Dysfunctional symptoms of post-traumatic stress, how are they identical?

The mental health condition index of the most recent causes of pandemic.

Joalex Antongiorgi, psychiatrist and child specialist at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Review. Photo: Summitrada by Dr. Antongiorgi a la Revista de Medicina y Salud Pública.

Frequently listen to the term post-traumatic stress (TEPT) is intended to refer to veterans of the war, as well as to persons who have been presumed to have experienced the type of aggression, accident, catastrophe and other serious crimes.

All of these types of circuits can have a psychiatric condition capable of generating dysfunction in the normal behavior of the person, affecting, calming, the calorific value of their interpersonal relationships and, by the way, their calorific value.

In a conversation that consisted of the Journal of Medicine and Salud P conblica with el Dr. Joalex Antongiorgi, who is a psychiatrist at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Reviewthe expert explained the main synonyms of post-traumatic stress.

“In the first place, these are the only people presenting intrusive thoughts that are very recurring. In addition to adopting an avoidance behavior, it is important to avoid the topic and avoid the news as long as you respect it. “The hyperreactive hagia tornan algunos are stimulated by their environment and are affected by the enimo stage”.

Even if you look at the medical literature, you only have to take care of the back of the three posterior parts of the traumatic event, even if you can take part in the apparatus inclusively. Now, it is important to note that the presence of alguns of these symptoms is not synonymous with being disturbed, since it is diagnosed in people whose prevalence is clinically alcanza or above four semantics, and their manifestations interfere with different aspects of their life. the personal and laboratory relations.

“Even though it is a combination of stable factors, we need to make an analysis of what it is. post-traumatic stress, pero no todo el mundo lo va a desarrollar ”, recalcó. “For example, the incidence of veteran population compared to the general population of Puerto Rico, we see a higher prevalence among veterans because of the height of the high-altitude stimulus that is being studied.”

Without embargo, this is not to say that all persons who have been directly or indirectly affected by the traumatic events of their release post-traumatic stressand the presence of one of the antecedent short-sighted words is meant to determine which person is the child.

“Quizs can be about reactive people who are always on their toes, but it does not matter that they are TEPT. “I have a dysfunction, and I have an effect on all four categories that I think about to make a diagnosis”, aclaró.

Post-traumatic stress in pediatric population, how do you manifest in people?

Children who are extremely vulnerable to paternity are the type of condition, and most often at the time of the events that took place in Puerto Rico, not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the climatic and environmental conditions that, in particular, interfere en su desarrollo normal.

“When we take our clothes in normal creation, the school is an important factor, not only because they are academically formed, but because of the social relations that all form, the sharing with other people and why they want to be in conflict” .

Podemos tomar as a reference, for example, the passage of huracán María por isla in 2017 and the impact that acts as a consequence in puerto rican; of the study, the studios suggest that the path is a natural descent, between 8% and 10% of infants establishing experiments associated with transversal post-traumatic stress.

“Ellos todavía no tienen la madurez para poder manejar las cosas, aunque sí hemos visto que son más resilientes”, añadió.

Additionally, it means that a person, including children and adolescents, with TEPT let go of symptoms associated with depression, such as self-loathing, frustration, and a predisposition to recover actions taken by a high-minded person who specializes in .

“Depressive symptoms do not come in handy, but sadly the condition is a psychiatric condition. That is, we do not want to say that we do not treat sadness or that we do not care about our sadness; we must validate the basic emotions and inflict pain on the patient, recognizing that being anemic does not take place in a frame of major depression.

The difference between adults, depressive symptoms in children and adolescents is manifested by irritability, notorious changes in grades, alterations in grades, social isolation, patterns of dysfunction, intercourse.

Return to normalcy: the return for patients with TEPT

The presence of ocheridote thyroid gland in a primary school in Uvalde, Texas, the expert said, is important to find that there is a high level of social stigma attached to those who are diagnosed with severe mental health condition, who can responding to and relating to acts of violence and aggression similar to any event occurring in the United States.

“These behaviors are not secondary to pathologies and, therefore, the majority of our patients are not aggressive and not a single one for society. “On the contrary, all that is being sucked into our problems that our patients have not seen,” he said. “Odio is not a psychiatric condition.”

However, as a reference, the specialist refrains from focusing on the process of reintegration of the minor who controls the present during the succession of the coil screw, to ensure that many of the TEPT screws are removed.

“The first thing we need to do is to integrate normalcy into the normal one; mientras m tis tiempo ellos pasen fuera de la escuela fuera de su rutina, más se van a affectar porque van a pasar m tis tiempo recordando lo que pasó ”, mencionó. “The other thing is that we must avoid the hacker who recovers what he is sucking, but we are just starting to escape the moment.”

Ciertamente, ante situaciones com esta, se deben buscar strategias de education, no solo para los menore o padres, sino para maestros y personal que pueda verse involucrado.

“We have to take care of our associated associations and dysfunction before they are pending, and in order to identify ourselves, we have to focus on the way the template works,” he concluded.

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