Europe recreates summer with a new olead of covid-19

(CNN) – European countries are experimenting with a significant amount of covid-19 pulsed cases due to subtly infertile subvariants of the micron variant, which tends to create a new oleade of the median in which it provides immunity to itself. verano boreal.

The European Center for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (ECDC, as it stands in English) advised the following section that “BA.4 and BA.5 certified delivery points indicate that these variants are converted to dominant” all of the European Union, and probably worth a fortune.

Infections are common in many countries, such as Portugal, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, as part of the Our World in Data (OWID) project at Oxford University, which seeks pandemic protection.

New studios have demonstrated that the BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants of the micron have a gain in comparison with the earlier variants and are designed to avoid the immune system. In other words, neither the anterior infections nor the vacancies are proportional to a special protection against the subvariants, but which are convincing in the dominant corners. BA.4 and BA.5 do not appear to be more than one grave, but at least in the case of the previous cases, the increase in cases produces an increase in hospitalizations and deaths, according to the ECDC.

oleada covid europa verano

Tourists with carnations in Athens on June 1, while Greece eliminated the majority of covid-19 restrictions.

The potential impact of one of the subvariants, BA.5, is most evident in Portugal, when a significant amount of infertility due to covid-19 is impulsed. This haberdashery has been established, but is superior to other countries. Today, the country registers a diary of 1,332 new cases per million of habitats in its antecedent state, the highest cup in the world. Compared to Germany 760 and France 747, now OWID.

The number of people hospitalized in Portugal, with 1,896, is almost as high as the original icmicron energy chain. The corner of BA.5 will be the dominant one in the country in May, as soon as it is detected that it will be first in the finals of March, according to the National Salute Institute of Portugal (INSA). As of June 5, it represents 84% ​​of all infections by weight in this country.

In France, the number of new cases per million persons has tripled from one principal to another, and hospitalizations have been extended but out of ten principal principals. Following the public health agency Santé Publique France, in the latest update, the sub-variant BA.5 represents 24% of the cases sequenced in the June 6 semester, representing 18% of the anterior seminar.

France’s vaccination chief, Alain Fischer, says it’s no wonder the wind is blowing in the face of a new wave of the virus, which is intensifying in depth, and is being sampled individually to restore restricted algae for restrictive propagation.

“The epidemic is accelerating new and is completely inescapable at this time,” said Dr. Benjamin Davido, a specialist in infertility nurses at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Paris, on a radio show in Paris.

“With the new sub-variants of Imicron (BA.4 and BA.5), which between 10% and 15% more contagious, the epidemic has found a new energy, even though it has passed invariably,” said Davido , and that the levantamation of all cases restricts, as well as the use of mascara in public transport and in aircraft, combined with the curtain of immunity, supposing a real amenase.

David and other experts in the salute advertised that the hospitals of France support the summer during the summer, but that the vulnerable persons and the majors of 60 years should be vaccinated to find the right one. The embargo, as hospital environments are on hold, is not clear if the BA.5 subvariant is more transmissible or has reduced immunity.

In the United Kingdom, where cases and hospitalizations are considerably increased, the initiation of a new field is made by BA.4 and BA.5, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS, in English) ). The latest ONS data, published June 17, shows that infections such as covid account for 43% of other patients, according to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), a specialist medical journal reviewed by experts.

In a BMJ post, Christina Pagel, professor of operative investigations at University College London, stated: significmicron.It means that we should take care of the additional protection of the elevated number of infections that grow in the field, which reduces the size of this approach. [la inmunidad de] los refuerzos está disminuyendo “.

Parece que United States is not looking for. The latest data from the Centers for Control and Prevention of Infrastructure of the EE.UU. (CDC, for example in English) shows that the sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5 cause more than one of three covid-19 infections in United States in the following week. It is expected that the subvariants will be dominant in the country in the near semantics.

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