Dwayne Johnson, the actor who won the EU presidency, joined his 50 years

More than all the action, Dwayne Johnson Have any locksmith, footballer, psychologist or activist, and now, to the point of completing a decade of screws, a Pipsplay hack, in which 30 million people participate in the polls, it turns out that the actor is a favorite convert to president of United States.

Enter all the activities, Johnson has manifested earlier interest in the policy: “Considering a presidential car in the future as it is what the gentleman is trying to do.

And the public has hablado. “La roca” gets 46% of the votes cast, which eligible for the movie stars that most gourmets represent la Casa Blanca.

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Además of the inegable charisma of the actor, this avasalladora elecrón podría deberse to the statements in those that Johnson interpellating the former president of the EU, Donald Trump, continued his mandate: “Where are you? But we are all here.

Well, the idea of ​​seeing the actor in Casa Blanca is not easy to decapitate, but because we can record all the facets more like “La roca”.

Turbulent Juventus and start in lashas

Dwayne Johnson, football is the lifeblood of delinquency. Provided by a humble family, Johnson lived all his infancy in cases of heavy barbed wire. The 16-year-old was arrested on suspicion of plotting to assassinate a former professor of law (Jody Swit), who changed his role to an actor.

Johnson went to the abyss abstaining from being a WWE torchbearer, when he found himself saying “La roca” because he was originally a light bulb Rocky Maivia, in honor of his father and abuelo, that también fueron luchadores. The physical aspect and the determination to fight against the adversity of the nanny the image of the questionable man, as an embargo, is demonstrated that it is a human being to be strengthened in the arms, but also in the heart.

Labor altruista

The amable and comparable oil of the actor de “Fast & Furious” it is a coincidence, that it is a common denominator for people in different situations.

He also paid his respects to Oscar Rodríguez, a Navy veteran with a long history of social service. “La amabilidad me importa, así gracias amigo”, writes in the publication when Rodriguez is very comfortable.

They also invite you to the set of “Moana” movie with three other people: PJ, Cameron and Lucy, who form part of the Make a wish, fold the fold of the piece of paper that gives you a sigh of relief as you pound on your back.

“Al final del día es eso. It’s a great genius to watch movies like this, that all the world and, because it’s the type of cosas that is the best part “, said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL in 2019.

Además, is the creator of The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation organization that launches design programs to enrich the lives of children hospitalized by medical, nursing, and paramedics.

Among other promotions, in 2015, Johnson donated $ 500 million to GoFundMe to pay for the surgery of an abandoned boat. In 2017 I donated $ 25 million to my ayouda ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou ou $ mil 25 million dollars el in 2018 ó ó.. Har Har………………….

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Accept your weaknesses

The actor has no problem showing up as a human being able to feel temor or pain. Some of the interviewees in the news about his adolescence about having a severe depression due to his abandonment of football due to various variations.

“Llegué a un punto en el que no quería hacer nada, ni ir a ningún lado”, dijo. “It’s hard to say that, in depression, one of the most important things you know is that it is not solo. No eres el primero en pasar por eso ”, apuntó.

It also reveals the effect that sufferers see on their mother running an egg that losers from its case. From time to time you try to avoid what your mother-in-law wants to do as well, because she tries to kill her mother in the middle of a car, trying to get out of the car and into the car in a hurry to drive. Dwayne bajó para rescatarla en aquella ocasión.

In the last few years, the pandemic of the el Covid-19, one of the celebrities that has the ability to face the nursery.

“I can say that it is one of the most difficult and different things that we all tend to share as family and for myself, personally, tambien”, said in a video that was publicly shared on my Instagram account.

Educated by women

In 2006, Lauren Hashian, a 12-year-old man in Hawaii, was born and raised in the area.

Up to 10 years ago Dany García, a product with which it can be welded in half by Simone, 20 years old. Además él’s always stated that, as far as being educated by the teacher: su madre u su abuela, acquiring an integration of the value of the woman in her life.

“My mother-in-law, my mother-in-law, Dany García’s prime minister, who now is my commercial society from a very fast pace; In the current episode, Lauren, my three-dimensional, influential continent and diarrheal ensendome. “If you’re tired and tired, you’re waiting for it as a hobby to send it to you,” he said in a chapter of his NBC series. “Young rock”.

Deportista, sicólogo y bailarín

Designed to play American football in a professional manner, it has invoked a variety of universities. In 1995 he gradually became a psychologist, but before he left his team he suffered from multiple lesions, which provoked the first depression, as an embargo, due to the physical entertaining which he deliberately deviated from and lived through.

Pidió a su padre, the Canadian luchador Rocky Johnson, that you enter to follow in the negotiation of the family and in principle by the pope not the query, the conviction of the young term by convenience. In principle, the public does not only have a degree of experience but also abduction with the phrase “Rocky sucks” (Rocky apesta), which levates itself on a ring volley before giving a discourse with the one who “La roca”.

“Rocky apesta ”s all over the place. Puedo ser muchas cosas, pero apestar is not one of the ellas ”, express against the miles of assistants in the pile in the one that regresses to gain and consolidate.

Although not the only physical activity in the world that Dwayne deserves to fall into, the social media has shown its coordination and enthusiasm, as well as the ability to applaud your fans.

“The deportations are important to me, because they have a vital pulp in my screws. Me sacaron de la calle cuando me estaba metiendo en problemas e era arrested ”, accepted in an interview.

A genius pope

The family is essential to Johnson’s life, which includes projects that prioritize family unity as a value.

“The family is a value, it is an anchor with all that can be related and it is an experience that all the quieren: all can have a family in donde not se llevan tan bien. Y está bien. No toda la familia se lleva bien. Pero cuando hay algo m grands grande de lo que necesitamos lograr, es mejor estar juntos ”, afirmó en interviewvista con est diario.

“I see an expansion in large films, very commercial, actually large and with great themes and visual elements, but for the most part human beings are always very important, corazón”, added.

It’s quick to tell the story of how it was divided into small pieces and made up in person when it was first born in 1997, Simone Alexandra, who constantly demonstrates his caricature.

“Y ue luso tus bebés se gradúan. This is my first shadow to be graduated from the prep. “I love you and I also like the alarm of my besties brazos y besos”, write in social media.

Measures for Jasmine and Tia, all of them and four of them, are converted into an adventurous computer that is shared with your followers on Instagram. In an ocation, count on your favorite game, in which the hackers run their mages away from the stove and ponen ingredients in a bowl.

“Buscan harina y agua y las puedo oír decir, ‘¿dónde está el aceite?’. Yé lo que viene … “Les digo,` está bien, no voy a mirar ‘, y ¡boom! Tiran la mezcla sobre mi cabeza “, narró.

“Mis pequeños tornados” suele llamar a las dos niñas, which in the ultimate San Valentina describes the actor of “El rey escorpión” as “Generoso, juega conmigo as a ‘roca'”, “me da platanos congelados” and “Amigo” .


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