El Salvador mate with bitcoin as your national currency. Now is the point of entry into bancarrota

The slightest bit of bitcoin in the last few months (more than 50% of all historical highs) can be used to reverse the odds, even though they can not be allowed to agitate without expecting a possible future. Pero para nadie puede ser tan mala noticia como el El Salvador, el primer país del mundo en acceptarlo as currency de course cesde septemembri de 2021.

Nayib Bukele, president of the country, decided to leave all-in is now cryptocurrency downloaded to electronic ticket company, Chivo Wallet, and hacking bitcoins to give bonds in exchange, equivalent to $ 30 per person at the time of entry. The idea is moving, because of the overwhelming salvage, the era of opportunities to negotiate reducing costs and attracting tourists. Without embargo, la apuesta no est saliendo bien en est primer ao. And the world will support you in 2023.

Hundreds of bonuses

A study done by the National Bureau of Economic Research, only one quintuple of salvadores that download the Chivo Wallet app ensures using a free $ 30 bond attached to the goblin.

The embargo, the continuously announcing plane offline, as well as the “volcano bonds” based on blockchain with those being funded to buy more cryptocurrencies — paralyzed by the small number of interests shown in it — in the ‘Bitcoin City’, a small city rent payments or contracts with their central geothermal property for bitcoin minarets without energy costs. The mine uses volcanic energy to be fired at the same time as its existing installations, with no rentable fire.

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These initial tropics unite in the cryptocurrency value range (40% of which are entered in the currency as legal tender, which are serviced before the amount exceeding 500 m) is derived from other quantities, the most accurate de su deuda soberana.

The bond yield will increase by 30%, 40% in the case of those that expire in 2032, a sign that the conditions are such that it is as high as possible and with a possible employment scenario. Only Ukraine, under war against the Russian invasion, suffers a major crisis in its debt bonds.

Institutional and credit scales

Fitch Ratings dramatically reduces the rating of El Salvador’s deed to a B- to CCC level rating, which is more prevalent than the specification of purée purée. A script scenario of all things, known as “enter in default “implicit access to finance in the marketsas guided by Greece in 2012 (138,000 million dollars) or Lehman Brothers in 2008 in the private sector (600,000 million dollars that hiccups the world economy as the first thread of a dominance).

Moody’s is a bit of a confusion margin for approaching the 2023 bond payout, 800 million dollars worth of mid-course, having a high level of risk, which is based on the details of the system reform of annuity pensions in the most recent months, which is why the economy is so oxygenated as to harass the cost to the cost of owning an adequate pensioner.

One of the semantics prevails over the introduction of cryptocurrencies such as the national currency, which is currently gaining momentum in large numbers, due to the inherent volatility of Bitcoin, which has not been identified as a possible source of capital. Ninguna of the national currencies are issued by the country price.

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The first factor, that disperse the inertia on the real value of the salvadoresif you want to swim from one point to another, to reverse the situation in the case of a subtle hypothesis of its value that multiplies its quotation in dollars, as it reaches the finals of 2017 or 2020.

The FMI does not recommend retorting the decision to nationalize bitcoin, as people who are interested in it as a centralized regulator of their divisions, and advising that it should be included in the inclination of the terms that are passed on to them. that they include the problems that lvvaron a es situation and that sirvan to guarantee the devolution of the prestige. Even if the FMI is not successful with a cryptocurrency based economy, and which can only be derived from the impossibility of accessing more fundingincluso si no se entrase en default.

The Banco Mundial, for its part, also provided assistance in the Bitcoin disclosure. An institutional veto that does not increase its futures, and men with Bitcoin bonds that do not attract a single reverse. The financial instability of which is advertised by global institutions is only risky that it is recruiting.

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