‘El hoyo en la cerca’, a film that analyzes the education of the elites

“With this work we learn about human beings without entering into it,” he said Joaquín del Paso (Ciudad de México, 1986). Director de Machinaria panamericana y El hoyo en la cercaextruded recycled film, admit that in your work it has a social dimension of natural way of life.

In his new work, Paso has his focus on the children and adolescents of privileged youth. Left to a religious camp while experimenting with adoctrinamiento encaminado a la exclusivity y el classicism.

¿El hoyo en la cerca is it a movie that’s not a personal experience?

A portion of the film originates in one of my dentures of a pure ombre religious school. Atestigüé a system distinct to that which establishes acostumbrado, a more infocused education in the formation of men and leaders. To search and analyze the social structure I was asked about the era of the education of the elites. As I imagine the history of a Moldovan camp on ideology.

¿What about the importation of religion in the film?

Religion is present in the schools of the Mexican elites, it is treated as a symbol of power and does not have a spiritual bond. Function like a hermit crab for more than one. For me, as for other men and teenagers, it is also oppressive.

The trajectory reviews the cements for a type of classification and racism.

Yes, hermetic education is where the other detracts from the circle, only generating a fundamentalist vision of the world.

Ó How delinquent are the persons and in particular the student taken before the terminus having an ambiguous critique, as suggested by New orderby Michel Franco?

Racism is one of those topics that most of us do not like. It is not necessary to create a person who is introducing himself into the circle but it is circular because it is real. In terms of the color difference of the peel and the class of time important mantener a la pelucula no in an apologetic point, sino in a plan that actually analyzes the theme of cerebral manner before no caer in juicios of valor. You only need to create a human history, corresponding to the spectator hacking its proprietary value. The director holds the position in the most neutral position.

Is neutrality possible?

It is different and requires autoanalysis. Teenagers and young actors give me a perspective on the theme.

¿What type of authentication can be used by non-professional actors?

Durante seis meses hice un casting en religious schools. After training the masses in the creation of a group that makes improvised powder collectively. Each space has space for the construction of a collective narrative and it is easy to relate and book. Durante el rojeje Busqué that the actors do not feel limited by the position of the camera, inflated to create an ad hoc environment with the story.

Although the film recovers from the atmosphere of Cronenberg or Lynch…

Cronenberg, with much interest, decided that the tones of terror coming from the corporate back. Intent evadir imengen fuertes para que el spectator las construya. For lazy atmospheres like David Lynch.

Racism and classicism are all denounced inside the Mexican cinema. Ev How do you avoid taking a movie at a time?

An author or author can read any topic, but it is very important to analyze the form in which the ideas are transmitted. We need to build a vision of the greatest of our stories and of the people involved.

Tanto Machinaria panamericana como El hoyo en la cerca, abordan social questions. ¿Nacieron to share a theme or insert the theme in the anecdote that they count?

Ambas nacen de un sentimiento. Machinaria panamericana is a nostalgic movie about the time of the time and the system in the human head. Ask the observer how many people are being taken to the final stage of the laboratory. En El hoyo en la cerca, the point of the party is the sentiment of a young man who is obliged to confess something that does not matter. Me gusta desarrollar a los personas y sus microhistorias a parit del analásis.

Godard’s statement that the simple location of the camera was a political act. ¿Coincides con eso?

Totally, because the film maneja diferentes diferentes de filmar. The end of all accounts is political and even if it is not intended to be politically correct. I work hard to get the individual to enter it internally.

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