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POLICYA Y manifestants durante las protestas contra El Gobierno de Guillermo Lasso este lunes en quito, ecuador.
POLICYA Y manifestants durante las protestas contra El Gobierno de Guillermo Lasso este lunes en quito, ecuador.JOHANNA ALARCON (REUTERS)

The tension escalated in the calyxes and carcasses of Quito deprived of the sound of indigenous movement protests due to the increase in life and body of the Gobierno aids. Children between police, with tear gas and toilets [porras], and its manifestations, with folds and pedestals, that hajídan dejado heridos in the first convulsion seminar in Ecuador. Pero is martes the violence has intoxicated all the conflict. “Ecuadorian democracy is in serious jeopardy,” said Defense Minister Luis Lara, a spokesman for the government, which said Gobierno had declared a state of exclusion in the provinces affected by the parishes and the blockade.

The police are capitalized on by the team with antimotive protection and other harmful agents. Periodicals relapse with insults, and even blocking the caricatures exhibits a passing fee for selling or flipping through. The conditions of these cities are moving around and are manifesting themselves by the colors of the equatorial capital with the cube and improvised skewers. Hay un muerto y decenas de heridos de ambos bandos. Fiscalía has conducted an investigation by present delinquent odio against indigenous people in an episode with dispersal in the madrasa of the moon.

Disarmament of the protests by haberdashery turned into a “concert action of exalted persons imposing the circulation of the equatorial majority”, and criticizing the actions of violent groups that were objectively created to create panic, aggression, or aggression. the institutions or the authorities ”. The pronunciation of the title of Defense is Tuesday of the antecedent and a day later in which the indigenous leader Leonidas Iza, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) and the rostrum of protests, offers a peaceful response from the president Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso.

“Nosotros, the indigenous moving of Ecuador, all decanters mounted in the well and in resistance, like a stream of the Ecuadorians”, launched Iza in the madrasa of the moon in an inverted apparatus from Quito. Había anunciado que marcaría desde las afouras de la capital hasta el centro juntos a los suyos, pero no lo hizo. “We are far from agreeing on the strategy as a nuclear power plant,” he responded to Gobierno’s messages, which are rising in Conaie because of the climate of conflict that has kept some of them protesting. Finally, the sample is “agoted all the proceedings through the politician” for sentencing and dialogue.

The mandate of the Latin American country has launched a list of up to 10 accelerator proposals that target the moon in a diffusely comprehensive map that corresponds to indigenous motion petitions. Solo entonces, with the detailed document in hand, Iza se hizo eco of the offers and prometió studies antes to confirm or descent to be sent to negotiate with Gobierno.

The main interlocutor of the demonstrators, who did not peddle the legitimate protest with violent acts, even to the State in order to save the economic care that has taken over most of the rural areas of Ecuador. Last but not least, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities was launched in protest by its socialist population in October 2019, when it was announced by Quito that the country had been paralyzed for 20 days and only in the media. Units and the Catholic Church, led by President Lenin Moreno, will make a decisive decision to eliminate static oil in the consumer. This is the case, the invitation to negotiate with the UN and the European Union, but Conaie has not been sent to the media.

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Between the 10 petitions of the indigenous demonstrators, the precise condensation of the gasoline-using and transport gasolines, which differs from the international petroleum co-production, will take place. Pero también pretends that the private benches and the public banana perdonen and extending the place of the pay of deudas to four million equatorians. Gobierno applies its planes to increase the extractive mine front and that the State pays as it should to the Social Security system. As well as implementing policies and public inversion to curb laboratory precision, correct generalized medical malpractice in public hospitals and establish precise control against speculation of abusive and malignant conditions.

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