EU. Perrito incuentra croneo humano durante caminata; more than 300 bodies in the area

Point to the most terrorist film that has been seen and imagined just before. This is what Dewayne Wilson says, the forensic medicine that targets one of Noble’s most escalating climbers on stage Georgia, United States.

On the other hand, a person walking with his feather in February 2002, when the mascot was knocked down with a foot that, after being revisited, suddenly saw a human crown. Inmediate attention from the Environmental Protection Agency and advising the successor.

According to the ‘Wicked Horror’ report, a media specialist in history like this, the police are reluctant to open the door and find that there is extra success in this area, apparently, the investigations that have no place.

When the Environmental Protection Agency reports to the authorities that the uniform, various uniforms are directed to the Tri-State crematorium, the main crease of the creases of the noble skins of Noble, Georgia in Alabama. Allí encontraron lo peor. At the 15th of February, the crankcase was found to have more than 300.

Regular bodies

Because they report to the police at the moment, they are skinny in different stages of disassembly at all the construction of the crematorium.

Algunos todavía estabo dentro del ataúd en el que habían legade, apilados en un montaña na unquina; other, have only labels on the feet that identify them; varios estaban regados per elugar, dentro y fuera de la propiedad.

The Police chased and recovered 339 bodies without creams. Lastly, only 226 powders are identified by DNA-derived algae medium, which in algae cases can be found at the same level of decomposition that the impossible era is identifiable.

It is undecided that the authorities give to families who have received the highest pennies from their family members to access their respective entities in order to revise the wind that blows in the funeral urns.

The resulting results confirm that algunos of the family that habrínia enviado the skins of their green cherries to be cremated in Tri-State establishes reciprocating concrete polo.

El sospechoso

The original Tri-State crematorium is the Tommy Marsh light bulb, which enters the negotiation of its shadow Ray Brent Marsh in the media of the 90s.

This is ultimately captured captively after the unloading of the wagons, the sound of a knife being accepted by the cargo, sent to 13 years of pressure due to the abuse of a wand, slave and slave by engagement.

Marsh complements his sentence in 2016 and recreates conditional freedom.

About the porch lo hizo, there are various theories and jam has been profound in the cause of their actions.

The conclusion is that most of the time it is easy for the authorities to deal with dineroe questions, which can lead to large numbers of candidates not being able to read the skin.

The embargo, the Marsh Clamaron abbots, were carried out by some medical examiners, who, as soon as they were intoxicated with mercury, began to burn the ventilation system of the crematorium without having to work properly, even though neurological diseases.

Además, the abbot Dave Huddleston -representative of Marsh- in an interview with ‘Channel 2’ intended to testify to other creatures who were shocked about the portion of Marsh hizo esto, who confirmed that “no hizo nada malo’s skinless flats from incinerarlos” .

La vida después de prisón

Marsh collected his condenser and press release in conditional release in 2016. On the other hand, as reported by the state-of-the-art media ‘WSB Tv’, he exponentially wrote a card to the community on the low-slip floor by their actions.

“In the future, it can be safe to say that all my screws and images do not only demonstrate the chain of my words, but I also want to see a dignified screw of this community,” some words that can be heard.

As an embargo, many people are directly affected by the fact that Marsh is not aware that the man wants to fly to the community.
Helen McKin, who was shocked to find one of the bodies found in February, wrote in the media and commented: […] “It’s a lot of money to be in the crowd with a person who wants to eat.”

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