Emplozio hidalguense Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas no robó fuel’s Pemex: FGR

Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas, owner of Tapia Industrial Structures (CITapia) and one of his most prominent hydraulic companies, book of associations, investigations and any kind of criminal action for the benefit of the fuel-rich fuel (Pemex).

“Determining the exercise of the partial criminal action and the temporal archive of the investigation carp (by Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas for the fuel robot)”, reveals the General Fiscalía de la República (FGR).

The failure of the FGR expediently due to the Pemex hydrocarbon robot is due to the fact that the integrals of the Federal Police raises and lowers the clandestine part in the installations of the Industrial Constructions Tapia in Atitalaquia, Hidalgo, Forbes Mexico.

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On March 10, 2017, V Villactor Villafaña Baltazar and David Hernández Pedraza, agents of the Federal Police, carried out inspection, verification, insurance and dental care services to prevent illnesses and problems existing in the Tula region, such as hydrocarbons.

“As of 13:30 hours they are passing through the clearing of Tula (camouflage on the south coast) in the Industrial Park of Atitalaquia, but we are not aware of the irregularities regarding the superficiality, but that the local inspection is carried out a mango of black color ”, expresses.

“We try to make sure that one of our extremities is adhered to by means of metallic pieces through the Pemex (clandestine) duct, but that the procedure is secured to the place and where it is stored.”

“Continuing the inspection of the place and following the right side of the hull handle over the bald terrain up to 300 meters from the clandestine pudimos area, which introduces the Industrial Tapia Construction concept by delivering a white trail that delimits ”, Narraron los agents.

Así, the agents of the Federal Police explain Jannete Sánchez Arce, headliner of the Agency Segunda Investigator Tula de la PGR (now General Fiscalía de la República), who detects the clandestine tome, following a routine route Anti-salts against the Tula street in the Industrial Park of Atitalaquia, Hidalgo.

In the meantime, Víctor Hugo Garduño Vera advised Pemex Physics Security personnel personally to review the clandestine contraband in the field owned by Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas, with the final algae prevent risk to the community.

On one occasion, the agent of the Ministry of Public Affairs of the Federation ordered the floor of the movable property of Tapia Industrial Structures, as he was advised by the agents of the police to ensure that the sharp edges were not used for fabrication. cemento.

“The property located in the municipality of El Cardonal, municipality of Atitalaquia, is owned by Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas, (and fired) through the contract of Alfredo Moreno Reyes and Liliana Mendoza Resendiz on April 17, 2012,” the statement said. Aurelio de Freitas Barros, legally accepted by Tapia Industrial Constructions.

“The object of the diligence of the catechist and the donde is to find the derivation of the clandestine toma being found in the direction of the senior Josefina Cervantes Rosales”, expressed against the Public Ministry.

The abbot of Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas commented that the contract for renting the house was signed by a man for whom he served as a pensioner for heavy vehicles during the night.

Durante el día el inuble, donde se dontrija derivationi de la clandestina, era obuadoado por la undertrija rustrucciones Industrial Tapia para kharge material as metstructures metallica.

De Freitas Barros agrees that Ramón Hernández Mercado works as a guardian of the property of the property, or that it locates the connection connected to the clandestine part.

CITapia sites for acrobatic structures, diamond tanks, tubercles and anti-corrosion recycling plants for refineries, petrochemical plants, marine platforms, as well as the cement industry and food industry.

The company of Juan Carlos Tapia has realized projects for clients in Europe, South America and the United States and has a plan to open offices in Houston.

Among the clients are Pemex, CFE, ICA Fluor, Industrial Dragados, Tecnimont, Samsung, Praxair, Isolux, Abener, Industria del Hierro, Saipem, as well as Constructor Norberto Odebrecht.

On March 27, 2017, Constructor Norberto Odebrecht subcontracted the company of Juan Carlos Tapia Vargas for terrace services, site air conditioning, landslide movement and platform conformation for the projected air conditioning .

The hydraulic generator receives a compensation of 331 million 479 million pesos for its work in the Tula refinery.

Odebrecht was subcontracted by 296 million 782 miles to CITapia for cutting landscaping services and construction of perimeter bars on the design of access structures for refining ventilation in the refinery.

The Brazilian constructor due to the term of the contract anticipates the contract with Tapia Industrial Constructions, which was signed on December 21, 2015.

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On June 5, 2019, the Public Functioning Secretariat (SFP) sent a sum of 206 million 686 miles to Industrial Tapia Structures to present false information to gain the benefit of a contract with Pemex Refining.

“Industrial Constructions Tapia presents false documentation or information alterada with the possibility of depositing a benefit or vent”, said the reliance, which is currently established by the cargo of Irma Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros.

In addition, the company’s hydalguense company has been inhaled for more than a year and a half, following the Official Diary of the Federation (DOF).

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