Eiza González surprised with radical exchange rate to start summer | picture

La guapa Eiza González cautivó a sus millions of fans with one radical exchange rate look with the one who wants to make the list to start the verano which, by the way, is the axis of the spine. When the new station state is always the perfect pretext to follow the current trends and follow the actress, the perfect option is one short hair with the quality giving an image more renovated and perfect on the back.

Cabe recordar que Eiza González sabe mejor que nadie que un look change for example, when it comes down to it, all of it has been totally affected by all the styles that are now a new trend that is falling into fashion in the last six months, but it can only be done before verano. See treatments flequillosmismos that are fantastic to light with all type of cable and cortex.

Even though the fleas are flying to Dua Lipa and Danna Paola, but recording the famous algunas, now it’s the act of “Ambulance: Houida Plan” which has a tendency to go where flequillo that hay that glaze is temporal and as it is the largest form of lvvarlo, pues al igual as qualualie otro corte, necesita ciertas regula para stylizarlo of correct form, sobre todo despujes de acostumbrarnos a ver rostro en el que la melena se llevia y con una raya en medio.

Eiza González llevaba la melena with fleece curtain and now renovated in style. (Photo: Archive)

Flequillo degrafilado y melena XL; así se debe llevar el cabello este verano

De acuerdo con el new look by Eiza González, the perfect combination for this summer is one flequillo degrafilado with a melena XL and try it out it’s the latest Instagram story in which the camera can sing one of the best styles to cause this tempo sensation.

As advertised, the black XL stare tends to be close to the middle and one of the largest shapes for the lizards is totally flat, but the difference being that the wonder is seen in the Hollywood actress, the perfect and elegant laces are just like the last one, pues para ir con las vibras veraniegaslas ondas marcadas y desenfadadas The best option, however, is not only to consider, but that it is intercepted and with the freezer tended to be very popular, but that can be added to the cable.

Assassin Eiza González with her new short. (Photo: IG @eizagonzalez)

Por otro lado, el flequillo degrafilado que la mexicana escogió hand on one of the favorites of the famous and that creates the perfect balance with the rest of the look, which is characterized by recording the length of the hair to have a straight aspect. Asymmetry, should be loosened freely due to the flow of cells, especially in the lateral machines, which ayuda a dar volumen y movimiento.

Most of this tendency is impulsive Eiza González is that it does not require much maintenance, but it does take up a lot of space to get a wedge between you and the middle or the middle. It is also important to note that it is a type of wire that falls into all types of rods of any type.

Eiza González and her cambia de looks

This year Eiza González I was surprised by more than one exchange rate, no silo al llevar flequillo, sino también al drop off (temporarily) of your cast to light a platinum rubio with the fact that he’s enslaved the world athena, or that he dio at a moment’s notice in the one that he is trying to gain control over the ultimate film junta of Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

The first of these cambiums is precisely the tone, with the apostrophe by a platinum melena rubbing off the polemic by the critics and not giving a uniform tone of inclination to a little work of the stylists. A pesar de ello, Eiza lo lució con much orgullo and with the best style, as long as you follow the desired tone. For the most part, for the fans of the actress, to be convinced of the perfect apostle.

As an embargo, the emotion of giving birth to a red melancholy can be felt in the mouth repair with a cast iron box que ha mantenido hasta hoy y que también es perfect for light in summer.

The actress conceded the red with this look. (Photo: IG @eizagonzalez)
Eiza González and los pocos días de lucir su melena rubia. (Photo: IG @eizagonzalez)


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