F1 2022 live: Grand Prix Canada 2022 live Formula 1 car in Montreal | positions at the moment

Grand Prix Canada 2022: Results and positions at the moment

GP Canad | Vuelta 39/70 | Stroll, for his part, leads a compact group formed by Tsunoda, Zhou and Ricciardo. Adems, if you are currently in the Monegasque pilot, you must enter this group.

GP Canad | Vuelta 37/70 | Charles Leclerc has been notified by radio about a new strategy by Esteban Ocon that has been converted into an infranque wall for Monegasque.

GP Canad | Vuelta 35/70 | We call the carrera method. Verstappen has other places, fields and mirrors that can be seen all over the place.

GP Canad | Vuelta 32/70 | The most interesting duel at the moment in the Canadian circuit is Leclerc vs. Ocon. Cunto ms podr aguantar el piloto francs?

GP Canad | Vuelta 31/70 | Alonso qued sptimo tras la detencin. Previously, both Ocon and Leclerc were able to advance to a better and better position by quinto.

GP Canad | Vuelta 29/70 | Llaman a boxes a Fernando Alonso. Neumticos medius le duraron 27 vuelta.

GP Canad | Vuelta 27/70 | Duel between el monegasco and el francs. Leclerc is at the point of passing Ocon and wants to have sex with him.

GP Canad | Vuelta 26/70 | Stroll, Zhou and Tsunoda are also claiming to be a duel on the couch of the novel posing that they are currently claiming the Aston Martin Canadian pilot.

As fue el rebase de Verstappen sobre Alonso para quedarse, en ese entonces, con el segundo lugar!

GP Canad | Vuelta 24/70 | Lewis Hamilton rebasa a Fernando Alonso para quedarse con el tercer puesto de la carrera.

GP Canad | Vuelta 23/70 | Que mala parada en tuvo tuvo Lando Norris. Your team is equal to the uninitiated.

GP Canad | Vuelta 22/70 | Charles Leclerc gana otra posicin para llegar al puesto nmero 7. Cada vez se va acercando ms y ms el monegasco a los punteros.

Virtual Safety Car

GP Canad | Vuelta 21/70 | Carlos Sainz and his pits. The new leader of the car is Max Verstappen, followed by Alonso.

Gran Premio Canad

GP Canad | Vuelta 20/70 | Otro Virtual Safety Car. Mick Schumacher left the car.

GP Canad | Vuelta 18/70 | Les dije. In a hurry, Albon fue superado por poquito. Williams ombre ve cmo lo pasa Bottas sin poder hacer nada.

GP Canad | Vuelta 17/70 | La pelea por la dcima plaza est muy buena. Alex Albon was not impressed by Valtteri Bottas. Detrs de elos, tienen a Charles Leclerc que lis sigue de cerca.

GP Canad | Vuelta 16/70 | Verstappen approves the DRS area for the quitarle the second post to Fernando Alonso. The Netherlands is 5 seconds away from Sainz.

Gran Premio Canad

GP Canad | Vuelta 15/70 | Hablando de Checo, as fue su abandoned. Toda la aficin mexicana est muy sad

GP Canad | Vuelta 13/70 | Leclerc has approved the abandonment of Checo Prez. The Ferrari pilot goes to the podium, but does not have to wait until he has a different train (Bottas, Albon, Ricciardo).

Por si te perdiste la largada

GP Canad | Vuelta 11/70 | See the Virtual Safety Car. Sainz sigue como lder y Alonso est detrs de l.

Virtual Safety Car

GP Canad | Vuelta 10/70 | Verstappen se va a boxes. Sainz is new from Alonso’s follower.

GP Canad | Vuelta 9/70 | No puede seeeeeeeeer. Check the price of the engine. The engine is blocked and the Mexican is returning the car. VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR.

Gran Premio Canad

GP Canad | Vuelta 7/70 | Kevin Magnussen enters boxes with a trumpet and neumticos box. People who present an advertising banner.

Gran Premio Canad

GP Canad | Vuelta 6/70 | Apenas dieron cinco vueltas y ya fueron a los boxes. This is the situation of Vettel and Gasly. Ojo que tambin le podra pasar a Sainz quien ya lo avis por radio.

GP Canad | Vuelta 5/70 | Have a good ride between Sainz, Alonso and Hamlton. All in the second place but Verstappen is there.

GP Canad | Vuelta 4/70 | Fernando Alonso has left the post with his compatriot. Checo Prez ya es dcimo primero.

GP Canad | Vuelta 3/70 | Magnussen with the car HAAS golpe the Mercedes de Hamilton without daos, apparently, in ninguno of los dos.

GP Canad | Vuelta 2/70 | Gran pelea among the Spanish pilots. Fernando Alonso supports the works of Carlos Sainz.

Arranca the Grand Prix of Canada!

GP Canad | Vuelta 1/70 | See the Grand Prix of Canada. Verstappen aguanta el ataque de Fernando Alonso. There are no exchanges in the first positions, but the Czech can find a place and find it in the last 12.

GP Canad | 13:00 | Initiation of the formation line. The pilots are now willing to take the circuit to accommodate in their solid positions.

GP Canad | 12:55 | It’s a good moment to record cmo saldrn los pilots.

