É What is happening in China about covid-19? Here are the key points

(CNN Español) – China finds itself in a turbulent situation owing to covid-19, informed that it does not fall into these contagions and that it extends completely to one of its most important cities: Beijing and Shanghai, the engines that make a big boost part of the economy of the country .

For one thing, Shanghai is the center of the latest ship, with more than 10,000 new diary cases. To determine infertility, authorities respond to each of these seminars with a definite effect on all cities, including icebergs or veterinarians and all 25 million residents. The media are so strict that they cause indignation and protest from the citizens.

At the same time, the Beijing authorities are pushing in massive masses, moving schools and imposing selectively in the original residential alguns intentionally to curb infertility. These actions are increasing the temples that float like a finite amplitude similar to Shanghai.

Some cities have adopted the “cero covid” strategy, which China has used all over the pandemic to curb chaos, as it has been used in two different variants and high contagious capacity.

Asen suenan cacerolazos in Shanghai against the strict confinement 1:03

China is applying total or partial confinement to more than 27 cities across the country, and the restrictions affect up to 165 million people, according to CNN.

This is what I know about the situation of covid-19 in China.

Á What is the current status of the company in China?

The cases in China will start later this year, and will soon be confirmed by the fact that it has been part of Wuhan’s initials since the 2020 principles.

On March 11, the authorities of Jilin Province pushed the capital, Changchun, to a strictly clear extent, and the city of Jilin was closed until March 21.

These are more than one quarter of the land, the authorities of the places where they have a combined population of more than 13.5 million inhabitants, who seem to be gradually graduating, but not completely process or conditions in which conditions are allowed for persons to leave their homes.

The authorities are bounded by a variety of other cities, including the main economic center of Shenzhen, in the margins, with a bunch of media being leveled off from the entons.

Shanghai, more than 500,000 cases in less than a month

Shanghai closes offices in air-conditioning sites for covid-19 containers 0:42

Shanghai has more than a million cases registered since March 1. More adeptly if not at all, the city introduces an escalating confinement; without embargo, the panorama of emperor imperfections and cierre fue total to March finals.

Algunos vecindarios pueden comenzar a alivar las medinja de confinamiento si na han informa casos en las tltimas dos semanas, dijeron el miércoles las authoria de Shanghái, pero, si se detehen un solo caso loca, se applique nuevo cierre.

Chaos and dysfunction in Shanghai

Video about the confinement in Shanghai that Gobierno chino prohíbe ver 4:08

Gran part of Shanghai’s confinement is characterized by chaos and dysfunction, which raises alarms in other cities that tend to be close.

Residents often have access to food escalators, access to medical services, poor conditioning in improvised current camps, and extremely strict means, such as having separate authorities and their own infected people.

Causes in the city are reflected in situations such as the following:

  • In March, a service firefighter in Shanghai denied that he had recovered from an emergency room in a hospital building set up for disinfection.
  • On the principles of April, a tracer from the mattress to the socks and a corset despised that due to the positive direction of the body. The muerte fue capturada por una cámara.
  • Según informes, the semana pasada, trabajadores derribaron the door of the case of a woman of 92 years in the first hours of the car for obligatory to ponerse in cuarentena.

Shanghai’s desperation and inertial dummy situation is replicated in other places:

  • In March, students from a cradle university in Jilin’s city began to wonder if the Habibians were only interested in basic sciences.
  • In March, many Changchun residents reported that they only had failures to obtain medical attention for patients with no contact with covid-19, such as cancer or renal affective disorders, and hospitals were recovering patients.

What is the situation in Beijing?

Panic purchases in Beijing on the basis of positive possibilities 0:54

In Beijing, a 20-million-square-foot campus of mass cannabis accounts for up to 90% of the city’s population. Se plana otra ronda de pruebas en toda la ciudad del 27 al 30 de april.

Selective occupants of this area in Beijing’s Chaoyang district prohibit residents of 13 units from selling their apartments or residents from other units 33 units from their residential complexes.

The capital of China, which encompasses schools in many of the most populous districts, is young. Various important hospitals have announced that they have been operated on, and that they have been ordered by a number of entertaining places, including cinemas.

Ó Where else are you currently found?

The total area or district are mostly located in more than a dozen cities, including Hangzhou, with a population of 12.2 million; Suzhou, home of 12.7 million, and Harbin, where resident 9.5 million.

These are the 14th provinces of Abarcan, from the remote south-eastern province of Heilongjiang to the south of Guangxi and the mountainous western province of Qinghai.

In general, the restrictions affected up to 165 million people, according to CNN figures.

The economic side

The constraints and constraints mean a tight end to activity, especially in economically important cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The sample is set to a maximum of 21 months in March. Many companies are obliged to suspend and suspend their operations in various places, including the automakers Volkswagen and Tesla, and Pegatron, the iPhone assembly. The Chinese currency, the yuan, is rapidly depreciating this week, reaching its highest level since November 2020.

Preoccupation of conductors in China

Hay señales de que los èder’s Chinese también están nervuzos. In March, President Xi Jinping said China should “minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development.” On Tuesday, the mandate was given a “total” infrastructure package to promote creativity, albeit insatiable for Chinese leaders, who rarely build economically detailed planes, and generally deja vu in the hands of Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

El Gobierno chino is “largely conscious of the state of the economy”, says Jörg Wuttke, president of the Trade Union Chamber of the European Union in China, and its principles. Cite a private reunion with a Chinese ministry, but deny the number of dependencies.

“Eston preoccupied per el demempleo”, agregó. “The preoccupations that foreign companies pongan dinero in other part”.

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