El Gobierno no teme por el suministro de gas

Apenas one hour after the president of Gobierno assured Congress that his relations with Algeria had not been established by a five-way exchange rate from Spain to the Sahara, while the North African had announced that it had been suspended. in the year 2002.

The “unjustifiable” position of the Spanish government on the western Sahara, the communiqué of the presidency of the Republic of Algeria.

Al Ejecutivo de Pedro Sánchez la decisón le pilló por sorpresa y, tras lamentar la noticia, en un primer analisis consideration que lasècunencias que pueda tener la decisón del Gobierno argelino no serán graves.

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Francisco Reynés president of Naturgy

Anoche, the Professional Association of Bankers and Established Financiers (ABEF) of Algeria, has ordered the settlement, in part, of the bank-affiliated banking services related to the external trading operations of products and services. .

Gobierno because of the fact that Spain’s gas minesweeper depends on the size of the abasement, not the corrugated iron, and that Gobierno algerine completes the contracts.

The prophecy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, abounds in this idea: It is guaranteed to reach the maximum level and not to indicate that you are going the other way “, assured in a comparison.

Algeria congeles all foreign trade operations with Spain

The communiqué of the presidency justifiably stated that “the Spanish authorities have initiated a campaign to justify the position taken over the Western Sahara, a violation of its legal, moral and political obligations as such. Reino de España ”.

The note of the bullet-riddled algebra accuses Al Ejecutivo of being handed over to the plenary “the illegal and illegal formula of internal autonomy propagated by the occupying power – a reference to the Moroccan region -” and to work “for the use of a colonial media use of false arguments ”.

Gobierno rehaza’s accusation that the UN decisions are vulnerable

Al Gobierno Español does not intend to take the algebraic decision and treat it as if it reaffirms that it “compromises with the content of the Treaty and the principles that inform it, reflected in its preamble” and in particular its “strict adhesion” principles of the UN Charter of the principles of the Derecho International as fundamental elements for the attainment of peace, security and justice in the international society, in particular the principles of the sovereign power of the States, of no engineering in the ascending internos and in respect of the inalienable right of the people to dispose of mismos ”. On the other hand, because of diplomatic diplomacy, it reiterates the accusations that Spain has a “illegal and illegal” position. Gobierno’s Spanish note reads that “consider Argentina a special and friendly country”.

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The president of Gobierno, Pedro Sánchez, and the president of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, expressed “his full availability for ensuring that the special cooperation relations between the countries are completed and completed, to the benefit of the people”.

Malestar argelino is not new, or in March, commanded, to move the Spanish position exchange over the Sahara, Algeria return to its ambassador to Spain and consider a trajectory of the girder in the position of Gobierno españl’s statements by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, who affirmed that Spain had informed Algeria of its exchange rate.

The PP solicits that Albanians compare and advise Sanchez that cynicism does not work internationally

However, there have been reports of gas smuggling, although there have been a number of episodes that have strained relations, such as Argel’s suspicions that Spain sells algerine gas to Morocco.

Concerned about the algebraic decision, the PP registered a comparative solicitation of Minister Albares in Congress, claiming the “auspiciousness of an external foreign policy with the state”. The respondent of popular expatriates, Esteban González Pons, subtitled that Algeria’s statement “is the fruit of individualistic, trampling and erratic politics by the Sánchez with the Maghreb” and censored President Gobierno for saying that international cynicism ”

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