Exchange rates on the American Diabetes Association’s diabetes standard

Each of these curated standards has been revised by a panel of experts and updated with the most relevant dates for the attenuation of people with diabetes.

The same standard steps increase the number of comorbidities and complications in diabetes. Photo: Shutterstock.

One of the graphs that most verifies the distance from the field is the relation to the treatment algorithm of people with type 2 diabetes. In the 2021 edition, the first line of the metformina algorithm and metformin as the first line therapy. In 2022 it is recommended that primary line therapy be adapted to comorbidities, clinical features and the ability to access the pharmacists and see that the denture being treated is very likely to include metformin.

The recommendation has been modified taking into account the cardiovascular benefit dates with some classes, such as inhibitors of the sodium 2 glucose transporter type 2 and their peptide analogues 1 similar to glucagon in persons with diabetes and high cardiovascular risk, however, should not be taken lightly by other societies, such as the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

It is a permite exchange that all pharmacological options are reviewed from the beginning of the therapyas if it were something that should be avoided from this point of view, the persistent idea of ​​metformin, “like the first line”, is limited by the fact that some people retrieve an adequate treatment according to their compatibility.

Now, in this algorithm, the therapies of convalescent therapies for patients with high or high cardiovascular risk,those who avoid hypoglycemia; favor the curtain or avoid the weight gain and at the same time the cost or cost is a very relevant consideration. The only difference is that in the 2022 edition the importation determines the most efficient and adequate treatment for patient comforts, including these avenides.

Asimismo, se hace una more exploitation of insulin therapy schemes before patients with diabetes of type 1. This facilitates the reading of the different schemes of treatment with INSULINya sea in continuous infusion, with bomb or con injecciones.

Manifestation of obesity in diabetes and cardiovascular disease

The standard stands for increasing incremental recommendations in the range of comorbidities and complications in diabetes. Relation to obsession and la diabetes, semaglutide is aggregated at a dose of 2.4 mg semantics as a treatment alternative.

Scrutinia of prediabetes / diabetes

Another important aspect is the modification in the age to help the predation of the prediabetes or diabetes. At the age of 2021, the beginning of the scrutiny of the 45 year olds is suggested, that now it is recommended that the sea be 35 years old. This exchange was made possible by the recommendation of the United States Preventive Services Commission (USPSTF), dated 2021.

Technology in diabetes

One of the recommendations with the main force in this area is prefer the use of continuous glucose monitor (real or intermittent time) and persons with diabetes and multiples injecciones de INSULIN or an infusion bomb. Aunado a ello, se aggregado que las personas con INSULIN basal también can benefit from this technology.

Asymmetry is a stability that is essential to consider characteristics of each device and accessibility for any patients who are candidates. It is typically intended to expand the recommendations according to the information obtained with the continuous glucose monitor, such as time in range, time in range, especially with information of up to 14 days.

This edition has a recommendation to prefer use of feathers with insulin preloaded cartridge in the form of braces and jingles, although it must be adapted to the cost conditions for each patient.

Vaccination for COVID-19

The 2022 standers added y dejan clara la recommendation that all adults and eligible children be vaccinated with the schemes approved against COVID-19. This recommendation varies according to the schemes that are being narrowed down, but this should be a recommendation for the majority of patients who live with diabetes.

These changes are most relevant in this edition of the standard stands, as an embargo, there are other modifications that can be revised in the section of the box that are included in the first sections of the document.

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