ESPN specialists and their specifications on Liguilla

We present the specifications of the ESPN specialists for the duels of the final quarters of Clausura 2022

MEXICO.- The final quarters of Clausura 2022 are for initiating and for the talents of ESPN tienen sus pronósticos para la Liguilla de la Liga MX. The series arrangement is decentralized, as long as teams search the camp title.

Jorge Pietrasanta, Jared Borgetti and Dionisio Estrada are the favorites in the first phase, and José Luis Sánchez Solá prefers to wait for the one in the final round.

We present the specifications of our specialists ESPN para la Liguilla del Clausura 2022.


San Luis Athletic

Fortalezas: “Además del gran trabajo’s trainee, André Jardine, who plays like this: a trabajar, it is like a bucket that comes in its place, without ponerle, without much mane, and approves the experience of its jugadores, about all of them : Sambueza y Facundio Waller; no los usa todo el tiempo, ni juntos, y cuando lo hace le funciona. From one place to another, play pone on the other, and have a tense tendency to be temporarily, and the situation has been proven to be Jardine to arm a large plant. Atrás también tiene cosas buenas, with the actuations of Barovero and Unai Bilbao; al frente is the young goal scorer of Berterame and the team of Venezuelan John Murillo who has always been with the team. This combination has the effect that San Luis can be found locally, although it does not have the anterior lathes; it is a new fortification of the team ”.

Disabilities: “Pardría ser el desconocimiento de Jardine de la Liguilla; For example, many of the technicians who recite legally, but only the functions can be done and sabotage the maravilla. “I do not know what to do with the plant, as if it were Abel Hernández in the bank, but I do not have the bank to solve some problems.”

Jugador clave: “Me van a decir todos que es Rubens Sambueza, pero yo pongo a Waller; at the moment he was surprised to find a shovel and hack a goblet; o había que aparecer hacia la defensiva lo hacía; oa la offensiva lo hacía. “I can play at cost, I can play only”.


Fortalezas: “The dynamics. Guillermo Almada owns a team like Tenia in Santos. Sabe armarlo perfectly, sabe trabajarlo para sea that a very dynamic team, powered by velocity. The repair is accelerated, but the function, and so on, is the suitcase for the general manager, who does not have to quote a quote in the latest section. Dejó de apretar el accelerator contra Pumas en CU, porka ya sabía que tenía primer lugar, pese a que utilisje casi todo el equipo. Creo que Pachuca se relajó. The dynamics and velocity of the field can increase the quality of the league team ”.

Disabilities“It simply came to our notice then. Le pasó a Almada en Santos, que no bajaba los decibeles y eso terminó perjudicándolo; not just to win the league with Santos having a planter for ello; these are the teams of Almada. In relation to the south-south of the experience that there are various elements in San Luis, the perjudic event, the repentance is accelerated ”.

Jugador clave: “Creo que lave para seguir avandando e para el mismo Almada puede ser atrás, con su porter carscar Ustari. Hay mucha experiencia en ese portero; to be one of the best in the league ”.

Pronastic: San Luis Atlético Pasa

“You can give the big surprise to San Luis, because it’s one of those teams that creeps in, that doesn’t give a damn about being able to do it. Do not go for nada favorites against Monterrey and win the game on penalties, and era a team that in your case does not pass nada. Creo that one of the races peasants in the history of no ganar in the house, and Jardine and yse fue the first that work. If you do not weigh in the case you can not. The first part goes to the key. Creo que San Luis podría dar la gran sorpresa de la Liguilla y ganar la serie ”.



Fortalezas: “The animic moment that is alive is very important; the desire to change the trainer is the motivation to change everything to establish it. From the point of view of Ricardo Cadena, there is more than enough, there is still a lot of space and the emotional part, but it is an important part for Chivas to have enough results and to be qualified for calibration, clear, sum and tactical part. But the attribute is more than that the animic and emotional part of querer reveals all the malo ”.

Disabilities: “Podría decir que në momento dado pueda quedar de lado esa es emotional part u quieran regresar a l anterior, que se sentan que son mejores, que sientan que ya consiguieron todo, la part sentisrse satisfaction; “It’s algo that you have to train a lot of technical body before it is a team that does not conform to what it’s going to be, but it does not matter if it’s even more difficult”.

Jugador clave: “Indisputably, Alexis Vega. The length of your contract is very motivating, but it is very important. Have a basic feature set at the moment and more that at the moment, with a certain amount of security, but at least at the rest of the plant. “Unsurprisingly, Angulo’s lesion can be marbled by a handful of options that can be technically advanced in order to win the game or the series.”


Fortalezas: “Tiene muchas bases; is the vignette camp. There is a technician (Diego Cocca) who knows how to plant. If it does not fall, the torrent does not burn, it is solid; calibrates between the four primers and has a very balanced plant. They are not complementary in part of the moment, but in part of the work, from the preparation of the parts. Tienen m funds fundamentos para, desde mi punto de vista, ser los favorites for this series ”.

