ESPN specialists and their characteristics of the 2022 Clausura semifinals

We present the analysis of ESPN specialists and the characteristics of the semifinals of Clausura 2022

MEXICO.- Las semifinals of the MX League are analyzed by a specialist ESPNwhich show their characteristics from the time of the final of Clausura 2022 and their favorites for the final grand of the Mexican tournament.

These merchants can be found in the same part of the country, with the Atlas camp recycling in Tigerspoints that America loves the honors of Pachuca, in a duel of historical teams in the final phase, including the finals.

We present the analysis and characteristics of the ESPN specialists on the semifinals of Clausura 2022.

America vs. Pachuca

Rafael Puente


Fortalezas: “Especially you are in defensive work. The moment of Memo Ochoa is important, because the level has been recovered, during the elimination period with Mexico. Memo es líder y brinda gran seguridad. The recovery of juggers like Cáceres, Valdés, Sánchez and Aquino is fundamental. “Fidalgo’s game with more freedom than members and benefits to the team.”

Disabilities: “One bit of irregularity is offensive in color. No lo veo con el punch which quiz is required, but has the potential to recover at any time and at any time from the manifesto ”.

Jugador clave“In the immediate functioning of the team, Diego Valdés, who recovered the level that he’s in Santos and that fired in the algae momentarily considering the best element of Mexican football.”


Fortalezas: “The intensity with which the game is the main fortaleza, además that Nicolás Ibáñez has recovered its level with the’s Guillermo Almada tribe; The technician did not hear what Romario Ibarra scored and did not hit Víctor Guzmán. It does not depend on individuality, it’s just about your favor ”.

Disabilities: “As he has an offensive vocation, only the spaceships and the rival bus counter-goal when the quilt is folded; deja espacios mainly and espaldas of the laterals, y por ahí se le puede hacer daño ”.

Jugador clave: “Por lado de Pachuca está m reps apartartido todo, pero creo que el jugador klave es ‘Pocho’ Guzmán, pues siendo un flënte que además de defender sabe aparecer en el área; I try to say that it is the term as the best Mexican goal scorer in the league, as it is said to be true ”.


“I did not see America as it did to the Aztec Stadium, but in the definitive series I saw Pachuca advance. “Because America has created the tendency to record a single shot of goals for Hidalgo.”

Roberto Gómez Junco


Fortalezas: “The league is doubly entertaining in a magnifying glass football moment, in full quality. The teams are balanced in their game, which is part of the defensive solidarity. “Ambos elaboran muy bien en el mediocampo y tienen enorme potensive offensive”.

Jugador clave: “Memo Ochoa, el mejor portero mexicano desde hace buen rato”.


Fortalezas: “The magnifying glass of the football moment and the one that is the best at the turn of the tournament, the most consistent in the game. Parece tener la ventaja en su zona e definicón, por Nicolás Ibáñez ”.

Jugador clave: “Nicolás Ibáñez. Attraction for the biggest stage in Mexico, with its enormous goal capacity ”.


“Tal vez, gran part of the course of this boat is the definition of the accent with the fact that Avilés Hurtado and the other Diego Valdés, the talented in their respective team; are the best game generators. In the sense that one’s other as the most responsible plenum to lead the members of your team, the encapsulation takes place from the pass to the final ”.

Varlvaro Morales


Fortalezas: “With ‘Tano’ Ortiz, America has the biggest defense; best defense of what the team did with Santiago Solari. Adams of center, attack by inner carts, dispersion of media and long distance; produce goals by esa manera. It is productive and paradoxical ”.

Jugador clave: “Diego Valdés. It has potential in the language ”.


Fortalezas: “Tiene muy buenos automatismos, con buenas individualidades”.

Disabilities: “The defensive. “I allowed a lot of goals in the players’ matches”.

Jugador clave: “Pocho Guzmán. Hace la jugada importante o goles importantes ”.


“Classical America”.

Atlas vs Tigres

Heriberto Murrieta


Fortalezas: “Clearly you are in the attic, pero también in the portrait. “Camilo Vargas is an extraordinary guarantee, but in all three positions”.

Disabilities: “If it falls, it is a plant that is very strong and very complete, because it is very weak, but it is very strong. Además, even though he has a better bank, in comparison with the Tigers ”.

Jugador clave: “Sin duda, su hombre clave será el portero Camilo Vargas”.


Fortalezas: “Like the Atlas, the main fortresses of the Tigers are adept in portraiture. Nahuel Guzmán también es una warranty. “Both teams are fortified because they have the meta and in the media apparatus can hacia adelante”.

Disabilities: “También la serheniva ser su su punto dbil; “I’m totally stupid, I’m not even tall enough to compare myself to them, in low places.”

Jugador clave: “André Gignac; él debe ser la figura de su equipo ”.


“This series is very close and the final creo that the Tigris trap will fit; you have the best plantings and gameplay of the most abirta, proponentora and spectacular with Miguel Herrera who as well as ‘Tuca’ Ferretti ”.

Francisco Gabriel de Anda

Fortalezas: “Es el campeón, simplemente. Quizá is the most solid team in defense and the defense ganan titulos; inclusive is more important than other factors ”.

Jugador clave: “Julián Quiñones”.


Fortalezas: “The difference between the median field mark hacia adelante”.

Disabilities: “No defienden bien”.

Jugador clave: “Nahuel Guzmán”.


“Tigers are my favorite.”


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