, través del tejido. This is a very public investigation, but it’s very difficult to work with los patient that there is no mutation in Braf ”, explicitly.

It’s very important to know that getting involved at the molecular level is very important, but this message is from Puerto Rico and Latin America. “It’s ultimately the main thing is to access the treatments, little by little, with the publications of professional and professional guides, tending to be the best, but making sure you have a problem with the most expensive parts.”

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