Eiza González flying over rubia and posing like a goddess in the cover of the magazine, with these colors

Definitely, he is the son of Mexican actress talent Eiza Gonzálezwhich has recently triumphed to a world level with its new cell Ambulanceal lado de Jake Gyllenhaal y Yahya Abdul, y es que, además de su gran êxito en pantalbi también he enamorado con su belleza. Prueba de ello is the most recent publication in which he corresponds to follow rubia y posar as diosa en portada de magazine.

Luego de su breve cambio de look a rubia a paso por la alfombra roja en el streno de Ambulance in London, during the promotion period in different countries, Eiza González of new color decolor by full hair for a photo session for the magazine V-Magazine y se ve ¡fabulosa!

The work of Instagramthe magazine published photos of the various photos of Eiza González appearing on its pages in its most recent edition, creating an image of freshness, glamor and rebellion, which it exudes.

The tampering with the exit exits like Baby Driver y I Care a Lota sophisticated Prada bodyguard, which incorporates a black top and straight black conjugate, which is fitted with a pair of curved lenses and a cigarette in hand, which contrasts with its brilliant platinum chain cable with wet style.

Out of the pictures, it was very elegant with a pair of shorts and blue metallic chambers, which were joined by a growing number of terracotta deer bats, which were joined with joy. Bvlgari.

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In other pictures, light a box of top and bottom cut out, as well as a mono de licra blanco printed by Christian Dior. Asymmetry, in other photos of a pool of mezcilla with pleated pleats of the Miu Miu brand, with the coquettish dressing with a palette in the bottle.

And it is hoped that the news has been tested on the exchange rate of rubio in London, which generates a great deal of controversy over the fact that it is being said that it’s being improvised in any way, that the decolorado does not fall anyway, it is loved, but recibió un sinfín de elogios.

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“La chica más cool”, “Wow, ella is the most iconic fashion icon in the world”, “Ufff, perfect demasiado”, “¡Me encanta”, this photo is incremental “,” Se me fue el aire “, “Ella es lo de hoy”, “Ella es tan hermosa”, fueron algunos of the comments that dedicaron.

Eiza González abrió su corazón y ahondó acerca de su exitosa, carrera artística, pero también de todo el esfuerzo que ha imprint para lograr estar donde esti, siendo une las Mexican artist mes sobresalientientes el el extranjero.

“Sabes, he [tenido] many videos: either an infantile star, either a pop star, or a telenovela actress, or a Nickelodeon girl, or the transition to stage-by-stage marketing. Actually nunca has me gustado defined as a specific cosa, especially because [mi carrera] “the principles of the decade of 2000 in a country that you ride in a specific case lasted a lot of time”, he explained.

Asimismo, Eiza González reaffirm your intention to reach out to other creative people and position them potentially in the industry, as well as how they came to be interviewed by others, even though they are still very different when it comes to stereotypes and the only artists who exist .

“It’s very uplifting for other women who are having an active spare in my negotiation. With this movie there is a place where my platform is a little bigger and quirky because you can use it as much as you can with the talented directors, photographers, actresses and actresses who are alone in our country.

“I do not want to wait for it, I want to go to the front but I do not want to go into space because I do not know why. With the little one that tengo, it has all the position for hacerlo ”, puntualizó.

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