Ex Club América llegaría al Athletic Club de Bilbao en La Liga de España

After the news of the solid news of the Club America of Mexico to start your adventure in European football, the Mexican Carlos Aviña join as General Manager of Football on the team Athletic Club of Bilbao La Liga de Españaas Jon Uriarte, candidate for the Presidency of the bath club, gane las eleciones.

The flight from Mexico to the United States in August 2020 underwent a grand gesture as a ‘recluster’ from the south, leading to billions of dollars worth of balloons and balloons and labels for clubs like Club Brugge and Club Brugge.

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In the presentation of the deer’s deer that flies to the head, Uriarte avoids having a series on the intern. The aspirant is centered in the figure of Aviña, 31 years old and from the descent of his original vascos as revealed by the second appeal “Ibarrola”.

“It’s an innovative and inexperienced profile,” said Uriarte of an Avi que who follows the figure of the sporting organization, the Director General of Football, and of the destabilization that “has an ethic of identical work with our sisters, with jornadas marathonians “.

“He is an expert in ‘big data’, of the new generation that is changing the world of football. Carlos is one of the most relevant”, explicitly Xabi vlvarez, member of the candidacy, about the Mexican technician.

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Uriarte confirms continuity si gana as trainer of the first female team of Iraia Iturregi; and, assimilation, by Xabier Arrieta, in the last 15 years in the Getxo Bizkerre, as responsive to female rea.

Addition to Sergio Navarro, with experience in Villarreal, El Rubin Kazan and Levante, as director of Lezama.

The number that does not add up to Uriarte does not include the candidature compartments for the first team trainer, as it promotes the public domain “in the adjacent hours”, which “can be used 24 or 48 segments of the campaign dynamics”, que sea el mejor momento “que consideren.

Adenatoron that the trainer who says “he who walks because he follows the philosophy” because “the model of the game is non-negotiable”, says vlvarez explicitly. “Intensity and atrevido. Queremos rock and roll”, says and defines Uriarte in various variations of football that want to implant in your team.

También advances their intentions with those who present their selection choices conforming to a team that does not want to be in the finals, such as “winning titles”, “flying European competitions”, and continuing to work with Athletic permission “other 125 years old” at maximum level.

Instead, it is about a “project” that defines “transformation” and explicitly extends beyond an hour and time of exposure, such as “ambition, recapture the lead of the football pool” and “professionalize” the feminine’rea.

Controversy in Spain for antiquity Aviña’s own pongons full participation in the project

In relation to the information that is circulating in the social networks about content and various statements by the deported director that no matter how selective it is for our candidacy, IZAN ATHLETIC to manifest the following:

1- Which statements are not partisan for our candidacy is not a concept. Inaccessible and colliding frontally with the principles and values ​​of those persons who conform to this candidacy.

2- Hours before the presentation is translated the existence of a series of statements from the director Deportivo, of which there is no constancy.

3- IZAN Athletic trabajará en la proximas horas en comprobar su veracidad, al mismo tiempo que entablari conversations with the protagonist of las declarations.

4- When we analyze all these variables, we record a decision that is constantly communicated to you and the athletes, as well as to the means of communication.

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