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In February 2022, Telemundo announced the realization of la con el regreso, nada m ys y nada menos, de . If not, the news will rejoice in the fanaticism, with the passage of the días, semanas and meses, all of which will be answered as if it had been triumphantly entered into the new . If you are one of those who is expecting, we will contact the returnees of the drug trafficker.

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How to recover, from the method of sexta entrega, salicylic acid, but as the production determines that its permanent character as a result of herring from the ball in the headpiece lasts a long time with . In this condition the term la temporada.

Aunque todos esperaban volverlo a ver in the first episode of septima entrega, sucedió lo inimaginable, because your family contracted a doctor to carry out a delayed and unscheduled procedure. If the doctor advises the risks, such as a stroke or a heart attack, the family nurse will continue to do so, but Alba’s body is inclined to avoid the screw.

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Things to do next Shadows and aliases in the plan to rescue the Amado of your search, the operation of Aurelio, and so on al abrió los ojos y se sentó, la allegria fue ephemera, ya inmedimetrija sufrió a paro cardíaco, lo que provokë su muerte. But I know what we see in the pants. Pero ahora, he is back. ¡Arre!

Aunque at the beginning of the tempo 7 de
Following the initiation of the 7th “Templar of the Heavens” tempo, we see Aurelio Casillas, who is a recidivist of drug trafficking between the dead before the 8th (Photo: Telemundo)


Después de ver cómo muere in the timeline of “El Señor de los Cielos”, the narcissist followers are indignant, because the Telemundo announcement announces a new interest with the protagonist, the emotion invades all of them, but I will tell you in detail of between the dead.

Aurelio Casillas’s resurrection

In a new advance of “El Señor de los Cielos 8 ″”, Aurelio Casillas revives. In a communication from the TV channel: “The dead men can count on the most extraordinary stories. “The epic end of the ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ tempora seperari sellar’s end of the legendary drug dealer Aurelio Casillas, for the first time test of its indelible ‘resurfacing’ in the temporal octave of the most recent series”.

Of this form, el sorprenderá a sus amigos y enemigos, ya que regresará para cobrar venganza por todo lo que ha perdido. It is as if it tends a lot to ally with the objective; no solo ello, pues estará envueltos en romantic enredicos y descubrirá mysterious family.

Do Ala Alba llorando unconsolably by Aurelio Casillas's death's
Doña Alba lorando discontinued by the shadow of his shadow Aurelio Casillas in “El señor de los cielos”, but some of them are hiccups created at the beginning of his entreaty (Photo: Telemundo)

¿Who saw the trailer for “El Señor de los Cielos 8 ″?”

1 minute advance with 30 seconds left to move a voz on and off to move away from the imager a phrase: “It goes without saying that only God knows all of them, but only that he does not have the power to destroy all of them on his own.”.

In the scenes we see a Aurelio Casillas mirando el horizonte with los brazos hacia atrás mientras sostiene a firearm. Various carts with armored men that guide you inwardly.

Measures will be advanced, and the narcotics dispenser, which is in a horizontal position, with an oxygen mask. If you want to produce something entertaining, you can also use it to expand your space.

De inmediato, sacan palas y picos para comenzar a escarbar. To increase the presence of your friends, Aurelio combs the goal with desperation on the material floor, although not much time. Luego de ello, logran sacarlo con vida. Ni bien, está de vuelta, le entregan un weapon y él dice su popular “And Arre!”.


Y es que al Various characters from the Casillas clan are debating between the life and death, the story of the news they were always present at the funeral of Do Ala Alba by Pío and his secrets.

As it turns out, Amado fights for rescuers and Corina Naloxona’s feet to counteract the effects of opioids, a big problem is present: only those doses, but what should be decided to save saliva. Así termina dicha temporada.

On the other hand, I expect that ante dichos acontecimientos, sumados a la muerte de su madre, Aurelio no tendrá reparo en acabar con todos sus enemigos.


, which is famous for its protagonist “El señor de los cielos”, is one of the most important actors of the telenovelas and hisbala hbana series. Up to 44 years old, the Mexican company retorts its artistic carousel from three years ago to be allied to the actuation and the public scene by its additions.

As it turns out, after the 2020 finals when Rafael Amaya repairs a wide range of silences and confessions that have been completely funded by their addiction to alcohol and drugs. The actor revealed that he was interned in the rehabilitation clinic of exboxeader Julio César Chávez, killed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. .


was the protagonist of “El señor de los cielos”, but he repelled the famous series about its problems with alcohol and drugs. This mantle is allied to the most durable pants.

The Mexican actor was in rehabilitation and salvation desperate to fight against his additions to retrieve his career on television.


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