Extrajudicial surgery with which a doctor prescribes a baby’s tumor on the outside to save the life

“Escogimos ‘Ragnar’, the name of a warrior including ant saber who iba a tener que pasar by tanto”, says the 34-year-old Polyana Resende Brant periodical, despised by haber dado a luz a primer hijo el 18 de mayo.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the examination provides indications of the presence of a tumor in the baby’s pelvic region. It is a rare condition, a pulmonary seizure, in which there is a mass that gives way to a lung, even though the summoned blood vessels do not have a specific function.

“Because the tumor is not malignant, it is malignant, it is not cancerous, it creates cracks and compresses the baby’s organs, it rubs on the skin of the body and causes it to settle in the lung region”, says Danielle do Brasil, surgeon specializing in fetal surgery at the Hospital Santa Lucía de Brasilia.

They all recite the case of Polyana hubiera buscado obstetras que se encargaran de casos de alto riesgo.

Doctors advise Polyana that the continuous embargo is like a type of surgical procedure, it does not interfere. In the wake of the emergence, Ragnar, who had only 29 semesters of gestation, a considerable amount of premature ejaculation, was more likely to occur.

“It’s desperate. It only needs to hire and search for the best specialists. We only need to value and sabotage what can be done from the hand of the job. hicimos “, says the mother.

As explained by Cirujana Danielle do Brasil, who specializes in alto riesgo cases at King’s College London, the medical literature is stable for a case like Ragnar’s astonishment that cauterizes one of the vases that distributes tumor blood.

“As a woman with a small amount of fiber in her teeth, we need to cauterize the vase, the mass and the liquid being absorbed by the body.

Polyana searches for opinions, through search of experts, experts, and surgeons.

“We have been doing this perfectly, and the team is getting quite satisfied. But when it is done, it takes about 10 days, the time that we usually expect to see the technical benefit, we check that the circulation of the tumor is empty. “I want to cut and increase the fluid in the oven”, says the doctor.

Images of the surgery in which the doctors treat the tumor of a fetal denture of the center of the uterus

Danielle do Brasil

At the same time, the medicine receives a small amount of ultrasonidate from the fetus to insert the tumor. In the field, Polyana, recovers the water that is used to cure the tumor.

The proceeding without precedent

The cirujana says that it is different to share the news with the ladies. “Ya habían oído de part neestra y otr otrdooreste que unsegunda cirugía podría ser necesaria, pero las expectativan eran altas.

“Pero de las dificultades nació la creatividad”, says Danielle do Brasil. The team decided not to create a new vase that, by means of the technical mismatch, allowed the tumor to enter.

Polyana y su esposo aceptaron hacer el intento. “Hice all proceeded with a sonrisa in the cara, tal as the sample of the photos, but tener the opportunity to salvage my shadow. De alguna manera, cuando te conviertes in madre, nace un colossal force”.

The second intervention takes hours and media.

“Fue the most different of my screws. In a fetal surgery, I do not always have all the passages that go through it, I do not always have the clarity of what I am going through. mobile object, which blows amniotic fluid, and establishes the process of alcanzar the mass with something that can not be moved: mi aguja “, dice la cirujana, which operates with the help of doctor Juliana Rezende, resident doctors, the team of nurses and anesthesia.

This vez, the tumor does not want to crack, and Ragnar born at the term of pregnancy, the 18th of May. The first radiograph that shows the location of the lesion in the tumor sample.

“In three months, we take a tomography scan, a full examination. Our expectant daughter is diagnosed with fibrosis due to the scarring of the destroyed tumor.

Now, the team is reproducing the materials of the proceedings before sending the case report to some medical journals to share the experience of the medical community at the global level.

Polyana y Ragnar

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Ragnar born on May 18, without tumor sepsis

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