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Qualy 3 Canada GP Terms

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 0:00 | INCREBLE FINAL! Verstappen lograr una gran pole position. Hamilton is expected to be in the lead line, but no, first Carlos Sainz quotes the English pilot and then a FERNANDO ALONSO shot in the P2. As the term la classification!

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 1:17 | And the Verstappen mentee se mantiene en el primer lugar bajando su propio tiempo a 1:21 … Russell se sale de la pista. Ah qued el Mercedes heroic intent.

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 3:27 | Russell tiene llantas rojas, repito, llantas rojas. Mercedes arrives and we see what you can do with your pilot.

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 5:00 | Restin cinco minutos a la Q3. One flight of each pilot and sabremos who is the poleman of Canada!

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 6:14 | Verstappen, Sainz y ALONSO. As estn las primera posiciones hasta hoy.

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 8:26 | Hamilton had a good time, but Russell had the best time of the day with 1.22.701.

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 9:52 | Lewis Hamilton owns the first flight to return to the first positions, with all the rebates.

Qualy 3 | GP Canad | 12:00 | We do not deal with ltima promotions as part of the Canadian Grand Prix. Define pole position!

Term in Q2: Eliminated pilots: Leclerc, Norris, Prez, Albon y Bottas

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 0:00 | Check the price of the position number 13 for the incident. Lando Norris implant rcord ni Charles Leclerc. Check Prez P13 for meana

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 1:00 | In the last minute, Zhou is undergoing treatment in Q3, where Norris gets a lot of money.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 2:00 | By the way, as the Czech adventure to return boxes.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 2:59 | The runway is equipped with all the pilot teams. Verstappen vuelve a imponer su mejor marca con 1.26.270.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 5:00 | Primero Hamilton, despus Russell, despus Sainz y al ltimo Verstappen. As se fueron cambiando el liderato en la ltima vuelta. The Dutch time is 1.27.768.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 6:52 | Hamilton advises that the runway will be secured. Hara mucho ms interesting the rest of Q2 y, but also, Q3.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 8:40 | Se reanuda la sesin. Quedan poco menos de nueve minutos.

Red flag

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:00 | Carrera control information that the seat can be reloaded with 9 minutes in the clock.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:06 | The session can be reset in one minute of five minutes.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:06 | If the Czech Prez tastes much like this circuit, its best classification is every octave somewhere. Now there is no way forward to Q3 and it is likely to leave 15 months.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:06 | The fact that members are established within a minute now is 9:06 following the incident of Sergio Prez

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:06 | Checo Prez no se rinde … bueno s. In the end, the mexican did not puddle out of the barrel on the boat. Be sure to nail it to the pallets only on the back and two sides not the front. See your participation in Q2.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:06 | The impact of the Czech Prez terminals due to competing fire and provoking the red flag.

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 9:30 | NOOOOOOOO CHECO! The Mexican pilot pega in the barrier, the goal is the main one of Albon and even though it is in Q3.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 10:58 | Choice of Alexander Albon. No va a apasar a mayores, el tailands-ingls pudo sacar el auto.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 10:58 | Pieces that have azule (full wet) tires tend to regress boxes to change to intermediate green tires. At the moment, Russell is the first place.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 13:17 | Check These are the pilots who fly with intermediate flights.

Qualy 2 | GP Canad | 15:00 | We do not have shares in Q2. There are pilots with media outlets that make Full Wet lads.

Se acaba la Qualy 1!

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 0:00 | Vettel is very easy to find in Q2.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 0:00 | Tsunoda, Latifi, Stroll, Vettel y Gasly … Quedan eliminados! Vettel y Gasly quanes haban quedado en los primeros lugares de la prctica 3 se quedan fuera de la Q2.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 1:55 | Check Prez sube al lugar 13, se agarrando con lo what can the Mexican pilot for no caer in this Q1 prime.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 3:45 | Fifty minutes before the first quality term. Check Price for full price 16.

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 5:22 | From now on, Checo Prez is in the elimination zone. The time is right for the Mexican pilot.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 6:15 | But Magnussen is oblivious to the current world camps, Max Verstappen and that’s his’s,’s borrado by Fernando Alonso. In every flight there is a new best time on the track.

Qualy GP Canad

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 8:34 | Now it’s Kevin Magnussen who is waiting for the first time thanks to 1.34.893

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 9:10 | At the moment with 1.752, Cheko Prez sube hasta el noveno lugar.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 10:05 | The new pilot types such as Sainz and Russell have been traced to Mexico in the last 17.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 11:08 | Verstappen is one of the first to follow Ocon, Magnussen, Gasly and Russell. Cheko enestos momentos se ubica en el puesto 13.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 13:58 | At the moment, Russell marks the best time of 1: 36.688, following Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 15:00 | They tell Hamilton that they have time to mark times but have high-profile incidents that detract from the quality. For this reason, all cars are on the track.

Qualy 1 | GP Canad | 18:00 | Start with Qualy 1 of the Canadian Grand Prix. Check it on the track with the full wet neumtics.

Checo Prez: “We have to change the correct gears for competitors”

14:55 | In terms of practice, the Czechs accept that new car configurations at the point where the hicieron resets back to the probes.

“Unfortunately, we do not have much to offer in these sessions. In order for hacer to function the car needs to have a good rhythm and play from all of them, because there is no need for hacer hoy. We have a problem with point-and-shoot in our necks with low fuelperofundadamente logramos resolverlo y las tandas largas fueron a poco ms representativas, pero aun as tuvimos un pequeo problema “.

But here are the complete statements

How do you get the best 1 book of the Canadian Grand Prix?

14:50 | Se abrieron las hostilidades en el Gilles Villeneuve Circuit. al Grand Prix of Canada volvi luego de la pandemia de coronavirus con un Max Verstappen that imposes the best time of the day with 1.15.158.

Lee aqu la la crnica completa

How do you get the best 2 books from the Canadian Grand Prix?

14:45 |Max Verstappen volvi a sampler el dominio que ha tenido en las ltimas carreras y se hizo del first place the practical books freeabout the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, a solid that does not fit the best for the Mexican, Check that it is positioned in the empty 11ro.

If you can get the full crnica!

How do you get the 3 best Canadian Grand Prix books?

14:40 | Las prcticas liber 3 del Gran Premio de Canada nos hicieron record viejos tiempos con una gran battalla entre Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel peleando por el mejor tiempo. The rain falls on the main protagonist in the playful voice scene in Montreal and the experience of relaxing with a Alonso excepcional that with neuralgic intermediate logs dominate this day with a time of 1’33 “836, by Pierre Gasly that the final is ‘col’ in the second half and Vettel that the final is qued with the best ending.

Lee aqu la la crnica completa

Friends of MARCA Claro … Se quedaron atrs las prcticas! Leng el momento la Qualy del Gran Premio de Canada 2022. Checo Prez I do not want to start at the end of the week, but I can go through it with a good classification that kills you in a good way far away from the car. Soy Gael Gonzlez and tenderness of the shares of Q1-Q2-Q3. COMENZAMOS!


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