Elon Musk acaba de hacer la vida de Donald Trump mucho difícil

(CNN) – This Tuesday, Elon Musk confirmed: Why Donald Trump wants to take to Twitter.

“I do not know what to do with Donald Trump, I do not know what to do,” said Musk, who is in the process of contesting a social media account at a Financial Times conference. “I do not reverse permanent prohibition … Prohibit Trump on Twitter not angry with Trump’s drive, since the amplification between the door and because it is morally incorrect and rotating staple.”

Podría pensarse, a primera vista, which is a GRAN notification for the ex-president. From the bottom of the list, it’s clear that the red social media is trying to prevent it from entering into force on January 6, 2021 in the United States Capitol. Regularly communicated princess communications — drawn from Save America PAC — that are exactly what you are looking for.

As an embargo, Trump has relinquished much of his post-presidential capital — political and otherwise — in a situation of rival social networks known as Truth Social.

What Bill Gates thinks about Elon Musk and Twitter 1:22

And if Trump were to take to Twitter, Truth Social’s secret content — for example, will change completely.
What does Trump’s ante dilemma dilemma: qu se queda, por razones financierras y de orgullo, con Truth Social? V What about Twitter, where do you presumably spend more than 80 million followers?

(Note: Trump does not have to record this decision. O mañana. Musk aún is not due to Twitter e, including in the most rapid scenario, probably not having a steady pace).

Trump, hasta la fecha, has insisted that he be with Truth Social. “I do not want to go to Twitter, I do not want to go to TRUTH”, said Trump indirectly deprived of the information about the purchase of the giant social networks by part of Musk in April. “Espero que Elon compre Twitter porque lo mejorará y es un buen hombre, pero me voy a quedar en TRUTH”.

Lo cual, bueno, está bien. Habría anyway colossally all because of Trump abandoning Truth Social ante saber siquiera a) si Musk iba to actually buy Twitter yb) si Musk planeaba reincorporarlo.

However, when it comes to pragmatic ambassadors, they say “yes”, Trump’s statement is a little more complicated. Gabby Orr, of CNN, informed on Tuesday that, since a person close to Trump, the former president, had compromised with Truth Social by now, he was probing his allies on Twitter reincorporating him to run for office. Casa Blanca in 2024.

Please note that Truth Social does not accurately capture the power of social networks.
Last month, The Washington Post published an article titled “Trump’s Social Truth in trouble as financial, technical woes mount” which included the following lines: caer sus downloads the way you removed them from the App Store lists. The company is inverted, executable and attentive “.

In the last week, Trump hastened the pace of publications on Truth Social (he published four times in the last 24 hours, the majority predicting the expiration of his votes and candidates). The app is currently the most downloaded concept in the Apple App Store.

However, in general terms, Truth Social is not an exception. The specialty acquisition company specializes in researching the big business — Digital World Acquisition Group — and has been following the Musk news and Twitter account. (The actions below were briefly followed by Trump empezó a tuitear “truthear” in the final platform of the passing. Pero el repunte fue efímero).

If the diner does not fire a factor, it is a decision made easy for Trump. You do not have a stable database on Twitter and it is likely that you will be offered access to everything that has been compromised to provide aspects of site freedom of expression.

But the diner is a factor. We believe that Trump (a) is one of the richest people in the world when he’s been ousted from the presidency.

Truth Social era, in theory, a solution to Trump’s possible liquidity problems. Al menos hasta ahora, parece estar funcionando. How Forbes’s description goes through an evaluation of Trump’s net patronage and Truth Social: “Donald Trump, master of reinvention, has a new title: technological empire. the electronic core and prefer garabatear notes with rotors.Pero do not import launches or firms in those who have less experience, and is trying to get much more lucrative than the presidency. “.

The 430 million razons that Trump has for the Truth Social ally. But the Twitter mermaid song is the most powerful. And Musk stepped forward to reclaim Trump’s previous presence on the platform.
It’s a real problem for Trump. Elija el camino que elija, pierde: influenza si se queda con Truth Social y dinero si vuelve a Twitter.

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