Exitosa gira de AMLO, pero no para México

Previously, when a president of the Republic embraced an international spirit of work, his retro era espered with a curiosity and morbidity to conceive that he had a test tube before one of them was allowed to go on an expedition. In general, the mandate in turn is generally intended to inform and assume conveniences, inversions, repercussions, reconciliations, condensations, and all notices and good notices tend to always favor the most economically diverse position in the country, aspects. On the other hand, despairing of being the first foreign minister of the current Federal Executive, who visited parts of Central America and the Caribbean, we continued to expect that there would be a shortage of money from Mexico to Mexico. which manifests itself in the “genocidal” hacia other parts as well as the “humanitarian sentiment” having a strong relationship with the only part of the north and the T-MEC quotes.

De la gira “Mirar al sur ‘, number that the goddess recalled that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador realized in five parts of Central America and the Caribbean: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize and Cuba, we know that the intention is strong amistad lazos between major nations and mexico, destabilizing migration and being on the plane of social planes in Central America as well as the median points of the visit.

We must assume that the object is clustered even though it does not mean exactly what it is worth for less than 100 million inhabitants.

In exchange, we only have clear -but if you have a bastante hablado- that which guarantees the parts that engage with your distinct visit.

For example, we believe that Belize incorporates Central American countries into those that operate the Sembrando Vida program. It should be noted that an agreement is reached for the elimination of the French and that they can export to Mexico foodstuffs such as pies, marigolds, agricultural products and ganaderia, which constitute an illegality more than President López Obrador, who once of the Federation, without the menace that can be derived from a major problem with the T-MEC.

For El Salvador, the initiative of reform, generation and impulse generation in the camp is consolidated with 10 miles of land. Además, there are 10 miles of men and women 18 to 29 years old written by Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro.

Guatemalans salieron ganando advise to take the prom from those around 30 miles of agrarian couples who seek refuge in Chiapas at the Mexican Institute of Social Security for having low medical and social security affiliation, or choosing to go free clinical studies for those who do not have social security, as millions of Mexicans do not have with the current government.

Cuba will sign documents of cooperation in the field of health, including those who support, an egg, a number of 500 Cuban specialists who will be sent to public hospitals, as well as the duration of the pandemic. A decision by López Obrador that one of the most commonly generated items is the collection and replicas of health professionals in Mexico, who are known to be despairing, and claiming justice and equity. Además, be informed that the dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has been accepted and that it will be withdrawn in order to be applied to Mexican breeds and species, with the consequent risk that it collides with a vaccine that has not been approved by international organizations. salud, y que además, al igual que ocurre a quienes se vacunaron con Cansino, les estará restringido el ingreso a diversos países.

Do not be tempted to leave the office of the Executor, who, in no case, recovers the Doctrine to avoid interfering with the fiesta postures of the country when it comes to its own ideology or addresses to its friends and allies, moving in the right direction. , to compromise to search that United States levant “the blockade” to the island.

Además, prometó that insisted with planterimiento to President Joe Biden for that in the near future and celebrating June in Los Angeles, do not exclude invitation and ningún país. However, he provided assistance to the American Chamberlain, who invited the prime ministers of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba to attend the meeting with Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

I do not want to cause this to happen and a lot of bad news to see the Twitter post of Mexico City, which in one of the resume and presumed tweets that says “Logos from #GiraPresidencial for Central America and the Caribbean:

– 30 miles of Guatemalan campgrounds in Chiapas listed on #SeguroSocial.

– #SembrandoVida and @JovConFuturo 20 million people in El Salvador.

– Crane aranles para Belice exports its products to Mexico ”.

And one second you:

“Convention with Cuba in the matter of salutation for Mexican doctors to specialize in the island and Cuban medicines to arrive at the country with the objective of guaranteeing salutations to Mexicans; including the acquisition of vaccines against # COVID19 for children and children ”.

They are admired by the older sexes, the Mexican presidents, the members of the United States and Canada, Europe and Asia mainly for searching inversions and creating creations. But just as the economy is one of the few moments in recent history, our president’s “Mira al sur”‘s not sure how to get a good deal, but to get involved, get lazy and reconsider criminal arrangements and person has extended the succession of the people who are goblins, but can not be overstated, for example, that the famous Order of José Martí in Cuba, which was conquered by López Obrador, recreates members such as Saddam Hussein, Kim II Sung, Hugo Chávez , Evo Morales y Vladimir Putin, entre otros.

We all followed the logs and benefits of gira for Mexico.

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