F1 2022 Straight. Australian GP Free Internship, Live. The result of a Formula 1 car race, live from Albert Park

S:e opens a period of less than two hours for the start of the 2nd free internship, but: We continue here to find out what the reactions are after the first session of the day.

Free Internship Result 1 | GP Australia F1 2022:

IT’S OVER Carlos Sainz sets the fastest time in this first practice, with Charles Leclerc, Checo Perez and Max Verstappen finishing.

03:00 |: Checo Prez overtakes Verstappen and takes third place, right behind the two Ferraris. Carlos Sainz is in first place, but recently he almost hit the wall.

10:00 |: There is already a green flag և Red Bull takes the opportunity to start with just 10 minutes left but your voice.

14:00 |: THE RED FLAG IS STRONG. Vettel’s car stops և it stays on the walk, so the session is interrupted to remove it. Seb goes down and asks the fire extinguisher to get to work himself.

15:00 |: Carlos Sainz continues with a great rhythm, already falling behind 1:20, setting a time of 1: 19.806. The best of this first free internship in Australia.

18:00 |: Charles Leclerc tries to start from the pit, but fails to brake well in the first lap, eventually leaving the track. or without much inconvenience.

20:00 |: The struggle of Red Bull և Ferrari does not stop. Verstapen sets a new fast pace, but Leclerc lowers him, and Sains immediately arrives, setting the best time of 1: 20.325.

22:30 |: Walter Bottas had the third fastest time, but his former teammate Lewis Hamilton arrived, one point behind him. There is a story between the two.

25:00 |: Charles Leclerc is already in the lead, setting a time of 1: 20.825, the fight of its champion Max Verstappen continues, where no one gives grounds.

29:25 |: Sebastian Vettel shows that he is happy to be back, he is already recording the third fastest time, yielding only to Verstappen և Carlos Sainz, ahead of Hamilton և Prez, who just finished fourth.

31:25 |: Cheko is on the road again and reduces his time, so far occupies the eighth place, up to 1,493 points from the best time of Max Verstappen.

35:00 |: The runway has already been cleared և There is a green flag so that the cars can turn over again without any problems. Verstappen and Prez remain in the pits in this reboot.

39:09 |: RED FLAG ON THE REGION. Checo Perez loses an element of the car that stays on the track, so the direction of the race sends a red flag to clean the debris.

40:00 |: The sensors have already been removed. Czech և starts to spin freely on the track, while Verstappen improves time again և now it leaves at 1: 20.909.

44:00 |: Verstapen is dissatisfied with lowering its current brand 1: 21.140, though it should be noted that it is the only one with red tires on the track

46:00 |: again Lando Norris is in second place with yellow tires with 0.186 A few moments ago about Max Verstappen’s fastest time.

48:00 |:Leclerc is already the second fastest time, only 0.304 behind Verstappen and from now on that fight begins to see who is the fastest here.

50:00 |: Max: Verstappen already has the fastest lap և 1: 21.6, a second and a half faster than Lando Norris. the second best so far at this launch.

The first controversy of the sitting reached and Lance Stroll complains that Lewis Hamilton did not allow him to pass when he came faster և F1 announces an investigation into this action.

Red Bull asks Checo Perez to avoid touching the curbs on the side of the road, as he brings with him some sensors to measure aerodynamics. in this first practice session.

(Photo: F1)

Everything is ready. The green lights come on և one of the seats starts to drop off its boxes to start rolling. Cheko was the first to cross the Albert Park area.

Albert Park is back with changes

One of the questions that makes this first practice session more compelling is this The scheme of Albert Park has changed, so the pilots will run it for the first time in a few minutes.

The Czech is happy to be back in Australia

Upon arrival in Australia, the driver of the Mexican Red Bull did not hide his excitement from returning, he announced. “It’s great to be back in Melbourne after a two-year absence, it’s always a fun place to race. “The fans are always great, I’m sure they’re very excited to have Formula 1 back in Australia.”

Read the full Czech word HERE.

Half an hour until the green lights

The movement in the pit lane intensifies, և we are only 30 minutes away from the green lights : Pilots can start with this first free training.

Ricciardo, local hero

Although he does not live his best moments with McLaren, nothing erases a smile from the face of Daniel Ricardo, who has reunited with his fans Homemade Grand Prix.

This is how Cheko Prez gets around

Red Bull Racing shares Sergio Prez’s arrival in Albert Park via its official Twitter where he was given time to take pictures with the highest category of missing fans.

Who is the favorite in free practice?

There is no doubt Charles Leclerc, Carlos Science և Ferrari emerge as big favorites in these first practices և This is what the previous tribes did in Sakhir և Jida.

Mexican pilot Sergio “Checo” Press The Spaniard Fernando Alonso drove a supercar with a V8 engine for the first time in Albert Park. The third day of the 2022 F1 World Cup as part of the events leading up to the Australian Grand Prix.

Watch the video of the experience HERE.

Prize of the Czech Republic և its best place in Australia

Albert Park District It was also not good for Perez during his career, where his best position was seventh, something he wants to improve this weekend by taking a new route to Melbourne.

  • 2019 |: Lugar 13 |: Racing Point:
  • 2018 |: Place 11 |: Force India:
  • 2017 |: place 7: |: Force India:
  • 2016 |: Place 13 |: Force India:
  • 2015 |: Place 10 |: Force India:
  • 2014 |: Place 10 |: Force India:
  • 2013 |: Place 11 |: McLaren:
  • 2012 |: place 8: |: Clean
  • 2011 |: Disqualified |: Sauber:

Australia does not like Red Bull

The chef of Max Verstappen և Cheko Prez tries to break his history in Australia, where They add only one victory in their history, which happened to Sebastian Vettel in the distant 2011.

Welcome to the free Australian Grand Prix practice

Hello, very good evening գալուստ welcome. The third Grand Prix of the 2022 Formula 1 season starts today and will take place in Australia. where it has not been operating since 2019.

Sergio “Checo” Press և Red Bull are trying to hit the reputation after the great start of Ferrari. in this campaign, putting Charles Leclerc և Carlos Sainz in the first two places of the championship.

The promotions will start at 22:00 in Mexico City From the revamped Albert Park area of ​​Melbourne, Australia.

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