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Amber Heard pressure for details of your matrimony with the actor Johnny Depp to find inclusions in an article of opinion which is described as domestic violence, because those who abide by it are those fragments which are retouched from the article, which is now the object of the demand by difamación who presented Depp against her, because evidence was shown that the junta was running out of juice.

The jury listened to the testimony of Terence Dougherty, General Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU for English letters). When ACLU edited the article in Heard’s name, it reflected on the paper as the ACLU ambassador specializing in gender-themed themes.

Dougherty testifies about the estrus and the closeness that ensues between the bearing primer and the publication of the article in the diary The Washington Post in December 2018 – strategically synchronized by ACLU and Heard to coincide with the “Aquaman” screen, a movie in which one interprets a prominent wallpaper.

Depp presented his request to the Fairfax County Circuit Court after the item was published, in which Heard affirmed that “hace dos agos, I was converted into a public figure representing the domestic abuse, and sent with all his weight the power of our culture is against culture that denounces it ”. Depp affidavits affirm that it is a clear reference to the abusive accusations presented against Depp in 2016, that the actor does not.

Dougherty testified that ACLU abrogated numbers revisited the item at different times and that Heard’s abductees revisited the item, insuring that no viola’s 2016 confidentiality agreement that Heard had with Depp’s back.

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Durant of revisions, Heard sent an edited version approved by abogada that “specifically neutralizes much of the boundary related to the matrimonial”, followed by an email from Jessica Weitz, an ACLU app that coordinates the article with Heard.

Following the email, Heard searches the way to restore a curved part of the item.

The different editors of the item did not show up at the jury, as they did not establish clear details of personal details established in the first edging and surprisingly sidelined by Heard’s abbots.

The final version contains little of Heard’s personal experiences. Do not think of Depp in absolute terms. Además del passage from being a public figure representing the domestic abuser, in another passage describing:

Gran part of the article has been given to legislative priorities for activists for the prevention of domestic abuse. Other snippets refer to parts of your personal screws that are not related to Depp.

Dougherty testifies that “the language that terminates in the article of the final opinion is different from the original language” of the parent. “Do not refer directly to Heard’s relationship with Johnny Depp.”

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As soon as Depp’s treatise was published on the article, there were many testimonials in the first three semesters, even if you did not treat the article in terms of content. Heard’s abduction predicts that the juicer will be converted into a telegraph of those who sacrificed the turbulent details of Depp and Heard’s personal screws.

Heard’s abbots, as an embargo, did not even include the jury that created the nun to be abused by Depp, Heard’s arguments prevailing, because Depp’s article did not treat him, not his defense, and his expressions of freedom of expression de Heard licenses permits for public imports such as domestic abuse.

Heard’s donation

Most of Dougherty’s testimony centered on Heard sums up the $ 3.5 million donation rate – the average of the $ 7 million dollar he received as a divorce deed with Depp – the ACLU. Dougherty testified that ACLU has recovered 1.3 million hasta now and is now recycling the diner in a period of 10 years, although Heard has not contributed since 2018.

The jury was briefly managed by Depp, Ed White’s manager. The manager said that he interviewed in 2016 to resolve Depp’s financial failures, including incomplete payments and liquid debt. Heard cupboard by an excellent wine counter that only has $ 500 Spanish Vega Sicily bottles, Heard abbots responding with a series of questions about Depp’s gastronomic hobbies, including millions of guests periodist Hunter S. Thompson with a cane.

Depp and Heard conceived during the filming of “The Rum Diary” an adaptation of a Thompson novel. Depp testified that Thompson’s friends were friends and that Depp found the “Rum Diary” percussion manuscript when establishing a revision of Thompson’s archives.



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