Euthanasia primer radiograph: 174 accents and more than 4,000 objects

Soledad Valle / Rafael J. vlvarez. Madrid | Infographics: Dina Sánchez

Euthanasia is complete. The question is one: ¿Cuántas eutanasias se han practicado desde la entrada en vigor de la ley, el 25 de junio de 2021? The respondents are 17, and not all autonomous communities are available for this information, except that the Ministry of Health has a structured manner of data.

How many of the respondents answered the diary. The result of the sum of the euthanasias practiced in this year is followed by the following 174from the data file Asturias, La Rioja, Ceuta and Melilla.

Support in Catalonia number, with 60 dead assistants, following Country Vasco (25)Madrid (19), Valencia (13) y Andalusia (11). Después, Baleares (8), Canarias (7), Navarra (5), Cantabria (5), Castilla y León (5)Castilla-La Mancha (4), Murcia (4), Galicia (4), Aragón (3) and Extremadura (1).


“Alrededor of a third of euthanasia solutions not effective”, apunta Javier Júdezdoctor, vice-president of the Fundamental and Clinical Bioethics Association, and investigator of legislation regulating euthanasia in other countries. And the motive? “Algunos’s patients take ante that the petition is resumed, other revocations and algunas solicitudes serhazn rechazadas but do not dispute between the requirements of the authorization.”

The petitions

The relation between effects and solicitations by autonomous communities is as follows: Cantabria recibió 12 solicitudes de eutanasia, realizó 5, quatro personas fallecieron antes de tremitarse la petic yn dos dos fueron denegadas. En Navarra han any new solicitudes, de las que cinco se han realizado, dos se han denegado y dos estin en trimite. Aragón has 18 solicitudeshan aprobaron cuatro, pero solo han realizado tres. In Galicia the relation is of 19 solicitudes and four euthanasias practiced. In Castilla-La Mancha han sido ejecutadas quatro de laso ocho solicitadas. Murcia has received five petitions of euthanasia and has been implemented four times.

La Valencian Community detail that it has 23 recollections, departments between the province of Valencia (14) and Alicante (9), of which 18 have been authorized and four have been disqualified. Catalonia 60 euthanasias of 137 recurring solicitations were performed, 78 of which were approved by 78 and 37 persons were delinquent during the solicitation period, regardless of the approximate levels or approbation; 5 han sido revocadas, y quatro denegadas. Pa Vass Vasco has recurred 71 cases, of which concluded with the execution of euthanasia 25 cases, 22 persons failed with the initiation of proceedings and any petitions received.

Baleares recibió 17 solicitudes, han formalizado 13 de las que 9 son de Mallorca; 1, of Menorca, and 3, of Ibiza and Formentera. Euthanasia is practiced, out of 10 solutions with a favorable resolution. Mientras, Castilla y León recibió 17 solicitudes, has realized 5 and has rechazado 5, mientras have a solicitude in translation.


You should also advise on the provision of these digits by corresponding to a primer “with a system that starts from scratch and, as a whole, with very little implementation time. It is very likely that it exists different velocities of demand-response between autonomous communities. It deals with a stage of casting, of running in the market, of trial and error … “.

Además advised that it was news that he was trying to find the “safeguard frame” of the euthanasia information provided by the Ministry of Sanidad:

Pero, hasta donde conocemos, “the disparity between communes in the application of ley is enormous”, as recognized by José Francisco Díaz, National Coordinator of the Spanish Society of Physicians of Primary Medicine (Semergen) Bioethics Group. “There are commonalities that have been dealt with rapidly by all the infrastructure required by the Ley – warranty and evaluation commission, registration of facilities, training and professional sanitation, etc. – and many more. has been procured in proportion to the professionals, facilitating the contact with the responsible doctors and with the consulting doctors, having as much as possible the work of the primary attestation doctors “, after the facultative.

Cataluña and Pa Vass Vasco its communities that provide more detailed information about prestige. Juntas suman 85 euthanasias practiced, more than the total amount, and in all the coincident dates that the major part of the euthanasias were carried out in the place of the persons who supported it: in the case of Pa Vass Vasco only 17 of 25 y , in Catalonia, 33 of 60.

Detrás del dato

For the qualitative evaluation of this, if you give your vision Maria Jes dels del Yerro vlvarez and Jesús Olivera Pueyopresidents of the Guarantee and Evaluation Committees of Madrid, but by one, and by Aragon, by another, with a privileged accountability to respond, for example, if any of the problems / doubts / discrepancies of the sanitary has submitted these petitions for assistance.

Del Yerro vlvarez this is a cost with a long list of points. For example, “hay dudas about the compilation and conjugation of the various documents that are solicited and that should be remitted to the Guarantee and Evaluation Commission. o cuál es the solitude for naming a responsive physician. Who hacks in cases of incapacitated patients, whose legal representatives realize the solitude; how to support the medicine to add and take if the responsive medicine is of primary attention; how to search and name the medical consultant or the sequence of actions prevalent in the “.

From Aragón, Olivera Pueyo resume: “The major dudas and problems have been channeled to channel the solicitations of the people who are accustomed to this prestige. with a continuous formation on the LORE, and on the final approach of the screw in general “.

Response time

LORE stabilizes one of the response times in each phase of the process very clearly. The embargo, for example, is almost certainly lacking in order to be augmented.

Yerro vlvarez acknowledged that “it is not always possible to close stable surfaces, damaging the responsiveness of the patient through the patient’s solitude, due to the object of concurrence. Otro plazo inclplido frequently is the communication to the Guarantee and Evaluation Commission, which is more than 24h, the favorable information from the medical consultant “.

On the other hand, he was responsible for Madrid, which “do not attach all documents if there are errors / omissions in your complimentation, the retaliation of the expedient aperture is not yet complete documentation “. the stable places “.

Your counterpart in Aragón, Olivera Pueyo, admits that “initially hubo alguna dificultad moreover, there is no need for the dynamism necessary for the fluid fluid function of all the passages of the Ley, except for all the persons who solicitaban the advanced terminals, algunas of ellas falcecieron expectation “

Recuerda que “LORE stable between 35 and 40 days to respond to each solitude. The response time for acceptance or denationalization in the General Guarantee and Evaluation Commission (CGE) is 7 days natural. This period is adjusted so that a double of a doctor and a lawyer can elaborate an information. Además, if duplication does not occur in an arc, it is necessary to have a CGE all resonance in order to record a conjunctival and all that must be accomplished in a timely manner inferior to a semana“.

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