GP Canad | 12:50 | Ltima vez que se corri aqu fue hace 1,106 das. But this guy is aborting the track of Gilles Villeneuve!

GP Canad | 12:47 | From the impression that many of the pilots leave with neumtico amarillo. A la par, los stints no deberan ser tan largos.

GP Canad | 12:45 | See the National Anthem of Canada.

GP Canad | 12:44 | It takes 16 minutes to start the flight before and after … 70 flights from the Canadian Grand Prix.

Checo Prez: “Comet un gran error, me disculpo con todo el equipo”

GP Canad | 12:40 |Checo Prez recognize its error in la qualy 2 of the Grand Prix of Canada 2022.

“Disculpas a todo el equipo. Fue una pen lo lo pas porque tenamos un gran auto para pelear por un mucho mejor lugar. Comet an error like in most conditions is complicated and is a car error, which if I want to cost an opportunity to pay but a good price en el da de hoy. Pero bueno ya not hay mucho que pensar, hay que pensar en maana, aprender del error. “Nada que decir tena tenando problemas con ese juego de neumticos para frenar ya me haba ido en la curva diez a vuelta antes y otra vez me pas”.

The Grand Prix of Canada, the chest of the Czech Prez

GP Canad | 12:36 |Check out some of Canada’s biggest problems since 2012, when you first take part in it and that’s history, or that pudo subirse al podio in the third place. Desde entonces, cada que llega a la Gilles Villeneuve circuit track has problems with it from the classification. In 2013 and 2014 it was classified in the 13ro place, for positioning in the 11ro place in the carreras.

The results of Checo Prez in the GP of Canada

  • 2019 Canada | calificacin 16 | 12 carrera
  • 2018 Canada | calificacin 10 | 14 carrera
  • 2017 Canada | calificacin 8 | 5 carrera
  • 2016 Canada | calificacin 11 | 10 carrera
  • 2015 Canada | calificacin 10 | 11 carrera
  • 2014 Canada | calificacin 13 | 11 carrera
  • 2013 Canada | calificacin 13 | 11 carrera
  • 2012 Canad | calificacin 15 | 3 carrera

GP Canad | 12:30 | The pilots are concentrated on the main rectangular barrel, performing the most accurate antennas that receive the sunlight. Queda media hora.

Gran Premio Canad

Christian Horner confirms that Czech Prez was replacing positions in the Canadian GP

GP Canad | 12:26 | Horner, director of Red Bull, confa que el mexicano can approve the track conditions para poder escalar posiciones en el GP of Canada.

“It’s a circuit in that puedes adelantar. We are all in the carreras major on the sidewalk. As que puede subir“.

GP Canad | 12:20 |It is important to know that Charles Leclerc get rid of ltima fila por haber cambiado su unity of potency. Por esta razn, en Ferrari auguran que el monegasco podra terminar en la cuarta or quinta posicin.

Gran Premio Canad

Ms. datos about Fernando Alonso

GP Canad | 12:15 | I hope that Fernando Alonso will be in the first place Germany in 2012. At this time, solo established in Formula 1 Checo Prez, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo.

Gran Premio Canad

GP Canad | 12:12 | Go all the way … the track is totally yours. It is the end of the week when we go through all the climates, but before the car that empses in one hour the climate is sunny with the track itself, which is different from where we live.

How many Formula 1 pilots are there in Latin America?

GP Canad | 12:07 | Solamente three of the 20 pilots de la temporada 2022 son padres. Kevin Magnussen, Sebastian Vettel and now Checo Prez.

GP Canad | 12:03 | The affix of Montreal y la propia Formula 1 … A perfect match! Despus de dos aos, por fin se vuelven a ver por la coronavirus pandemic. Who can we offer?

Fernando Alonso, the surprise at the end of the week … Go and attack Verstappen!

GP Canad | 12:00 | The third ms fast in books 1, the fast fast in 3 books and the second fast in quality, Fernando Alonso, habl about those who are waiting for the record holders that have no quality to compete.

How often does the car for the Gran Premio Canada 2022 work?

GP Canad | 11:50 | The carrera del Grand Prix of Canada 2022 empezar at punto de las 13:00 horas of this June 19th. We will contact you wherever you can en vivo.

Pronstico Checo Prez: In which place the mexican in the Grand Prix of Canada

GP Canad | 11:40 | La largada ser algo muy importante, a su vez, in this circuit the adelantamientos in this circuit are very probableas it is stated that the Czech Republic can only do this point in favor, in MARCA Claro pronounced that can be measured between the first five places.

Results and positions of the Qualy del Gran Award Canada 2022

GP Canad | 11:30 | As quedaron los Formula 1 pilots in la Qualy de este sbado. As mencionamos, Checo Prez to leave the place 13.

Cmo saldr Checo Prez al GP de Canad 2022?

GP Canad | 11:15 | For this car and the game of a classification opportunity (in which you have a check), Check Large distance from position 13 for what the search company does remontar posiciones.

Friends and friends of MARCA Claro … if you are welcome to the most important event of this sports domination (and members of the father) … el Grand Prix of Canada! Sergio Prez search for what to do in the following steps to find what you are looking for and how to mount it on the body pilot championship, aunque eso s, les digo, no creo que sea nada fcil. Soy Gael Gonzlez y tendr el placer de llevarles a ustedes la shares. Sin ms … COMENZAMOS.


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