Disabilities: “It is claimed that it is a classic and that the rival rival in history can be the winner and feel that, right now, the moment of Chivas can be better than the elos and ganarles, and does not know how to play football much more entrenched and llevan a year practically the mismo y that ha sido bien. “At the moment, the biggest rival is the one who’s against the south, much to the contrary.”

Jugador clave: “If Julio Furch is good, if he is in romance with the goal, he is a slave. Have any experience, have camped with Santos and found it fundamental in the title consecrated by Atlas. All the saber-toothed jugs have an image that can be cut at any time: in a center, in a south tooth; so that they can count on me, and that I will respond ”.

Feature: Pasa Atlas

“It’s based on what you see in the latest months: the regularity that Atlas tends to be much better than the one that Chivas tends to have. Atlas football has the most constant and basic bases. Chivas han tenido m bus buenas que malas con Cadena y creo que el emotional aspect juega muy de la mano de equipo, y el aspecto futbol est m cons con Atlas; for this is what I do with Atlas, because it is very important that the moment you live and do not think that the animated moment of Chivas is better, because it is a classic and it is one of the few things; pero voy por Atlas ”.



Fortalezas: “With complete plantation, it is fortunate that there are many multifunctional south ears, which can be found to be south lateral, or of the contents, or of the media, or of the central ones that can be used south of the contents, or carriages that can be used south del delantero. Otra fortaleza is that at 10 times of the lead time; entons, tienen that recover the memory of those parts that hicieron ser leaders “.

Disabilities“Which of the carriers: Ferrareis and Araujo have a regression with their lentils and strings, driven by the attacks because they have the power to turn the plants into al-Hacerlo, the center of which is unbroken and which is a stumbling block in the Puebla strategy.”

Jugador clave: “The team. “Porque Marrufo can be good, but it is not good for Araujo, or it is not good for Segovia … Entonces, Puebla is based on a total of 100 people in the team”.


Fortalezas: “Whoever plays the most books, who knows the most, who knows the most, who feels pressured like the figure of Santiago Solari. The new technician (Fernando Ortiz) plays his carrera in Mexico with this opportunity and in the south, in a good way, his excuse to join the team. It is a large frame, much more complete than the Tigers, Cruz Azul, Monterrey; tiene más de dónde escoger. The other reason is that Pedro Aquino is back in the starting lineup, even though Roger is still technically and is found in Viñas el Bajón, which belongs to Henry Martín. “The defense feels more like the work of Aquino and Sanchez, and the morale in American fashion.”

Disabilities“If you go to Aquino, you are very vulnerable on defense. Dentro of your virtues are your defects. The virtue is the cancha media, as if it were the points inside Cáceres or any of its centers, the vulnerable ones ”.

Jugador clave: “Aquino, sin duda; make a very important move with Sanchez and every time I play, America gana the 75 per cent of points; así pasaba con Solari ”.

Pronastic: Who wins the first match

“Pas Which pass in this series? It depends on what happens in the first part. From this series can be a finalist, the sea that is this series is definite, with the teams at the moment, with plants or homogeneous manners to be carried in the can. “It’s a very old series.”



Fortaleza: “It’s a lot of media hacia adelante and aunque mucha gente lo critika picen dicen that receibe muchos goals, hay que resaltar que, con 20 on contra, quedó entr las mejores cinco defensive. The volume of the game and the number of goals that the goal is, most of all Gignac, which is a point and apart ”.

Debilitad: “Suele is inconsistent; hoy puede defender muy bien y mañana te puede defender horrible ”.

Jugador clave: “Gignag. It is the mark of the constant difference ”.

Cruz Azul

Fortalezas: “No siento tenga muchas; es más, no veo en Cruz Azul algo que destaque. No mete goles, no se defiende bien ”.

Debilitad: “Muestra carencia en todas lasineas, quitando la portera nada más (que defiende Sebastián Jurado). It is a team that does not fall short, that suffers a lot of games and is not contingent. “It does not generate much and it does not work.”

Jugador clave: “En Cruz Azul does not exist. There is no one who makes a difference and the one who is the only one left: Carlos Rodríguez ”.

Feature: Pasa Tigres

“If the logic goes beyond the Tigris; first, because the position of the table is in your favor. Necesita ni ganar en toda la serie; second, because there are 10 victories (it is the second largest, Pachuca’s game); tercero porque in relation to Cruz Azul, tuvo menos derrotas en el torneo; quinto, porque Cruz Azul demostró no ser un buen local y Tigres de visitante tuvo cinco victorias de los nueve partidos; is more regular in local and visiting victories. Cruz Azul is very irregular, with only three visiting victories. Además, Tigres counts with the largest planter or far away from the touring demonstration in various trams of the southern hemisphere fall into football, and in Cruz Azul we can differentially tune to a game that dams: this 90 minute game is an example of what one can do always ”.


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