Exercises that are best for women over 50 years old

The first thing to notice is that no localized form grease can be applied. Por tanto, no hay ejercicios para eliminar solo grease de la barriga.

“In reality, la grease is distributed throughout the body y, por lo general, se aloja en la zona del abdomen u las caderas, lo que atenta a los canons de belleza stabilized. This has been tested for different marketing strategies to run milagrosis ejercicio programs that hack perder esa greas en tan solo unas semanas “explains Saber Vivir Víctor Díaz, personal trainer and expert in therapeutic exercise.

“It is not easy to do this. we podemos perder grasa localizadaañade.

But this is not to say that you can not lift the curtain with the exercise. De hecho, exercise dissects visceral fat including producing relevant weight of weight “apunta.

Víctor Díaz explicitly states that exercise is the most effective way to increase visceral fat that is especially effective in women up to 50 years.

Exercise force for fat

La visceral fat is a type of fat burner that is associated with cardio-metabolic disorders.

This is the type of grease present in the woman holding it menopause debit between other factors a dissemination in estrogen production.

The visceral grease’s effect affects the insulin resistance, which provokes alterations in the metabolism of carbohydrates and dyslipemia (elevated cholesterol), all of which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and other complications. These are the first cause of death in women.

As Víctor Díaz says, exercise dissects visceral fat inclusive without having large amounts of weight.

  • “Concretando un poco más, el power training taking one of the most hermeneutic steps to reduce the effective form of visceral fat deposits, as the lever resistance exercise, about all intensity. Ensuring the combination of seats is the best option “subraya.

In the studios where he ha comparado the effect of a force exercise program against a aerobic exercise program (checking the calorie content of groups), see if the power supply is working major impact on the grease curtainespecially visceral fat.

Now that we have not been able to remove the grease from the localized form but it is interesting to do the work of the blade, we which exercises can increase the strength of the abdominal muscles.

Boards on fitball

Isometric exercises as traditional frontal planks o laterals son muy efectivos para trabajar el abdomen.

A variant to progress these exercises that can be done plancha sobre fitball o stir the pot.

  • Collapses in front plate flattening the forearms on the pelvis and intentionally achieving circular motions in directional directions, keeping control over your central area.

It is an anti-extension exercise that requires a multidirectional installation. A recent study has been completed activation of the CORE musculature (the central area of ​​the body) in different types of plank and is demonstrated that the plate with circular movements on the football trabaja more muscle (rectus abdominis, external and internal oblique, multifidos and iliocostal).

Dead bug

Túmbate boca arriba con los brazos extendidos hacia el techo y las piernas flexionadas en 90 degrees.

  • Tracting the arms to your lumbar spine, extending the arm and the side contraria.

Press pallof

Pieces of fat and oil on a rubber band. Realize a front tires of the tire from the bottom avoiding the resistance offered by the heavy tire rotating your throne. It is an anti-rotation exercise that can be tested establishment of CORE.

  • También puede realizarse medio arrodillado (position of the cab) or with a pinnacle of respect depending on the other as variants to progress.


It is one of the most traditional exercises for dehydration of the pelvic floor. Este ejercicio permite improve the stability of the spine If you do not carry the cargo on it, remove the intermuscular coordination and tighten it central musculature.

  • Colócate en cuadrupedia treating the establishment in the central area. Extiende y eleva el brazo y pierna contrarios. It is important to have coordination between the movement of the foot and the hand during the execution, as it forms part of a movement. Durant exercise exerts force on the armpit and controls that do not produce rotational movements of the throne.

Multi-articular base exercises such as sentiment or dead weight

Si haces ejercicios globales oxidarás más grasa that haciendo abdominals, or that work greater muscles that require more energy.

Además, recuerda that the functions of CORE are transferring forces between inferior and superior trains and establishing the column. Do not increase the flexion of the column, because it hacks sentadillas, dead weight unilateral exercises can be much more effective for the central area, which has more than 3,000 repetitions of the traditional crunch type abdominals.

Plate with rods on the back on TRX

This exercise requires a lot of training is very effective. al TRX is a modality consisting of suspension exercises with one special quintet.

Roll the legs over the TRX stripes to be placed horizontally on the front plate with extended arms. Lleva la rodillas hacia el pecho de manera controlda y vuelve a la positioni.


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