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Elon Musk all that su Twitter acquisition for 44 million million dollars “Temporarily suspended” even though the multimillion-dollar recipient has more information about the proportion of fake currencies, that the giant of the social network lags in the pizza.

Twitter has been disrupted for 20 years in operations preceded by commercialization due to the fact that Musk Tuiteara muy temprano is already showing that the suspension is suspended, and the details of a recent Twitter presentation show that false currents on the social networking platform can be accessed from 5 per cent of its users and users. Tesla shares are approximately below 5 per cent.

Twitter has one of the latest quarterly results “that’s promed fake accounts or spam lasting the first trimester of 2022 represents less than 5 per cent of the active usable male diarrhea during the trimester ”. In the embargo, Twitter informs that it is applying a “substantial judgment” to its ultimate estimate and that the real number is being served to the mayor.

La lucha contra las cuentas falsas ha sido la angular foot of Musk’s intention to reform Twitter. In a communiqué that announces its receipt for the company to pass the message, it reveals that it spins around the spam bots, authenticates all the people and hackers that their algorithms can be downloaded. Musk también ha dicho que le gustaría hacer de la platforma un bastion of freedom of expressionquoting content mode balances.

Currently, bots are allowed on Twitter, following the company policy, it seems that some Indian currencies are automated. The inclusive platform launches a label for them bots “buenos”, like @tinycarebot, a account that owns personal curator recorders. Without embargo, spam bots are not allowed and the company has no intended destination or combat policies.

The last two were created dudas that Musk can post on Twitterand the company should consider reducing the accuracy of its offer through the microblogging site.

“Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person,” said Susannah Streeter, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. riqueza parecía ser su objetivo principal ”para la acquisition. The value of 44 million dollars is enormous, and it can be one strategy to retreat in the country that is available to pay to access the platform ”.

The proposed acquisition includes a million-dollar rupture fee for each part, which Musk tends to pay by the term or does not attract acquisition funds as a promissory note. It is not clear what a Twitter update is about the number of fake accountsif materially superior to 5 per cent, disencadenar laa llamada kláusula de effect adverso materialfreeing Musk from rupture fee.

The differential of the note, which provides an indication of the Wall Street account as it completes the acquisition, comes in at most $ 9.11 from $ 8.11 in the front session. That’s the most ample level since the multimillion-dollar launch offered me the average to buy Twitter for $ 54.20, and the double that winds the week after announcing a 7.1 million-million-dollar financial compromise.

Elk’s last message from time to time deprived of its notification Twitter establishes the contract as part of its cost-cutting benefits al acuerdo. Learn about some of the main Twitter leaders. Kayvon Beykpour, Consumer Product Manager, and Bruce Falck, a consignee of consumer products, are invited by the executive director Parag Agrawal to run the company, looking at the executives in separate public publications.

The boxes reflect the current state of limbo de Twitter mientras espera un nuevo propietario. Hindenburg Research, an inversion investigation firm that blows in the cortex of activists, says the lunar eclipse and the “significant risk” offered by Musk is a very new one.

Analysts monitor the course in the course of their technology actions, the stupid results of the first quarter of Twitter, including the updating of variations of both user numbers, and ability of Musk to place his participation of 9 but the customer does not specify.

Apart from las dudas sobre el alcance de los spam bots On the Twitter platform, the most expensive part of the world is trying to secure the diner to complete the treat. Musk has been in conversions with inversions to recoup sufficient capital and preferential financing to eliminate the need to qualify for the margins of Vinculado and its shares of Tesla, segments of persons with concomitant interest.

We have recently raised 7.1 million dollars in inverted capital compromises such as Larry Ellison, Sequoia Capital, Qatar Holding and the Saudi principle Alwaleed bin Talal, and are ultimately incorporating Twitter shares into the news.

Musk nunca has tended the full financing“We must, because of our constant intentions to obtain or finance, only the cards be exchanged,” said Neil Campling, TMT’s chief investigator at Mirabaud Equity Research. “La junta de Twitter ha sido rehén y solo ellos tienen la culpa de este lío. No surgirá ningún otro comprador; if Musk decides that todavía is interested, you can name it accurately and not too high ”.


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