Electricity has revolutionized medicine: how to apply it in cases of depression and inflammation

Amplifying the seal

In the decade of 2010, Chad Bouton, a medical engineer and investigator at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Investigation, experimented with electrodes implanted in the brain to help paralyzed patients recover and move. In 2019 you will be ready to use electricity to help patients without the need to open the crane.

In the majority of pain cases or the reduction of extremities during accidents, the nerve or spinal cord is only partially stretched. Ese parecía ser caso de la lesiyn en el pulgar de Sharon Laudisi, lo que significa que a small amount of electrical discharge from the brain that can move between the brain and the extremity; silo that is not sufficient to increase sensation or initiation of motion.

Buttons and crews are expected to refill the seal, using the Laudisi brain to communicate with the new. Pero para ello necesitaban cartograph the neural connections that quedaban.

To determine the ideal location of the electrode piece on Sharon’s skin, the estimating team, moving the piece, estimating, and moving the piece, as long as it controls the installation that allows the apsis to communicate only with your hand and without moving for all their skin.

Stimulating the piece on the Laudisi skin is how to lower the volume of a partially locked altavoz by a piece of furniture. An egg that controls the location that maximizes its pulses on the pulpit, Sharon pulls the electrode piece off the egg while holding a clock that lasts a total of one week.

At the end of this time, Laudisi can generate 715% more power with pulp. At present, your puller is not as flexible as it used to be, it can pulsar a lapicera, use the floats and prenderse the camisole. “No creo that has words to describe the impressive that it is”, destaca.

Button says that aún you can not estimate what the series cost of this type of treatment is is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA, but only in English), provided that “the series is adequate and accessible to the many who benefit from it.”

Inflammation by cortocircuit

When he was formed as a follower, Tracey, the director general of the Feinstein Institute, established himself as one of the four units of a New York hospital. Murió en sus brazos. “We do not know the cause of your bankruptcy,” he said. “Fue inquietante”. However, those interested in dying from sepsis, decide to investigate the future of the disease.

Yl and your team decompress a protein, the tumor necrosis factor (TNF, for example), which creates a response to the death of the tumor. Investigators have described the TNF paper as promoting inflammation to neutralize invasive pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and its ability to attack at least seven pathways in the body. Excessive inflammation can cause sepsis, shock, and cytokine disorders, the result of a hyperactive immune cell that can be embedded as COVID-19 in addition to the other methods that the immune system intentionally protects and cures. If you can block TNF in a patient with levels of cytoquins that increase altogether, “you can cut the fuel from the drug”, says Tracey.

Tracey’s hailstones in the 1980s lead al release of drugs to inhibit TNF protein and reduce inflammation. Variants of these drugs, such as Enbrel and Remicade, are now used to treat autoimmune diseases in which the immune system of a person is allowed to do so.

Some of these drugs do not work in all patients, but Tracey thinks that there is a major form of inflammation. I suspect that, although the autonomic nervous system is controlled by reflecting blood pressure, digestion and other processes, debía haber a reflection that controls inflammation. It is centered in the vagus nerve, a packet of 100,000 nerve fibers that travels through the brain, away from the skin of the brain, passing through the cochlea, the lungs, the pelvis, and the pelvis to the small intestine.

“Descubrimos que electric shock on the vagus nerve is like the brake of your car. “The TNF system, the inflammatory system, is out of control,” said Tracey.

Tray and your team release an implantable device, less than a centimeter longitudinally, that seals through the skin and estimates the vagus nerve, thus disrupting TNF production. The first devices establish units and batteries that are implanted in the patient’s clavicle, but the most current versions have the same size of the machine and can be loaded by attaching a metal collar to the carcass once in a while.

The neurons that make up the vagus nerve are interviewed in innumerable processesexplicitly Tracey, the device is directed only to regulate TNF because it is hypersensitive in comparison to the circulating nerve cells.

Find clinical trials at clinicaltrials.gov (official site of EE.UU Governorate for clinical trials) that provide forms of vaginal nerve assessment to treat affections from which COVID-19 has clinical pain. Some of the applications have been most scientifically proven, including Tracey, citing the recovery of cerebrovascular accidents (before the FDA approved a vaginal nerve device) and controlling inflammation.

In the case of other indications, emphasis is placed on the fact that the components do not actually comply with the mechanisms. There are two ways in which estimating the nerve from the heart of the pelvis in place of implanting an electrode. “Sa How do you know what you are doing?”, He asked, and asked that investigators try to identify specific objectives such as TNF ante to try therapies.

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Electricity treatments in the future

As scientists often find that electrical communication takes place between neurons, Michael Levin, a biologist and computer scientist at the Wyss Institute in Boston, supports all of the cells in the body that communicate electrically. There are channels in its membranes that open and close, allowing the cargo ions to flow through and out of the separate cells, influencing the shape in which they crack and trap. Combined with the molecular cells, the electric gradients between the ayud cells are indicated by a sloping slice that must contain two ojos, for example, and the distance between them.

“This is actually the future: manipular essay flow of natural information. “We need capacities to program the currency with the exact currency it uses,” says Levin.

In the estimation of individual cells, Levin is seeking to alter the special distribution of electronic cables in different parts of the body to pulse to groups of cells and work junctions to repair or regenerate. Compare your software strategy to the genetic hardware of the body.

This means that bioelectric treatments are supported by much more than the calculation of individual cells with electrodes.

In the sand, for example, you and your team use computational analysis to determine the ideal electrical input to estimate the regeneration of the extremities. When they are rejuvenated, these animals can regenerate the peridot period, even though they are large, leaving most of the capacity.

The analysis allows the release of several drugs that pass through and carry out the channels of the cells in order to reach the desired electrical state. Amputating the animal tracer path, it creates a portable bioreactor with these formidable zinc. It only took 24 hours to run the reactor, the limb of the animal being created lasting 18 months. The new extremity has no desire to crack the whole body, but only the skin, the throat, the blood vessels and the nerves.

Levin explicitly states that algae tardarians work at the same time to decipher the different electrical states that control the activity and discharge of human cells. As such, consider that it is difficult to prevent progress. Many drugs that can be used in various therapies, such as wound bioreaction, exist. The silo sensors necesitan saber as well as some combinations to create the electrical entrances that the body supports necesitan.

The deep cerebral estimation and the estimation of the vagus nerve are “good applications” of bioelectric medicine, levin assurance. “Only because the object is at the point of the iceberg.”


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