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Gran Premio EN VIVO | GP Azerbaijan F1 2022

Vuelta 48/51 | Quinto abandoned de este da. Lance Stroll offers a supercharged engine and Aston Martin engine to keep the car from avoiding major problems. The pilots are: Zhou, Magnussen, Stroll, Sainz and Leclerc.

Vuelta 46/51 | Entering the final rectangle of the carriage, we take the first places:

  1. Verstappen
  2. Checo
  3. Russell
  4. Hamilton
  5. Gasly
  6. Vettel
  7. Alonso
  8. Ricciardo
  9. Norris
  10. Ocon

Vuelta 44/51 | Lewis Hamilton launches all over Pierre Gasly for the quarterback from carrera pero el francs cierra los espacios y da pelea para no perder la posicin.

Vuelta 42/51 | Appearing the communication by radio with Verstappen and the city’s a little pace to avoid the time when the campgrounds of the world respond that no matter the temperature in the neumticos.

Vuelta 40/51 | Malays notices for Yuki, who establishes the quintessence of trying to get a fall on the flat from the allergy to the need to go to the pits to solve it and with that it has reached 13.

Vuelta 38/51 | Checo Prez haze la vuelta rpida y ese punto puede ser muy valioso de cara a la lucha por el campeonato mundialo de pilotos, en donde podra aparecer ya en el segundo lugar.

Vuelta 36/51 | Would you like the VSC to show that Lewis Hamilton is the one who rebuked Yuki Tsunoda for meters from the best corner on the track.

Vuelta 35/51 | Max Verstappen and Checo Prez se mantienen en los dos primeros puestos pero ac sabemos que todo puede pasar, para muestra el ao anterior, en donde el neerlands sufri un abandono.

Vuelta 34/51 | Appear the second virtual safety car from the seat and the Red Bull approvals before, change neumticos and go to the final of the car with new wheels.

Vuelta 33/51 | It takes about 10 seconds for Max Verstappen to check on Checo Prez and get the abandoned car door. Kevin Magnussen when he fired and appeared on an amarilla flag.

Vuelta 31/51 | Check with the tranquility of not being overwhelmed with hope and extending the vent over the British Russell, which takes 17 seconds.

Vuelta 29/51 | Even now you need a tranquil carrier, with great contracts that are required to deliver the actions as well as the front ones at this track.

Vuelta 26/51 | Max se mantiene como lder, Checo est segundo por detrs y el podio hasta ahora lo completell Russell, quien esta 12 secundos del mexicano.

Vuelta 23/51 | For the Mexican Checo Prez is the key to the final of this carrera ah, but the men in the second place, Leclerc abandoned after the second place in the championship.


Vuelta 19/51 | Verstappen is led by a new parachute, Leclerc is second, Checo tercero, Russell quartet and Fernando Alonso quinto pero tampoco ha parado.

Vuelta 17/51 | Check in for pits to change neumticos and pon duros to buscar and even the final carrera pero hay an error with the gato and that error can cost algo.

Vuelta 16/51 | Appearing on the radio communication for Checo Prez and not paying attention to Max to avoid qualifying when it’s what it’s like, for Red Bull it’s important that all your car dates are against Sainz’s abandonment.

Vuelta 15/51 | ATENCIN. Max Verstappen approves DRS for his favor and rebates about Checo Prez to save carrera leadership. Leclerc se sigue acercando con las llantas ms nuevas.

Vuelta 14/51 | Against the abandonment of Carlos Sainz, for Red Bull it is very important that all their terms are appropriate, to extend the airtime in the championship of constructors.

Vuelta 12/51 | Have a green flag on the track and check that Checo and Max are waiting for the virtual safety car or the safety car to move the pads without pounding on the back of the track.

Vuelta 11/51 | Paran en pits casi todos los primeros 10 pero los que no lo hacen son los Red Bull ya ver si esto ne es clave para la definiken la carrera.

Vuelta 10/51 | Apply the VSC to the Sainz’s car track and Charles Leclerc approve to enter the neumtic changers there is an error and it’s too close to the show.

Vuelta 9/51 | OH NO. Carlos Sainz is away from one of the curves and has the background of the slogan. Flag amarilla and parece that the espaol has been given to the carrera.

Vuelta 8/51 | Max is at 0.6 by Leclerc and searching the car with the DRS for now has not been able to generate the rebase. Check is the ms of seconds with the velocity being that of the trajectory fold.

Vuelta 6/51 | Carlos Sainz on the radio that Red Bull is fast on the track and not only in time, but also three seconds and medium distance from Verstappen.

Vuelta 4/51 | Nicholas Latifi completes with a stop & go of 10 seconds in pits by entering one of his mechanics to accommodate in front of the distance. Check the difference between Max and Leclerc.

Vuelta 3/51 | Check the air supply and the bag of seconds in Leclerc. Verstappen is tercero, Sainz is quartet and Russell se mantiene dentro del Top5.

Vuelta 1/51 | Se apagan las luces y arrancaaaaa la carrera! Check Prez hare a moving motion and mete in the first curve to save the point of the carrera pero a Max no le alcanza y se queda en el tercero.

Hola, hola, hola. Muy das y bienvenidos. Hay carrera muy temprano este domingo y todos estamos atentos de Checo Prez en Bak, the track in ice has consisted of the best results.

Octava parade in the F1 championship. Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez tiene una nueva cita con la historia en Bak, durante el Grand Prix of Azerbaijan 2022. ElBpiloto mexicano solder in the second half, solo detrs by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), welcome minute by minute by MARCA Claro!

Grand Prix of Azerbaijan


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