Establishment of specialized units related to Parkinson’s

Diego Santos, coordinator of the Movement Disorders Research Group of the Spanish Neurological Association.

The pathology is Parkinson’s disease neurodegenerative with the highest incidence in the world, then Alzheimer’s disease In Spain, տվյալների according to the data Spanish Neurological Association (HER), about 150,000 people suffer from this disease, և the public estimates that number affect: I know will be multiplied in the next 30 years. A figure who warns Diego SantosThe coordinator of the SEN Motion Disorders Study Group assures Medical Writing that “it’s a complex disease և for a better approach it needs to be accredited. departments specializing in movement disorders«.

Departments that “some Spanish hospitals already have” carry out Subspecialized neurologistsAccording to Santos. Besides, the expert confesses that from the SSC “that need has already been predicted. accredit points և The first step was to implement a Clinical Unit Accreditation Manual Through the SNC Accreditation Committee. ”

The main goal for Santos is:improve care Ideal for these patients would be multidisciplinary Parkinson’s disease management to be performed multidisciplinary teams“They would involve a neurologist և other specialists – psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, endocrinologists specializing in nutrition, etc.” Santos assures that “the implementation of this type of care in specialized units of movement disorders will allow the patient to receive additional therapies, which, in many cases, National health system (SNS:does not offer them, such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, or occupational therapy. ”

Santos admits that there is “great variability What about evolution? Parkinson’s disease from one patient to another, therefore, patients need an individual approach, not only in terms of treatment, but also in terms of additional therapy.

More than half of the new cases this year are undiagnosed

It: aging is the main thing risk factor Suffering from the disease և its frequency and prevalence increase geometrically from the sixth decade of life, affecting up to 2% of people over 65 4 4% of people over 80. In this regard, Santos emphasizes that “in any case. Most of the cases originate the sixth decade of lifeIt is not only a disease of the elderly. About 15% of the currently diagnosed cases in our country correspond to people under the age of 50, which is called “young Parkinson’s disease”.

According to the cases of this disease, every year about 10,000 Spaniards begin to develop symptoms of this diseaseHowever, the fact that there is a delay of 1 to 3 years in Spain makes the SSC estimate that more than 50% of new cases who have performed in the last year has not been diagnosed yet.

Despite the progress made in this area, diagnosis It is Parkinson’s disease essentially clinical. But today we know that five or even ten years ago Engine symptomspatients may present non-motor disorders related to diseases such as cognitive degeneration, depression, sleep disorders, odor loss, gastrointestinal disorders … And a recently published study. JAMA Neurologyjust pointed out two new non-motor symptoms. Hearing loss and epilepsy“, Says Santos.

“Up to 24% of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease actually have another Parkinson’s syndrome.”

Santos, on the other hand, insists it is necessary change care during consultations On movement disorders. At CAPC, we estimate that up to 24% of those recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease actually have other Parkinson’s syndrome. Therefore, it is necessary to bet on the development of more specialized consultations in the field of movement disorders in all hospital centers in order to improve those indicators. ”

Today there is A. great variability of available resources For the treatment of motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, which include various Pharmacological approaches և: non-pharmacological. However, the treatment of this disease և current pharmacological therapies are not yet available, or they are able to improve the symptoms in the early stages, with clear benefits of autonomy for the daily activities of the vast majority of patients, for the development of quality of life. becomes less effective as the disease progresses.

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