EE UU reduces pressure on López Obrador by armature, narco and periodic protection

The Mexican mandate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, running a princess race at the Palacio Nacional
The Mexican mandate Andrés Manuel López Obrador, running a princess race at the Palacio NacionalEFE / Presidency of Mexico

According to Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s fundraiser, the controversy in the United States, the inauguration is a miracle in Los Angeles. But one of the most radical Republican senators, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, is plotting against Mexican presidents to criticize the veto of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in the wake of the provocative post by Lopez Obrador. that which dislodges además conjunctions of connivence with organized crime. At the same time, from the Democratic flank, 15 congressmen from the party of President Joe Biden send a card to the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, giving more pressure to the Mexican Goberner than the protectionist party of the period.

López Obrador’s response has been passed either against Cruz and Rubio, exigendoles prouebas on the present relation to the organized crime, a recurring accusations in the constant force of Mexican politics, and seeking to support the party financially . “The fact that there is evidence of what is being done or what is being tried is that it’s -referred to Cruz- the other dinosaur which is in favor of the manufacture of weapons in the EU”. In particular, the Mexican president said that as a result, the National Rifle Association had agreed to pay $ 120,000 to the Texas senator for his campaign in favor of arms, a debate that led to the ultimate defeat of the elite. schools, hospitals and supermarkets.

Elegant assassination by López Obrador to counter the critics of the Republicans having a national policy reading before the president. Mexico reluctantly agreed to the arms traffic during the last years. Además’s insistence of Cancillería in each of the bilateral reunions, or the topic of thought by part of López Obrador in his discourse at the UN, the Gobierno demand as a result of which passed 11 companies with easy access to each other.

The prophecy of Canciller Marcelo Ebrard, present at the Los Angeles Cathedral, has been added to the passages of Cruz and Marco. “Always on the sidelines,” Ebrard said of the conservative senators, representing the far extreme of the Republican Party and the nitrogen that lasted the last months of Biden. Durante’s first reunion of foreign ministers in Los Angeles, the Mexican councilor qualified as “strategic error” the exclusion of all three prime ministers in a single stagnant state since December 1994 in Miami. Rubio’s respondent, a senator from Florida, has been sent a message on social media. ” marxista in Cuba ”.

Republican congressmen Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.
Republican congressmen Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.Agencies

I have not been able to respond to the democratic legislators, who recognize in their map the numbers of 145 assassinated periodicals since 2000. They hope to go directly to the activity of Lopez Obrador, who “has been active frequently in ruedas de prinsa diarias ”. Democrats manifested their preoccupation with the funding period of the Periodic Protection Mechanism along with the latest presuppositions. “Corruption is generalized in all levels of government, combined with an inadequate justice system that leads to total impasse,” he said with a sigh of relief.

Democrats have recovered a recent European Parliament resolution calling for more protection for Mexican periodicals and human rights defenders. The respondents of the Mexican Gobierno fired a communiqué in which the European MEPs summed up the “as a debtor” and the “reactionary” and “naked” strategies that were against Gobierno’s project, the Quarter Transform.

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