Ecuador selection selected indefinitely by Byron Castillo

There are times when you have to surge scandalized in the eliminators of Conmebolthe game that se dio a conocer que el footbalista Byron Castillo habría bounded by indefinable form with Ecuadorya que substantially Colombian nationalitywhich leads to implication sanctioning the equatorial y arrebatarles la posibilidad de asistir al Qatar World Cup 2022.

Selection of Chile search for places in Qatar 2022

Pues bien, ante tal panorama, la Chilean Football Federation (ANFP), affirm that que ya is copying unnecessary documents para alegar una possible “irregular alignment” of the defender Byron Castillowith the fin of that La Roja can be summed (in the middle) the points that go to Ecuador y entonces sí ganarse su lugar en la próxima Qatar World Cup 2022.

“We are reproducing all the precedents of official and formal ways. Having the space for an advertisement, assuming the version is available, we want to advertise the points“, aseguró Gianfranco Dazzarolaguarantees of ANFP Communications and Accounts for EFE agency.

Ecuador selection lo niega

Carlos Manzurvice-president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, has passed away because of rumors that he was exiled the nationality of Byron Castilloarguing that all is in order and alleging that the speculations were exiled because of a problem between representatives.

“The South Byron Castillo has any part of the national selection variations from the 15 year old and has participated in various national selection tournaments. If you do not have a problem within the company, click on the inconsistencies in the Civil Registrywhich corrects with the actions of the constitutional rank which leads to the consent of the south and which accumulates execution. There are no investigative processes in the course. Para nosotros es tema cerrado”, Dijo para la Tercera de Chile.

The equatorial directive accepts that at the moment it is a vinculaba a Byron Castillo with which tuviera Colombian originthe situation being insisted on in the tribunals.

Sí. Apply to validate one copy of a register in Colombia. All of this is reviewed in two processes and in a variety of instances and terms with it judicial order to correct the errors that exist and ratify equatorial nationality. The selection of majors is superb as it is arranged correctly to be incorporated south into the plant. Insisto: el jugador has participated in a variety of international tournaments from formats, as nationally selected “, added.

Carlos Manzur seóaló que si Chile you want to advertise against the authoritative authorities for one supuesta indefinite alineation of Ecuadorare in your right, aunque affirm that by itself you have the tranquil consistency.

“People who assist the patient’s degree are an inian or have no actions. These correspond to the elos. Nosotros tenemos los hechos y el derecho claros.

“From my point of view, the theme is clear. If you want to do the opposite it tends to analyze the actions to follow and decide on the start. “The rest is rumored to have taken control of football and our activities,” he said.

The statue of Byron Castillo with Colombia

Updated by DirecTV Ecuador periodical, Diego Arcosthe controversy over the nationality of Byron Castillo part porque tenía un hermano de nombre Bayron Castillo who was born in Colombia, but who is bankrupt.

Til tiene un hermano, que está fallecido y se llamaba Bayron Javierand Byron, es Byron David, yo fui a ver al lugar, a General Villamil y en la mequina saqué el partuit de bautismo y sale que’s guayaquil, you can test that the equatorial era, pero el hermano sí nació in Colombia”, Indicó.

Eliminatorias Conmebol | Position table

Following the disputes between Brazil and Argentina, the position table of the South African Qualifiers eliminated in the 2022 World Cup Qatar:

  1. Brazil – 45 points
  2. Argentina – 39 points

  3. Uruguay – 28 points

  4. Ecuador – 26 points

  5. Peru – 24 points

  6. Colombia – 23 points

  7. Chile – 19 points

  8. Paraguay – 16 points

  9. Bolivia – 15 points

  10. Venezuela – 10 points

World Cup 2022 rankings by South America

For the sake of Conmebol, the first four of the table are generally assured to be played in the next World Cup, so that the quintet can search for a ticket in the replay. This is what they say from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuadormientras que Perú metió a la reclasificación.


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